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Sony Demands Press Destroy Leaked Documents

kimgkimg Barbara Streisand much Sony? (250 comments)

I think Frozen said it best... "Let it go, let it go..."

about two weeks ago

Sony Pictures Leak Reveals Quashed Plan To Upload Phony Torrents

kimgkimg Re:Because it doesn't work? (130 comments)

It's because the authenticity checks are essentially crowdsourced. It takes no time for the counterfeits to be identified and segregated.

about two weeks ago

Keurig 2.0 Genuine K-Cup Spoofing Vulnerability

kimgkimg Having to circumvent to have your coffee is stupid (270 comments)

I hope Keurig competitors are taking notice. Having to hack your way around their lame DRM in order to enjoy the coffee that you want is stupid. This is such an anti-consumer move on Keurig's part.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Non-USB Flash Direct From China Safe?

kimgkimg Make you sure you can read and write every bit (178 comments)

You'll want to check to make sure you are actually getting a 128GB card. I've gotten a couple of fake flash drives and cards over the years which report the proper capacity and will even format, but when you try to write actual data to the device you end up with corrupt files. If the price is too good to be true, it generally is, so I don't buy cards or sticks from vendors that I can't return anymore. Use H2TESTW to test the speed and capacity of your flash card/device: http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/S...

about a month and a half ago

Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?

kimgkimg Put OS on a separate drive and image backups (577 comments)

This is why I put my OS on a separate drive and take an image of that drive when I have everything set up the way I want it set up. This allows me to freshly start from that point at a future date without having to re-install everything from scratch.

about 3 months ago

Microsoft Dumps 1,500 Apps From Its Windows Store

kimgkimg X - 1500 = Y? (126 comments)

So that leave like what, 5 apps in that app store now? Seems like that's a bit of a disservice to the developers who put their time and money into developing the apps. Why not put in a voting mechanism so that the apps are still there, but less popular instead of arbitrarily deleting them?

about 4 months ago

VA Tech Experiment: Polar Vortex May Decimate D.C. Stinkbugs In 2014

kimgkimg Does it work on all stinkbugs in DC? (112 comments)

Hopefully it also works on stinkbugs infesting congress...

about 10 months ago

A New Car UI

kimgkimg Re:UI Designers Suck (237 comments)

The current "UI" has had over 100 years to mature, develop, vet and optimize, so why do we necessarily need a new one?

about 10 months ago

North Korean Business Park Getting Internet Access

kimgkimg I thought they kicked everyone out of Kaesong? (46 comments)

Didn't they yank all the workers out of the business park a while back? I thought SK business were abandoning their ventures there?

about 10 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

kimgkimg Re:Slashdot BETA Sucks. (2219 comments)

Yes I agree BETA sucks. For me the main problem is the browsability of the articles. In classic, I like the way the titles are nicely highlighted so that they are easy to read, and then you get a smidgin of the actual content below. This allows me to 1) read the title to see if it's of interest, 2) read a small sampling of the article to see if it's really of interest. If 1) and 2) has captured my interest, I then click into the article to read it in it's entirety. Beta's new larger font for the headlines and the inclusion on graphics on each article forces you to endlessly scroll on the page (and the Headlines only view is pretty useless as it doesn't provide enough quick glance readability on the articles content.) Okay, here's a thought. Why not just keep Classic around and then see from a usage statistics view how many people are using what? (I'll bet you see most people gravitate back to the Classic view because it's just the more efficient way to get the most amount of information with the minimal amount of scrolling.)

about a year ago

Virtual Boss Keeps Workers On a Short Leash

kimgkimg Suppositories... anyone? (664 comments)

Waiting for the suppository edition which is shaped like a tiny microscope...

about a year ago

EU Secretly Plans To Put a Back Door In Every Car By 2020

kimgkimg DOS traffic jam, anyone? (364 comments)

First hack will put a end to that pretty quickly I suspect.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Often-Run Piece of Code -- Ever?

kimgkimg BSOD() (533 comments)

BSOD message handler?

about a year ago


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