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Retro Gaming With Castlevania and Friends

kirt silly or not... (31 comments)

If we're talking about Castlevania specifically, and not the knock-offs, then the series has still produced generally great games. there are a few notable exceptions (aka, any Castlevania game that occurs in a full 3-D environment), but the 2-D games on Game Boy/GBA/DS are downright awesome, and while a little short on length, excellent successors to what i still consider to be the best 2-D side-scrolling game ever made, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (for PS1). just like i didn't play the original Castlevania purely for the story, i still don't play any of the games since then for it either. getting upset over the color of the main characters hair, or the fact that many of them haven't been Belmont family members is just ridiculous, because the underlying games are still engaging and fun. and, isn't that the point?

more than 8 years ago


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