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Conservative Sarkozy Wins Presidency of France

kitzilla Re:Are you sure ... (962 comments)

Besides, she's right. She wasn't threatening violence from dissatisfied voters -- she was pointing out that it was Sarkozy's policies which ignited race riots two years ago.

I wish Sarkozy and the Republic well, and the Socialists are long overdue for reform. Further, even though Royal is one of the world's hottest-looking politicians, she campaigned terribly. I just worry French voters may find they're going to get exactly what they just voted for.

more than 7 years ago



Does Daimler's All-Electric smart Trump GM's Volt?

kitzilla kitzilla writes  |  more than 6 years ago

kitzilla writes "General Motors has spent eighteen months and untold millions readying its Chevy Volt electric hybrid for market. Originally one of GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz' vanity projects, the Volt has become a high-concept PR gamble for the embattled Detroit automaker. Assuming the Volt actually gets to the showroom floor, it's almost certainly fated to remain a low-production image car. Now along comes Daimler with the promise to launch electric versions of the popularly priced smart car by 2010. Have the Germans trumped GM?"
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Hairy Solar Cells Could Mean Higher Efficiency

kitzilla kitzilla writes  |  more than 6 years ago

kitzilla writes "Two research groups working independently have come up with what they say are cheap processes for growing nanowires to be used with solar cells. The "hairy" cells provide a direct path for electrons collected at the panel face to reach an electrode, something which has the potential to dramatically improve system efficiency. To be marketed by Hirsute Solar, no doubt."
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Does Flock's Eco-Edition Herald Affinity Browsers?

kitzilla kitzilla writes  |  more than 6 years ago

kitzilla writes "After months of their theme page lying cold, dark, and empty, Flock chose Earth Day to release a fully re-skinned Eco-Edition of their feature-heavy "social" web browser. They've also preloaded it with a slew of Green web feeds, bookmarks, and environmentally themed media channels. Although this article primarily describes the Flock Eco-Edition's feature set to its target audience, it raises a bigger question: Is the the start of browsers targeted to affinity groups? Political, charity, or distro-centric browsers, anyone?"
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kitzilla kitzilla writes  |  more than 7 years ago

kitzilla writes "Hybrid/Organic LED lighting. Hyper-efficient solar cells. Practical wave power. So far, 2007 has been a barnburner year for environmental technology. Here's an interesting list of some of more practical, market-bound examples. Looks like companies realize "green" is also the color of money."

kitzilla kitzilla writes  |  more than 7 years ago

kitzilla writes "Earth Day is Sunday — are you doing anything earthy? Here's a list [via Lifehacker] of ten easy things you can do to lighten your environmental "footstep." Nothing particularly complicated here, but a good review: from unplugging chargers and equipment in standby mode to buying locally grown food. Check of one or two of these, and grab some good Earth Day karma."

kitzilla kitzilla writes  |  more than 7 years ago

kitzilla writes "Nanotech batteries. LED lighting. Super-efficient MOCVD solar panel technology. It may seem early to be compiling a retrospective of this year's best environmental tech inventions, but 2007 is shaping up as a watershed for eco-tech. Practical wave-generated power, anyone? With social and political attention turning toward the environment, there's finally market-driven pressure to move sustainability solutions out of the lab and into people's homes and driveways. Here's a quick look at the immediate future."

kitzilla kitzilla writes  |  more than 7 years ago

kitzilla writes "Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is in London today to announce the biggest concert event in history, raising awareness about global warming. The seven-venue event — including London; Washington, DC; Rio de Janeiro; Shanghai; Capetown; and Kyoto — will "dwarf" both the LiveAid and Live8 concerts, according to organizers. Up to 2.5 million people will take part in activities coordinated with the still-unbranded series."


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