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Behind the Scenes of Narnia's Special Effects

killbill If the Christian Allegory bugged you... (649 comments)

Several of the reviews here say they loved the stories as a child, but have a harder time enjoying them now that they understand the Christian allegories.

To them I would say that perhaps the Narnia stories are the clearest picture of Christianity they have yet seen. I started with the Narnia books, and proceeded to digest and understand a HUGE amount of Christian literature, both highbrow and lowbrow. I now go back to the Narnian books (and the Screwtape letters, The Great Divorce, and some books by John Eldridge) and find them to be probably the most accurate pictures of Christianity written since the Gospels.

That you find other pictures of Christianity repellent could be a combinations of three factors.

1) The "other stories" you are being told are being told badly, or are just plain wrong. God does not approve all articles before publication.
2) The "other stories" you are being told reveal things in yourself that you are not prepared to deal with yet.
3) You understand the greater story, and simply wish to align yourself with evil instead of good.

That's been my life's story anyway. It always seems to come down to one of those three things.

more than 9 years ago


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