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Chrome 33 Nixes Option To Fall Back To Old 'New Tab' Page

kill-1 I prefer the "Empty New Tab Page" extension (125 comments)

If an empty new tab page would be configurable and Chrome wouldn't exit if a single tab is open and I press Ctrl-W, I'd be perfectly happy with Chrome's tabs. For the latter, I use the "Live On" extension, which is a bit quirky, unfortunately. With Firefox I can fix both these issues, at least in about:config.

about 9 months ago

Meet the 'Assassination Market' Creator Who's Crowdfunding Murder With Bitcoins

kill-1 Re:Assassination Politics (291 comments)

If you bet that your own house burns down, it's insurance. If you bet that your neighbor's house burns down, it's a credit default swap.

1 year,4 days

Why Amazon Is Profitless Only By Choice

kill-1 Re:How long are shareholders willing to wait? (258 comments)

That's wrong. If a company buys assets, then it's profits decrease, ...

No, the profit decreases only when the assets depreciate.

1 year,26 days

My ISP...

kill-1 Has a cap I will never meet (290 comments)

And that probably applies to most of the people who answered "Does not cap my bandwidth".

about a year ago

Israeli Army Retweeting 1967 War As It Happened

kill-1 Cool, why not reenact WW2? (317 comments)

@Wehrmacht1939: "Seit 5 Uhr 45 wird jetzt zurückgeschossen!"

about a year and a half ago

Compared to its non-Super version, I most prefer ...

kill-1 Rap superstars (288 comments)

Normal rap stars just don't cut it. Also, supergroups in any music genre.

about a year and a half ago

Compared to my immediate peers, my typing

kill-1 Re:What I have noticed (240 comments)

Note that the Cherry G80s are available with three different types of keys: "click pressure point" (loud and clicky, preferred by most typists), "soft pressure point" (not so loud, I currently use one out of consideration for my co-workers), and "linear" (no pressure point at all, not recommended). These keys are also used by many other keyboard manufacturers.

about a year ago

Mega Defends Its Security Practices

kill-1 Re:That is an ignorant response. (165 comments)

The problem is their SSL keys are 1024 bit, which is trivial to break if you have $168 million.

Then guess how many bits the RSA key of the certificate has.

about a year ago

Half of GitHub Code Unsafe To Use (If You Want Open Source)

kill-1 Re:Urheberrecht (218 comments)

You can act as if, but you can always go "Fuck you, cooww and shee-keeenn! Now you can't use it anymore!" if they are stupid enough to fall for it.

If an author signs a contract with another party granting an exclusive license to publish a given work, is that unenforceable?

Of course it's enforceable. The OP doesn't have a clue.

about 2 years ago

Germany Exports More Electricity Than Ever Despite Phasing Out Nuclear Energy

kill-1 Re:Could we hear some Germans tell this story? (473 comments)

which is subsidized by the electricity consumers (NOT by the goverment, as some seem to think).

Even worse, it's not subsidized by the industry, only by households which consume only a fraction of the total energy output.

about 2 years ago

Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week

kill-1 Quote Stuffing (617 comments)

Where's the news? This is called quote stuffing and has been going on for ages. The reason is simply to mislead or overwhelm the HFT algos of competitors.

more than 2 years ago

Germany's Former First Lady Sues Google

kill-1 Re:European law takes these things seriously (164 comments)

A gay, a Vietnamese, a guy in a wheelchair, and an elderly East German woman walk into to a bar. "You're a funny bunch," says the bartender. "No, we're the German government."

more than 2 years ago

German Government Wants Google To Pay For the Right To Link To News Sites

kill-1 Re:Misleading summary (186 comments)

In the original draft, even single sentences would have been regarded as "significant parts", but that would then also mean that you cannot quote from any news article anymore in any other publication, which would have significant negative side effects.

You could still quote articles. But that quote has to be embedded in another non-trivial work. Aggregation of news has never been quoting in the sense of German copyright law.

more than 2 years ago

Skydiver Leaps From 18 Miles Up In 'Space Jump' Practice

kill-1 Re:Pretty Cool (192 comments)

Because they almost blew it with the faked moon landing and don't want to risk that again. Also the cold war is over, so there no good reason to fake such accomplishments.

more than 2 years ago

Developer Drops Game Price To $0 Citing Android Piracy

kill-1 Re:There is - far less (433 comments)

I've bought Kindle books from without a credit card for ages. You should have the same payment options as for any other Amazon article.

more than 2 years ago


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