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Marking 10 Years Since 9/11/2001

kitsunewarlock Re:My thoughts are with everyone who lost anyone (804 comments)

The Shinto faith that lead on the Kamikaze doesn't belief in a positive afterlife for anyone but the emperor. That death was about honor and duty in this world--the afterlife in Shinto for any but the direct descendants of Amaterasu was considered a bleak world of grays where soul's stand around forever basically doing nothing. It was meant to encourage one to live a more glorious life: this is what we got; love it while you can. Or at least modern theologians believe. That's one major reason Buddism was so readily integrated into the faith--it gave people hope for an afterlife. But the 1940s Shinto attempted to remove the Buddhist influence and become "pure Japanese".

about 3 years ago

Teacher Cannot Be Sued For Denying Creationism

kitsunewarlock Re:So (775 comments)

Well if they were Descendants of Cain they'd be protected by God and we'd know not to do harm upon them. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

more than 3 years ago

Debt Deal Reached

kitsunewarlock Military? (844 comments)

Maybe we should cut the military spending a little. Cut down on a few jets and a giant nuclear powered city-sized carrier and see what that gets us. I'm not saying we should outright disarm--but maybe if we scaled things down just a little but kept provisions in place for a few years to maintain inactive fighters and ships we could keep our "shores protected" and still not be spending more than the top 15 non-US nation's military budgets combined. Unfortunately, the first google result for "cut military spending" is an article explaining that any cuts to our military will result in an immediate invasion of our nation by a combined force of Muslims, Chinese and everyone who isn't Israel/South Korea...

more than 3 years ago

Movie Studios Want Automated BitTorrent Warnings

kitsunewarlock Re:"We want to spam all your customers at will..." (140 comments)

Many campuses already have LAN based file-sharing systems set in place. They share the address (and password, if any) via word-of-mouth and share their media folders/servers. I've heard of some servers on a local campus sharing upwards of 300 gigs of what appeared to be all copyright material at speeds faster than both torrents or direct download. Almost makes me wish I lived on campus...

more than 3 years ago

Bringing Old Arcade Machines Into the Internet Age

kitsunewarlock Remote? (95 comments)

A remote-controlled pinball machine would be quite a feat--especially if you could play it online. Just give the online user access to the flaps and ball release. Maybe use air-pressure to release the ball instead of a spring (seems less likely to break over-time). Give the machine a web-cam and ask for donations to keep the project running...

more than 3 years ago

Vintage Collection of Tech Failures

kitsunewarlock Re:smart pen, a failure? (160 comments)

Bamboo is such a ripp-off. Anything from Wacom is. Look for a local distributor who might have their own brand. I got a tablet two times larger with the same sensitivity for $30. I'd rather not say where lest I be confused as a spam bot.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is It Time For SyFy To Go Premium?

kitsunewarlock Invalid Summary (607 comments)

SyFy is not basic. Therefore it is cable. You know: those premium channels that were lauded in their early days for higher production values, lower censorship regulations and zero ads (as you had to pay extra for them)?

more than 3 years ago

Is the Gaming Industry Moving Online Too Fast?

kitsunewarlock Re:Tabletop Rant (185 comments)

Well the "spreadsheet" approach works--assuming there's enough variables. My DnD characters are on spreadsheets. But the odds of me finding the same or even a similiar character in any random group are slim to none. That being said: 4th edition characters tend to be more copy-and-paste due to higher restrictions on multiclassing, less feat trees, more restrictive prestige class options and less races/templates for PCs.
But what Video Games have thus-so-far almost always failed to do is make your character what your doing at the time. They make your character=your character's options during an encounter/dungeon. Its like saying Batman is Batman because he's always crazy-prepared...but in truth your arsenal and skills are only a small percentage of your [i]character[/i]. Your character is your background, personality, etc... and not just "how well you faire/what you use against obstacles in life.
Of course, its hard to establish a character in games where everyone does the same routine quests. At one point I tried to emerge myself in WoW towards the lower levels...but seeing people in chats asking for help with a quest I completed levels ago just made me lose any interest. "Kill this guy at this castle? I already did that. Whats the point if he's just coming back to life?"
Of course customized quests with long term and game-changing effects would require a staff devoted to a handful of characters. "GMs" in MMOs, as they are so inappropriately called, are really just bug-managers and moderators. They no more add to the flavor, story or immersiveness of a game than anything else.
And, of course, single-player games are trying to tell their story (or stories) and will inevitibly force you into the same plots that have been completed ages before you get your hands on the game (unless your a developer or beta tester who plays before the game ships).
In the end, playing Electronic RPGs is no better than playing a DnD group that only uses modules with a DM who hates improv.

more than 3 years ago

Easily Distracted People May Have 'Too Much Brain'

kitsunewarlock Re:ADD in the modern era (246 comments)

That's a little unfair. When hunting what one would consider a "distraction from the task at hand" becomes an advantage. People with ADD/ADHD are simply able to focus more quickly on whatever piques their interest. Noticing a low-hanging branch or an easier prey or a sharp rock in the path i.e. sudden obstacles and potential opportunities in a world full of organized chaos that would be missed by those focused on just "getting that one animal". "Can't see the trees for the forest" is another way of putting it.

more than 3 years ago

Is the Gaming Industry Moving Online Too Fast?

kitsunewarlock Tabletop Rant (185 comments)

Another article with the word "Gaming"...another rant from a Tabletop Game Player/Amateur Designer.
The gaming world is straying too far from their roots. Meeting players/designers that openly mock tabletop gaming is becoming all too common. Video Games, especially RPGs (including MMOs, despite the lack of an RP element), take most of their core systems from Tabletop Games...from the 80s. With the exception of Dungeons & Dragons, which is just keeping itself classic for the sake of nostalgia, most tabletop RPGs have abandoned the "level" system ages ago. Few, if any, still use Hit Points. And Mana Points have gone the way of Vancian Casting. The next design company that takes from the modern non-Wizards of the Coast model of Tabletop Gaming without simply copying and pasting existing mediums is going to make a lot of money. Or is going to make Blizzard/Valve/etc... a lot of money when they take their stolen ideas and repackage it for the masses. Why a modern RPG still uses the level/class/HP/MP system is beyond me. Even life-bars are embarrassing at this point.

more than 3 years ago

Smithsonian Unveils 'Art of Games' Voting Results

kitsunewarlock Re:Poll Voting? (183 comments)

A high number of people playing a game doesn't make it important. It makes a popular. Diablo took an already popular formula and gave it an online port...with lots of advertising.

more than 3 years ago

Doctors Are Creating Too Many Patients

kitsunewarlock Its a perception problem (566 comments)

Not to sound like a dirty-commie-hippie, but Western medicine's "fix when its broken" approach is just not a sustainable practice. Its like doing no maintenance to your computer (i.e. defragging, deleting useless files, clearing your cache, etc...) until after it stops running--and then calling an expert to help you. Doctors need to solve lifestyle problems to prevent diseases and conditions before they happen. Naturally, a lot of things can't be prevented (random viruses and broken bones come to mind), but having a stronger immune system can still help the process after the fact.

more than 3 years ago

Smithsonian Unveils 'Art of Games' Voting Results

kitsunewarlock Poll Voting? (183 comments)

If they really wanted to treat video games like an art they shouldn't have done an online poll. Aside from the most obvious problems (fanboys and people voting more than once), it makes it "the most popular video games of this list" instead of "the most interesting/innovative/artistic".
That being said: I'm very pleased with this list. There is some obvious blizzard fandom. Starcraft didn't really add much to the RTS genre other than revitalizing it with brilliant marketing and lots of nice bells and whistles. Diablo feels like Gauntlet, which wasn't on the list. I think TIE fighter should have beaten out Diablo given how it honestly added almost nothing to the gaming world (it was successful and good; just not precident-setting). Same with Goldeneye; if they wanted a precedent setting FPS they should have looked towards Half-Life or Quake for its mods--not that they aren't "Doom Clones".
Separating the categories by console with 4 games in each was just silly. There's plenty of more worthy games on the "PC" than the PS3--not surprising given there's hundreds of thousands of more games. Especially if they leave out consoles like Gameboy.
Seeing world of warcraft on a list without Ashnod's Call or Everquest is kinda weird. No dwarven fortress either.

more than 3 years ago

Magicka Sequel Planned, Console Version a Possibility

kitsunewarlock Not Madoka? (62 comments)

At first I thought (albeit off topic for the normal Slashdot crowd) this was going to be about Puella Magicka Madoka getting a sequel. I know its considered one of the best (non-pornographic) adult anime of the last decade or so but seriously...

more than 3 years ago

Chinese iPad Factory Staff Forced To Sign 'No Suicide' Pledge

kitsunewarlock Re:They've got nets outside the dorms (537 comments)

They have clothes, hands and things to hang ropes from. They could probably find ways in the factory to kill themselves. I'm sure enough of them use sharp instruments. Not to mention simply eating a few batteries.

more than 3 years ago

GPS Maker TomTom Submits Your Speed Data To Police

kitsunewarlock Attention. (422 comments)

You only have six points remaining on your license.

more than 3 years ago

How People Broadcast Their Locations Without Meaning To

kitsunewarlock Interesting (106 comments)

Although they claimed complete anonymity (and they were probably right since they were just measuring waves and not recording them), our local news-radio station was going on and on about how they were tracking traffic near Obama to check for non-disclosed road closures by tracking cell-phones--specifically finding areas where cellphones in roads suddenly stop and cluster.

more than 3 years ago

Ruling Confirms Postal Service Discriminated Against GameFly

kitsunewarlock Re:Just in time to close up shop. (152 comments)

Of course, not being around in 10 years doesn't mean you can't be profitable now if your prepared to drop everything once the market shifts. After all, they are losing almost a million per month...last February money around the lines of $50 million was offered for the company...

more than 3 years ago

Michigan Police Could Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops

kitsunewarlock Wire? (525 comments)

Once I saw this was wired (obviously), I started to wonder about the practicality of this (ignoring all the rights issues). I mean fairly common phones are one thing. But for those of us who buy the cheaper phones...usually they use fairly obscure power/data jacks (so they can charge us an arm and a leg for power cables when they break or get lost). It'd be quite annoying to carry about a few hundred different cables...

more than 3 years ago

Erasing CDs By Using 150,000 Volts of Electricity

kitsunewarlock Re:Most secure (242 comments)

You can get most of the information from your bosses Youtube and Flickr account. And he'd like to see you in his office about what couldn't be posted on those sites.

more than 3 years ago



kitsunewarlock kitsunewarlock writes  |  more than 7 years ago

kitsunewarlock writes "The BBC ( has reported recently on a group of scientists in Germany who have claimed to have made sperm cells from bone marrow:

"If these can be grown into fully developed sperm, which the researchers hope to do within five years, they may be useful in fertility treatments...And proposed new laws would ban their use in fertility treatments in the UK....This is the first time human spermatagonial cells have been made artificially in this way.""



Reptile Virgin Births

kitsunewarlock kitsunewarlock writes  |  more than 7 years ago From the article (BBC NEWS):
"Scientists report of two cases where female Komodo dragons have produced offspring without male contact.
Tests revealed their eggs had developed without being fertilised by sperm - a process called parthenogenesis, the team wrote in the journal Nature.
One of the reptiles, Flora, a resident of Chester Zoo in the UK, is awaiting her clutch of eight eggs to hatch, with a due-date estimated around Christmas."


Casey and Andy Ending

kitsunewarlock kitsunewarlock writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Earlier this week Andy Wier, the artist and writer of the popular web-comic Casey and Andy has announced that he will end his comic. Unlike Nuklear Power or RPG World, which have obvious endings, this announcement came as a surprize to his loyal fans. Over the years this comic has supplied an ample amount of nerdy physics jokes, puns, non-sequitors and the occassional earth-shattering explosion. Its popularity had even won it a GURPs module.

Andy Wier has decided to run about 45 more strips, ending the comic (appropriately) at strip 666. His reasons included "[coming] to dread Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights because I have this annoying 2 hour chore to do on each of them" and because "the quality of the jokes and storylines has deterriorated over the past year as my ability to make fresh content for C&A has all but evaporated." He promises to finish the last story arc, concluding all the loose endings in the plot.

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