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OnLive's Epic Plan For a New Type of Video Game

killdashnine NVIDIA's Grid (137 comments)

With NVIDIA entering this market, how relevant is OnLive?

about 2 years ago

Sony To Acquire Cloud Gaming Company Gaikai for $380 Million

killdashnine More true to what cloud gaming should do ... (72 comments)

Cloud Gaming should be used for demos and such to get people interested ... the upside there is that we don't have to download Gigabytes just to discover a game sucks. Should Sony stick with this kind of model rather than force us to go completely cloud-based, then it'll be a good thing. While many gamers may be tempted to "sell out" to the concept of cloud gaming that OnLive and others are pushing because of the convenience, you should go play Diablo 3 for a while and have that lovely experience of servers being down. Watching things like this weekends Netflix outage does not at all bode well for Cloud Gaming.

more than 2 years ago

CryENGINE 3 Updated, Crysis 3 Announced

killdashnine Wait for it ... (60 comments)

Oh, and you'll probably be able to play this on OnLive too ... but of course they're now probably too busy with cloud-based Windows Desktops.

more than 2 years ago

Is Onlive Pirating Windows and Will It Cost Them?

killdashnine So then, what happened to the gaming thing? (225 comments)

Fair question which merits discussion. First, sreaming Crysis ... now pirating Office? I hate to troll, but still think this company is trying to peddle technology that just isn't in demand, and when it is will be done by Apple, Microsoft, Google, or Sony.

more than 2 years ago

The Internet Is Killing Local News, Says the FCC

killdashnine No point ... (271 comments)

There's simply one thing that turns me off from local TV news: That it's dominated by tales of assorted criminal doings, corruption, irrelevant stupid on-goings, or worthless weather forecasting. In one era it was perhaps useful; I don't see "local news" doing anything useful for years to come.

more than 3 years ago

PayPal Co-Founder Gives Out $100,000 To Not Go To College

killdashnine Not a bad idea in theory ... (418 comments)

As we're talking about superstars here it's probably not going to affect them much either way. Self-starters generally know how to teach themselves anyway. Would would be better is if there was a tight bond between the grant and the school they're dropping out of and, perhaps, instead of dropping out for a period of time the University in question could give them credit or grant a different form of degree.

more than 3 years ago

Modern Warfare 3 Details Leak

killdashnine Remember Guitar Hero ... Just Say No (56 comments)

Games like this tend to go gold/platinum merely because gamers (or more likely, their parents) "buy the game on spec" sheerly on the brand name. The game industry gets it and uses that to their advantage. The trick is to discourage people from buying games like this so if you're a gamer and see someone who's making this decision and "just say no". Harder than it looks really ...

more than 3 years ago

Netflix CEO Hesitant To Fight Cable

killdashnine And why not? (366 comments)

I've recently had a great discussion with a representative from my Cable company about reducing my bill. Paraphrasing, cutting the TV part of my service actually ends up costing me MORE. Makes sense when you just want to keep bilking customers for crap. With Netflix, Hulu Plus, and other services there's no real need for hundreds of channels of garbage.

more than 3 years ago

HTC Invests $40 Million In OnLive

killdashnine Crysis on a cell phone? (48 comments)

I guess HTC is convinced enough to blow $40M on this, but this obsession with "streaming games from the cloud" really doesn't seem to have made much traction. I have to think that it makes even less sense on a cell phone because of how much bandwidth would be used.

more than 3 years ago

Italian Scientists Demonstrate Cold Fusion?

killdashnine Re:All you need to know, from TFA (815 comments)

Good find. As always, being a Cold Fusion Physicist generally qualifies you as a crank scientist. Not having a theory for how something works is cause for concern unless it was, of course, serendipity.

more than 3 years ago

OnLive To Be Built Into Vizio Devices

killdashnine They Keep Changing Their Tune (73 comments)

After watching OnLive struggle with gaining market acceptance, this is probably their best bet but people who want quality gaming experiences will stay away. They dropped the subscription fee probably out of sheer terror that they'd fail miserably. Now Android and TVs? Ultimately it looks to be headed to hotels to replace that crappy system you often find to entertain the kids. Sadly, no matter what they do there's the TANSTAAFL principle. Someone has to pay for all that computing power in carrier hotels throughout the US, plus you have crackdowns on bandwidth at the end-user level. Give it a couple more years and we won't hear any more from OnLive.

more than 3 years ago

OnLive Awarded Patent For Cloud-Based Gaming

killdashnine Failure is Perlman's Business Model (87 comments)

Looking back at Perlman's other ventures, it seems that he hypes a technology in an area and then ultimately makes money elsewhere. WebTV, for example ... that ended up getting picked up by other companies and was in one form turned into Moxi via Charter. Once this fails, it'll probably be picked up for a dime by some other company. No gamer is going to care if they have a patent ... and honestly does anyone? Read the forums and responses throughout the Internet and you'll find that gamers really have no use for OnLive. It is a novelty ... a "gee whiz, I can play Crysis on a crappy laptop" kind of thing. In the United States we already have huge issues with broadband and the recent wins by various companies to throttle traffic is already hurting them. Why "stream" video of a game being played (by you, and elsewhere) when you offload all that onto your own machine? They missed many targets and dropped prices already means that they're not reaching the market. "Cloud Gaming" is complete BS.

about 4 years ago

Sound As the New Illegal Narcotic?

killdashnine Anything that alters consciousness is a narcotic? (561 comments)

This kind of insanity is just plain stupid. Binaural beats have a documented psycho-dynamic effect ... programs like Hemi-Sync are intriguing. I don't think people are going to get "high" off of them though. But what if they do? If binaural beats are made illegal and deemed "narcotic", then the "drug war" is more about denying people access to their own minds.

more than 4 years ago

Cloud Gaming Service OnLive Set For Launch

killdashnine We don't need OnLive (115 comments)

I've tried to get my head around this, but even if it works uniformly for everyone I'd have a really hard time seeing it be any more than a niche market. Between GameStop for consoles, Steam for the PC (and now Mac), and increasing options for DLC, it's going to be a really hard-sell to gamers who are used to owning something physical that they can trade in (even for horrible rates). I bet broadband will kill them. Net neutrality is going to fail, unfortunately, so people are going to get capped and have overage fees. Better to invest in a nice used XBOX 360 ($150 or less sometimes).

more than 4 years ago

British PC Tax to Replace TV License?

killdashnine TV is dead ... long live the Internet! (441 comments)

Sounds like the RIAA in the US all over again. People turn off their TVs to become more interactive (e.g. computer use) and all of a sudden the media corporations get all up in arms.

Let's face it, despite how much TV people actually watch, TV in its old form (the "idiot box") is evolving and soon there won't be much distinction between TV or a PC. We're already seeing this with TiVo and media centers.

How this all gets sussed out is yet another matter. I suppose the TV license approach is as valid as any and likely better than commercial TV here in the US. The truth is that ALL media producers are going to have to consider that online distribution is the future. TV shows will be downloaded on demand and "through the air" distribution will be tremendously different, probably more useful for real-time news rather than actual entertainment (although I don't see much difference these days.

more than 8 years ago



Video Game Legends Inducted to Hall of Fame

killdashnine killdashnine writes  |  more than 4 years ago

killdashnine (651759) writes "Last year Kotaku reported the creation of the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum in Ottumwa, Iowa and a first event in 2009 which brought 3,500 people to witness it. Since then, there's been much progress towards creation of the museum with the "Big Bang 2010". Their first event kicks off with formal induction ceremonies, tournaments, record-setting attempts, and an array of concerts from 8-bit music to modern rock. This serves as the first official fundraiser for this new Non-Profit.

Iowa is positioning itself as the Video Game Capitol of the World. While some sneer and scoff at this, pointing to LA or Seattle as gaming giants and rightful heirs to the title, the real goal is not to glorify software developers but rather to memorialize the "heroes of video games", from the iconic Pac Man to pioneers such as Ralph Baer. There's a lot of history in this small town on the banks of the Des Moines River, and when an entire town turns up to support something new and bold it's worth a look!"

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