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Enlightenment E19 To Have Full Wayland Support

klevin Re:Enlightenment is a toy system (140 comments)

E does what I tell it to do and gets the heck out of the way otherwise. That's something that Gnome and, to a lesser extent, KDE seem to have a real problem with. As far as XFCE, LXDE et al, dunno. I've used Enlightenment off and on for rather a long time, and haven't found it necessary to spend much time with the other lightweight desktop options.

about 10 months ago

The Era of Facebook Is an Anomaly

klevin Re:Give me one other part of history where everybo (260 comments)

In this argument, the phone system is analogous to the Internet, as a whole. When you're connected to the phone system, you can contact anyone else who's on the phone system, regardless of their local provider. Granted, you may have to may some sort of toll, if they don't use the same provider, or are geographically distant (depending on your provider). However, they're still accessible.

about 10 months ago

Kickstarter Security Breach Exposes Customer Data

klevin No notification yet. (63 comments)

Hmm. I have a Kickstarter account, but I haven't gotten a notification email, so far.

about a year ago

I transfer data from home via ...

klevin Cell Phone. (586 comments)

Linux + Sanyo 4900 + Sprint = Slow, but take it most anywhere, Internet.

All it needs is a relatively simple ppp setup and you're good to go. Besides the speed and the cell phone's tendency to refuse to transmit for several minutes at a time on random intervals, it's pretty decent. Oh, and Sprint get's cranky if you ask them if it's ok to do this. So don't. No guarantee they won't suddenly decide to charge you extra, but hey, that's life.

more than 9 years ago


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Slashdot is peopled by a load of cranks.

klevin klevin writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Ok, after reading some of the comments for the story "Edgar Allan Poe, Cosmologist" I'm forced to the not so reluctant conclusion that slashdot is peopled by a festering herd of reactionary cranks.

So someone points out that scientists and non-scientists (i.e. Poe) sometimes make astounding leaps of logic and intuition that are, years later, borne out by mathematics and/or observational data. Nothing new there. Imaginative, intelligent people are prone to such making leaps of logic and intuition. Sometimes they're right, even if the concept isn't in their field of expertise. Ever heard of cross-fertilization? Most of the time, you don't get much. Every now and then, you get the right cross of species/professions, and some awesome happens.

From the reaction of the slashdot crowd, you'd think that the author of the NYT article was claiming that all scientists are unnecessary posers that deserve no credit for the work they do. Get a grip!

Anywho, consider this my useless attempt to interject some sense into slashdot.

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