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Violence in Games, Once Again, Not That Compelling

king-manic Re:Studies show 99% of studies are B.S. (191 comments)

"But that is (a) a correlation, (b) doesn't demonstrate anything. Suppose that 99% of video game owners don't go on killing sprees, but 99% of killing spreeers own video games. "

Well if 99% of the people that age also own video games then you can conclude nothing. If 1% own video games at that age then you can conclude that Killers prefer video games as a hobby.

about 6 years ago

Blu-ray Gone In Five Years, Samsung Claims

king-manic Re:ehh.. (554 comments)

Hey, I had an N64 up until late last year. It was damned fast. With the introduction of the original Playstation, we had

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load times. Yes, we can fit a lot more data onto those 750MB disks than the cartridge tech of the time. Now they're giving away 1GB Flash drives with a box of cereal. You can easily buy 16GB drives now, and that's got 4x the info of a DVD.

It'll be much easier for "Them" to lock down each game with a globally unique serial number when you're burning Flash drives; much, much harder than when you're pressing CD / DVD runs. Microchip will sell you chips (by the reel, of course) that are pre-programmed and have an incrementing sequence in one section.

Actually 16GB is 1/2 od a dual layer DVD not 1/4. As well it's manufacturers cost that drove the n64 out of contention and out of consideration with 3rd parties. While a DVD is under a penny to press in bulk flashram still has a higher cost per unit memory which the manufacturer/publisher bears. Even in retail a Flashstick for 8 gigs is around $25, a DVD-RW is a dollar. BD's aren't that much more expensive to press then a DVD. It'll take a giant advance in the expense Flashrom/Flashram production before we'll see it replace optical media. You're probably better off betting on digital downloads to tak over after BD.

more than 6 years ago



Privacy rights loss alarms Canada's civil libertar

king-manic king-manic writes  |  more than 7 years ago

king-manic writes "Canada opens up consultations on privacy policies concern ISP's releasing personal information without warrants. Previously they held private consultations with concerned groups without notification to the public that this was going on. In fact many privacy groups were entirely unaware that the Canadian government was discussing this matter.

The Public Safety and Industry Departments have been conducting a limited consultation, which was scheduled to end Sept. 25, on potential changes that would make it easier for police to get customers' personal information from Internet providers without a court order or other legal justification. Those invited to participate in the consultation process received a letter and no information was made public on any government website.
This about face comes due to a large number of privacy groups raising the alarm."

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