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Free screencast software and hosting

killthiskid A few more things about FreeScreencast.com (1 comments)

I'd also add that we're very much of the philosophically bent that information does want to be free. We think that screencasting is just on the verge of becoming very popular and that it is important for there to be easy to use free software to create and publish screencasts. We also don't want to lock you into using our site: you can save your screencast files and do with them what you please.

Screencasting is win/win, for both the publisher and the consumer. A very simple example of this is the amount of work it currently takes to make a tutorial for photoshop; Take a long series of screen-shots, crop them, upload them, then create paragraphs of text explaining the steps show in the static pictures. It is a time consuming process where most of the work goes into the process of publication, when the effort should go towards the information presented. The need to know HTML and the finer points of publishing on the internet add another layer of complexity. The barrier to entry on sharing stops a majority of subject matter experts from sharing their knowledge. Anyone can screencast. The conversational process is natural.

A screencast is significantly easier to produce, taking only as much time to create as it takes to perform the process while talking about it. Our streamlined intelligent software takes all the guess work out: no complicated choices or options, just high quality video and audio every time. No knowledge of HTML or internet publishing required.

The consumer wins, too: watching and listening increase comprehension. Information can be conveyed much more completely with a screencast. The advantage is obvious.

One-click uploading and hosting on the site makes getting your screencast online and into your site as easy as embedding a youtube video: simply cut and paste the provided code into your blog or website, and the screencast is ready to go. You don't even need a website or blog. The screencast is available on the internet in one click, ready to go.

Two other factors I want to mention: if you've ever watched a screencast on youtube, you've seen the effects of a full-motion video codec on such details as a line or text in a screencast. FreeScreencast.com and it's software uses Adobe's Flash screen codec, which is optimized to keep all the detail and sharpness required in a high-quality screencast.

We're just getting started on the website. We wanted the core functionality of the screencast sharing process to be solid, and it is. Next we will begin to share the mass of knowledge we've gained in the process of getting this far: hints and tips on the process, advanced methods of hosting your own screencasts and other ways of getting the most out of screncasting. There about 500 features we want to add to the website, too, from basic video editing, audio normalization, and the ability to create 'castlets', a series of screencasts chained together to explain a larger process.

What we really want is feedback so we can give everyone the right tools they need to start the next phase in the sharing revolution.

more than 7 years ago



Free screencast software and hosting

killthiskid killthiskid writes  |  more than 7 years ago

killthiskid writes "Freescreencast.com has released a (very stable) beta version of their free screencasting software. The easy to use streamlined software creates ready to use screen codec Flash (.flv) files. You can save your creation locally or upload to the site and embed the video from there. We think that it is time for a good free screencasting solution. Creation of a screencast is only half the battle and we've taken the heavy lifting out of getting it onto the web, too (down to one click). We're very interested in getting feedback and providing the features that users need. You can watch a 'cast on how easy the process is: Creating screencasts with FreeScreencast.com. Download the software."
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moderation and meta-moderation

killthiskid killthiskid writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Two things going on here:

The story on Hacking the Actiontec 56k Modem/Gateway was a really good 'geek' story... a long while back I hacked a IA1 to run linux... it was a really cheap PC, with a 800x600 flat panel monitor built into the base with a wireless keyboard. It came with WinCE on it and was suppose to only use MSN for dialup... there was a version of Mandori linux hacked together by the community to run on it... it took a bit of hardware level hacking and then you had to use a compact flash to get linux on it... but then it would run this linux distro with opera and you could use any ISP...

I bought one for a 100 bucks, and set it up for my parents. Because the file system was read only, they could just turn it on and off at will... and when you turned it on, it started up opera and then auto connected to the net... total time to internet connectivity from turn on was about 30 seconds. It is the most basic, simple, and easy to use internet only computer I have ever seen. And because it is linux/read only, they do NOT have to worry about viruses, worms, etc... downsides: no flash or java. Price you pay for a OS that fits in 16 megs, I suppose =).

Anyway, what I'm going for has nothing to do with the Actiontec 56k Modem/Gateway... but in that article there was mention of the Linksys WAP54G. It is a wireless router 4 port hub... and I'm going to get one and hack the linux on it to do what I what. I esp. interesting in VPN. Now shit like that is why I come to /. SCO be damned!

Topic two. I metamod everyday, I figure it really helps out the /. system... on average, I use to metamod almost everything fair... lately that has been going down hill... my last metamod I did 5 as unfair, and I am probably averaging 3 over the last month or so.

I'm not saying slashdot is dying, but I think that metamod should require more education... esp. for the definition of what a 'troll' is. You can't blame people for being wrong when they don't know what they are doing.


the best +5 post

killthiskid killthiskid writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I honestly think the best +5 post is one that is so obvious and non offensive that not one person responds to it (trolls and bots excluded). If you manage to say something that is worthy of +5 yet doesn't stir anyone up enough to respond, you have really done an amazing thing...

On the other hand, I'm reminded of the quote 'if you're not pissing someone off, you're not doing something important'. Perhaps a +5 comment 0 response is just an example of the loop holes in the mod system...

Yeah, sounds dumb, I know... but has anyone done it? anyone? anyone? Bueller? Is this thing on?


I just trolled (or flame baited?) for the first time.

killthiskid killthiskid writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I just flamed or trolled (not sure of the right term) for the first time ever. I feel kinda dirty. See my asshole post.

What do you think of that? Anyone else ever done it just to see if you can get a good response? If notanatheist (581086) does respond, I will post his/her post here... and comment. I'm also going to make him a 'friend', just to fuck with his/her mind.



the iraq war

killthiskid killthiskid writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I've ceased to have a outward opinion on the war. I've surrendered myself to the fact that my opinion has almost always been/will be in the minority and unpopular. I'm sick of talking about it.

I'm tired of trying to correct false beliefs and fill in the ignorance about the true current state of affairs. Nobody cares. Most everyone immediately reverts to their 'glazed eyes' mode, not unlike when a person is taken in by a thoughtless TV show.

Anyway. Giving up hope has actually been nice. Not caring makes things much easier, esp. in the short run. I suppose that my apathy doesn't really make sense in the long run but I can't do this alone.

I hate to have the inner thoughts that most people are just sheep... which I know isn't true for some people... I know this because some of the opinions I disagree with most could not have possibly been formed except through long periods of time. Periods of time completely devoid of logic and sanity.

What the fuck is wrong with people? (I include myself in that statement.

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