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Verizon, Cable Lobby Oppose Spec-Bump For Broadband Definition

killfixx Re:"Eat your shitburger" (252 comments)

Brought to you by Verizon and Comcast, bitter rivals that are working harmoniously to provide you with the best access to information; anytime, anyplace*

*At our discretion.


Ask Slashdot: Migrating a Router From Linux To *BSD?

killfixx Just one question... (402 comments)

Are you a masochist?

about two weeks ago

Google Quadruples A.M. Turing Award To $1M

killfixx Wouldn't it be quintuple? (42 comments)

Original prize = $250k. New prize, $1m. That's a 300% increase over last year but works out to be 4 times (technically more, they shared the prize with Intel int he beginning) their original contribution.

about 2 months ago

How To End Online Harassment

killfixx Re: here we go (834 comments)

Fuck you! Did you seriously just turn "men have fewer parental rights than women" into "women make less, that's why men have fewer parental rights"?

Fuck you.


I can't read anymore of the SJW or NeoFeminist bullshit.

You are the problem.

Equality =/= feminism. Especially, not the recent spate of vitriol coming from 3rd wave feminists.

Eroding men's rights does not enhance women's rights but, that's what you would have me believe.

about 3 months ago

Amazon's Echo Chamber

killfixx Chech back next year... (112 comments)

Amazon (under Bezos' leadership) has made enormous amounts of money where no one thought there would be money. This will be the sleeper hit that dominates the next generation of IoT.

about 3 months ago

Most Planets In the Universe Are Homeless

killfixx They've only found one! BAH! (219 comments)

How can they claim that there's more of these homeless planets than not when they've only found one of them...ever!

I understand that we don't have to see something for it to be there but, this leap is just too big to bear.

about 3 months ago

First Detailed Data Analysis Shows Exactly How Comcast Jammed Netflix

killfixx Re: Multiple CDN contracts? (243 comments)

This is a very salient point. Netflix already has these arrangements with other ISPs. Only Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon (surprise surprise) refused to host local caching servers. Of course, this precedes their demands for more money because, "Waaaahhhh...they're stealing our customers, they need to pay!".

Netflix tried to be the better entity (within reason) and were told, in no uncertain terms, "Go fuck yourself."

Yay, free market!


about 3 months ago

New Details About NSA's Exhaustive Search of Edward Snowden's Emails

killfixx Who fucking cares? (200 comments)

They're sounding more and more like 5 year old's complaining to their parents.

Have some fucking accountability. Jesus.

about 4 months ago

Germany Scores First: Ends Verizon Contract Over NSA Concerns

killfixx Now it's time for New York to nut up! (206 comments)

New York and New Jersey.

Verizon has been fucking them for years...hard!

Never thought I'd feel bad for people from Jersey...

about 7 months ago

Watch the FCC Vote On Net Neutrality Live At 10:30am Eastern

killfixx Woman in pink (90 comments)

She had the best idea in the room, and the biggest balls!

about 8 months ago

Oil Man Proposes Increase In Oklahoma Oil-and-Gas Tax

killfixx Everyone prepare for Armageddon! (182 comments)

An oil tycoon wants to give more of his money away, on purpose! Truly this is the first sign of the end of days!

Good for him... He thinks he doesn't pay enough taxes... That's mind blowing.


about 8 months ago

Autonomous Car Ethics: If a Crash Is Unavoidable, What Does It Hit?

killfixx Re:Pinto? (800 comments)

This is a weird segue, but which car does it hit? The more expensive car with better insurance, or the cheaper car that explodes?

Will you be able to buy "don't choose me" premiums?

How will this affect emergency vehicles?

about 9 months ago

Target Moves To Chip and Pin Cards To Boost Security

killfixx Re: Chip and PIN (210 comments)

A bit off topic, but how will this changeover affect companies like square that depend on swipe and sign for most transactions?

Other than that, it's about fucking time!

Sick of finding out every other month that some retailer that I frequent has been hacked.

I'm tired of constantly changing my credit info to avoid being ripped off...

about 9 months ago

Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge

killfixx Re:WTF?? (798 comments)

Vote this up!

about 9 months ago

Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge

killfixx Re:Rewarding the bullies... (798 comments)

I have the exact same ad! :)

Wow, feels like foreshadowing...

about 9 months ago

Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charge

killfixx Rewarding the bullies... (798 comments)

This is why people don't like going to the authorities...

Not only was his problem not taken care of, but he was actually punished for trying to protect himself non-violently!

Fucking ignorant fucks!

I usually don't feel this way, but as a person who was endlessly bullied, I hope they eat a bag of diseased dicks.

Another person who will be afraid of authority.

And, what if this kid commits a Columbine-esque revenge scenario? They'll blame it on some other bullshit, not their own lack of souls...


about 9 months ago

Kansas Delays Municipal Broadband Ban

killfixx We elect the greediest, most ill-informed... (156 comments)

...politicians. How the hell do we keep doing this?

I'm so sick of how apathetic people are.

If this happened in my state, I'd be writing letters everyday!

Not allowed to build infrastructure because it might put someone else out of business... Boo-fucking-hoo... We, as a country, have no obligation to support your flawed or failing business model...

Fucking fascist politicians... Those lobbyist presents must be wonderful, indeed! Especially seeing as how they're willing to sell out the constituents for them!

about a year ago



Anonymizer owned by Abraxas parent company Cubics

killfixx killfixx writes  |  more than 2 years ago

killfixx (148785) writes "Anonymizer, the company that brings you free anonymous email facilities, called nyms, as well as similar secure services used by activists all over the world, is actually owned by Cubic Corporations, the parent company that owns Abraxis, which in turn owns Trapwire. So, it’s possible, if not probable that all those activists around the world who believe their emails are safe may well be sending messages that go straight into Trapwire, the surveillance system that monitors activists."
Link to Original Source

Ask Slashdot: SOPA/PIPA Educational Material for L

killfixx killfixx writes  |  about 3 years ago

killfixx writes "I would like to put together an educational packet, aimed at non-tech-savvy people, explaining why SOPA/PIPA should be considered an intolerable injustice. As most of you can appreciate, trying to explain this to lay-people is a rather long and painful procedure guaranteed to produce similar results as lecturing your children. I want people to not just listen, but be catalyzed. Does anyone know of a particularly effective video or website that's been helpful to them?"
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