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A Look At the CoreFlood Botnet

klykken Re:Baby steps to the solution (120 comments)

You can't install keyloggers on most cellphones.

Why not? I guess this is more used by suspicious spouses than anything else, but mobile keyloggers are available at the market. With a few moments alone with your cellphone, it is fully possible for someone to install clandestine software that can relay incoming and outgoing SMS messages to a third party, thus opening the door for a race-for-the-last-key attack.

more than 6 years ago



Sweden shuts down The Pirate Bay again

klykken klykken writes  |  more than 7 years ago

larkly writes "(From the i-told-you-so-dept) The Swedish Pirate Party released a press statement today, claiming that the Swedish police authorities have classified the torrent site The Pirate Bay as a distribution site for child pornography. The filter has not been subject of much national criticism, as it was only intended for blocking child pornography sites, but its usage now seems to drift in a different direction."


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