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Carrion Flies Used To Find New Species

kilroy77 Re:If they had any guts at all... (51 comments)

I know what those are!! I know what those are!! Oh, I know what those are. Outed +1

about 2 years ago

Disney Wants To Track You With RFID

kilroy77 Re:Why is this creepy? (278 comments)

I very much liked your story. With so much negativity surrounding Disney, sometimes it's nice to hear a story about a good experience. I'm looking forward to my first trip there with my kids. It's nice to see that magic -of a sort- still happens there.

about 2 years ago

Giant Squid Filmed In Natural Habitat For the First Time

kilroy77 ...that one movie... (98 comments)

Isn't this the thing that grabbed Jack and drug him to the depths while Rose watched from atop the floating debris?

about 2 years ago



Sol Yurick, Novelist, author of "The Warriors", dies at 87

kilroy77 kilroy77 writes  |  about 2 years ago

kilroy77 (2810321) writes "CAAAAAAN YOOOUUU DIG IT?

Sol Yurick, the author of The Warriors, a novel immortalized by a 1979 film directed by Walter Hill has died in Manhattan at the age of 87.

Have you read the novel? When was the first time you saw the Warriors?"

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