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DVD CCA Drops Case; DeCSS Not a Trade Secret

kinesis I'm Andrew Bunner -- here's my reaction (362 comments)

So I'm the "Bunner" in DVD CCA vs Bunner. If you could look in my out-box today, here's what you'd see:

Friends and family,

My fifteen minutes of fame are over. The DVD CCA is dropping their case against me. For those that don't remember, I was sued in late 1999 for posting the source code to a software DVD player on my web site. The plaintifs included Sony, MGM, Panasonic, Microsoft, Warner-Brothers, and most other corporations in either media or electronics.

Today, they gave up. They've withdrawn the case
without prejudice.

Reading between the lines that means that they finally realized they were going to lose and that even if they won, the "secrets" of playing a DVD have been pretty well documented for the public.

To celebrate the occassion, I've asked my lawyers to file a counter-suit alleging emotional anguish and seeking damages of one hundred billion trillion dollars.

-- Andrew

about 11 years ago


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