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Creative Commons Urged To Drop Non-Free Clauses In CC 4.0

kiore Re:What's a derivative work? (223 comments)

Sorry to be pedantic, but the English language Wikipedia uses the CC-BY-SA license. The BY bit's important as it requires attribution. I'm not sure about other languages but the German and Scots version also seem to use the same license.

about 2 years ago

CDE Open Sourced

kiore Too little, too late (3 comments)

In its day CDE was great, but that day was a long time back. Open sourcing it might have done some good 10 years ago, but time has passed it by.

As for not fully open sourcing OpenMotif at the same time, it just makes me shake my head.

more than 2 years ago

Wikipedia-Sponsored Pilot Study Lauds Wikipedia Accuracy

kiore Re:Very variable. (125 comments)

Which is exactly why Wikipedia rules don't let self published works, such as blogs, be used as "Reliable sources"

more than 2 years ago

GNOME: Staring Into the Abyss

kiore Re:Missing the point of a DE... (535 comments)


The good news is you aren't alone being about the way that wallpaper changing didn't transfer from dcop to dbus. is a patch someone's created for adding this functionality back into dbus. Hopefully it will make it into an official version of KDE sometime before the heat death of the universe.

more than 2 years ago

GNOME: Staring Into the Abyss

kiore Re:Missing the point of a DE... (535 comments)

I'm a KDE user so don't directly experience this, but I went through similar pain with KDE 4. I hated it when it came out, and I still don't like it as much as I liked the earlier less ambitious versions, but I did eventually get used to most of it, especially once I found out how to replace its menu system with the classic view.

It beats me why developers of alternate desktops feel the need to repeat the worst mistakes of the market leaders.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Office 2013 not compatible with Windows XP, Vista

kiore They Probably Won't Run On 3.11 Either (2 comments)

Microsoft aren't going to support obsolete versions of the OS forever, no software vendor does. Try installing recent major FLOSS programs on Yggdrasil Linux if you don't believe me.

Sure you can say they should give XP a little more time, but eventually they will need to stop supporting it and maybe, just maybe, that time is now.

There's definitely something weird happening today, this is the second time I've defended Microsoft. I might need to do a few Hail Stallmans to repent

more than 2 years ago

MemSQL Makers Say They've Created the Fastest Database On the Planet

kiore Re:Facebook engineers? Gah! (377 comments)

Not only would it tell all your "friends" and relatives what you are eating and when but the control for turning notifications off would be deeply buried next to the mains power wire and mysteriously switch itself back on at random intervals.

more than 2 years ago

Getting the Most Out of SSH

kiore Re:InfoWorld at it again (284 comments)

SSH didn't even exist when I was 16 (nor 32, for that matter) but I have used it most days since the late 1990s.

Keep your mind open and new tricks and tools will find their way in then use the maturity gained by experience to filter out the dross and keep the ones that are useful to you.

more than 2 years ago

Japanese Court Orders Google To Turn Off Auto-Complete Function

kiore Re:Some added insight... (236 comments)

Add to that the way that with on-line recruitment sites, when you place a job ad you get hundreds of responses from people who have training and experience only tangentially associated with the role you are recruiting and any easy way to reduce down the number of applicants you have to study in depth is welcome.

Obviously with a .jp domain name and a registered office in Japan, Japanese courts are going to have a difficult time believing that Japanese law doesn't apply.

more than 2 years ago

Linode Exploit Caused Theft of Thousands of Bitcoins

kiore Re:ToS (450 comments)

I would imagine that the crackers would want the same deal with their lawyers

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Dumps Partner For Fake Support Call Scam

kiore Re:Fraud (212 comments)

Because they are in one country and try and defraud people in a second country.

To put them in jail it would be necessary for the police in the target country to do a lot of paperwork and liaise with the police in the source country.

As each crime is only for a couple of hundred dollars each time the police probably can't be bothered with making the effort.

about 3 years ago

WordPress Hacked, Attackers Get Root Access

kiore Re:the cloud (168 comments)

You must be new here. This is Slashdot, people don't read the articles before posting.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How/Where To Start Watching Dr. Who?

kiore For me, always the first doctor (655 comments)

I was 6 years old and I was so scared of the Daleks I had to watch from behind my mother's chair.

In the 70s I was a teenager & the show was still pretty juvenile and had become self referential so not only did I outgrow it but it sowed the seeds of its own demise.

The 200x-201x version is much more aimed at an adult audience. I'd suggest starting with it.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook Opens Up Home Addresses and Phone Numbers

kiore phone book for mobile #'s (459 comments)

Strangely enough there used to be which is why to this day my mobile has a confidential, unlisted number.

Sometime around 1993 to 1995 I bought my first mobile. The telephone company had this weird idea of publishing a paper white pages directory of mobile numbers and as in their minds mobiles were only for business use back then wanted me to pay to be in this directory.

When I said I wasn't prepared to pay the nice lady at the phone company call centre discovered that the only way to drop me from this directory was to make my phone confidential & unlisted where it stays to this day.

This means caller-id doesn't work on voice calls, but does show up on text messages. I suppose one day there could be a negative to this but until then I can't be bothered spending an hour on hold to have it done.

BTW I don't have the same phone, nor exactly the same number but somehow the setting always transfers

more than 3 years ago

Happy 10th Birthday To Wikipedia

kiore Re:Debate about Wikipedia is too consumer-oriented (137 comments)

If an information site carries advertising but does not control that advertising (e.g. through a hands off use of adsense) and does not have a pressure to maximize advertising revenue then there is no reason I can see why it should affect information or bias.

This is especially so on Wikipedia where the editors and the foundation largely interact at arms length and nearly all communications and discussions are in public.

more than 3 years ago

Happy 10th Birthday To Wikipedia

kiore Re:Debate about Wikipedia is too consumer-oriented (137 comments)

Wikipedia is crazy not to take ads? Would you work for free in order for someone else to get paid?

Wikipedia is run by a non-profit. I am a Wikipedia editor (same name there as here), and I would happily continue editing if Wikipedia had a small amount of advertising to pay server costs and the costs of running the foundation. Just as I make other donations to charities I support.

I'd rather see small Google style ads every day than those ugly banners for a couple of months a year solid

more than 3 years ago

The Strange Disappearance of Dancho Danchev

kiore According to his blog (160 comments)

He's been researching cyber jihadists for 3 years.

Those guys don't normally disappear their enemies, bombs are more their style.

more than 3 years ago

Google Asks Users To Complain Against Facebook

kiore Re:Suck it up Zuck. (218 comments)

Facebook can log in to your email account as you, [...] While they are at it, why don't they get your emails too.

Agreee totally, if facebook want to read everyone's emails they should have to finance their own Streetview cars.

more than 3 years ago

Telstra Violating the GPL?

kiore Re:Just because they have branded it (197 comments)

The manufacturers don't have an obligation under the GPL to supply you or any other member of the general public with the source code. They only have an obligation to supply Telstra with the source code.

Telstra, in turn, have an obligation to supply their customers with the source code on request and for a price that covers their actual costs of supplying that source code.

Branding is irrelevant here.

more than 3 years ago

If ET Calls, Who Speaks For Humanity?

kiore Re:I do. (371 comments)

Maybe, but if you hadn't made your post I never would have thought of mine which we both got a good laugh out of. So teamwork strikes again and we both win.

more than 4 years ago


kiore hasn't submitted any stories.



Y! blog

kiore kiore writes  |  more than 9 years ago I'm having a play with the new Yahoo 360 beta.

My initial feelings are that it is most suited to be a personal diary style blog. As I already have a personal blog at blogspot and I don't feel like duplicating that content, I've decided to make it a place to report on news articles on software patents.

Don't get too attached to it, I'm not planning on putting huge amounts of work into it.


Moderation: Marking as "Troll" a post I agree with

kiore kiore writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Heh, that was strange. I had mod points again and as I usually do I picked a fairly new article that I would have no interest in posting in to moderate. The one I chose was Comprehensive Guide to the Windows Paging File .

One of the posts said to dump Windows and install Linux. As a happy user of SuSE Linux, this is something I both advocate and have done myself, for my home machines at least.

Problem was that the comment wasn't relevant to the topic, so the mod was fair, but ... man that hurt.


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