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New Details About NSA's Exhaustive Search of Edward Snowden's Emails

kmoser Re:NSA scorecard on on truth? (200 comments)

It's not even that. What if Snowden had reported it by telephone? How about a *typewritten* letter? Maybe be reported it in person. The whole email thing is a red herring.

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes?

kmoser Re:Why bother? (267 comments)

...every minutae of a persons life is available to the world and in 50 years nobody will care unless you become noteworthy or famous or happen to have descendents who are into all that genealogy stuff..

Not true. Sociologists and all sorts of other people who study things that may be in those pictures (cars, architecture, clothing) would find those original negatives very interesting. There are various institutions that take such media as donations. Here's just one example: http://www.chicagofilmarchives...

2 days ago

NSA Metadata Collection Gets 90-Day Extension

kmoser Re:New ports are coming to ease shortage with IoT (73 comments)

Which metadata do the NSA collect?

If you know that then you can "carpet bomb" them with useless metadata rendering the logging useless.

That will only generate more data points for them to use as "evidence" that you're a terrorist.

4 days ago

High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

kmoser Re:Great one more fail (587 comments)

If you have a gun, you don't need a penis.

4 days ago

Unpopular Programming Languages That Are Still Lucrative

kmoser Re:Bullcrap (385 comments)

The entire premise of the article is bull. Are companies ever going to get off this fixation on specific programming languages?

No. Companies (at least the executives running them) look at their code base differently than technologists. They see the cost of maintenance as X$, and if it's written in ten languages, the cost of hiring ten people to do maintenance is 10X. If you say "one person can know ten languages" they assume such people are expensive and very hard to find.

They want a simple way to manage the cost of maintenance. Cutting the number of languages in use accomplishes that goal, in their minds. Therefore, this practice will continue at companies that don't have unlimited IT budgets.

Generally speaking, the more languages a programmer knows, the higher a salary they can command. What's unintuitive about that?

about two weeks ago

3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room

kmoser Re:Anthropometrics (814 comments)

Since they have apparently reached the limit of human tolerance, one answer is to offer wider seat spacing for a little extra price on some flights. The remaining "dense pack" passengers then have no reason to complain: "If you needed more space, why didn't you choose our XL flight?"

Get ready for: "I chose the wider seat. It wasn't wide enough" or "there were no more available because everybody wanted one."

about two weeks ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

kmoser Re:god dammit. (521 comments)

~3 birds each day seems like a lot of KFC for a power plant....

anyway, seems like the environmental impact is quite less than mining of coal etc etc, and more easily chirps, clicks, etc to scare the birds away? Or maybe a little metal eagle or hawk statue on the roof..

Putting a roof over the array of mirrors would greatly reduce its ability to collect sunlight.

about a month ago

Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

kmoser Re:Left or Right? (475 comments)

Autonomous vehicles don't have passports, so it won't be allowed across anyway.

about a month ago

Want To Ensure Your Personal Android Data Is Truly Wiped? Turn On Encryption

kmoser Re:And then throw it in a fire (91 comments)

Careful when you burn that phone--you might elect a new Pope!

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Web Language That's Long-Lived, and Not Too Buzzy?

kmoser Re:Perl (536 comments)

The fault lies neither with Perl, nor even with the programmer's obfuscated code. The fault is lack of documentation and/or comments which explain the code.

about 3 months ago

The 69 Words GM Employees Can Never Say

kmoser Re:Corporate speak (373 comments)

"Great seller, would buy again, A++!"

about 4 months ago

Bloomberg's trading terminals now providing Bitcoin pricing

kmoser Silk Road? (1 comments)

So their clients can perfectly time their next Silk Road purchase?

about 5 months ago

Stanford Bioengineers Develop 'Neurocore' Chips 9,000 Times Faster Than a PC

kmoser Re:Here it comes. (209 comments)

The software is probably still an issue.

Too many zombie processes?

about 5 months ago

Amazon Embodies the Gender Gap in Tech

kmoser Re:And Amazon's not the only one either! (302 comments)

There's also a surprisingly low percentage of female garbage collectors. Since that particular job requires very little education, it would be far easier to start there when trying to close the gender gap.

You've obviously never applied for the position of garbage collector.

about 5 months ago

You Can Now Run Beta Versions of OS X—For Free

kmoser Re:Apple...Free (201 comments)

This is totally gonna drive Linux out of business.

about 5 months ago

52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year

kmoser Re:I grew a beard (108 comments)

Their facial recognition software is no match for my religiously-mandated Pastafarian collander mask.

about 5 months ago

Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

kmoser Re:I don't need this (518 comments)

A simple audio message saying "Look behind you!" whenever you switched to reverse would be much cheaper, and probably more effective.

about 6 months ago

Famous Paintings Help Study the Earth's Past Atmosphere

kmoser Re:News? (126 comments)

If it weren't for Seurat, we wouldn't have known that 19th century people were made of tiny dots.

about 6 months ago



Superman's Home Star System Discovered

kmoser kmoser writes  |  about 2 years ago

kmoser (1469707) writes "Everybody's favorite astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson makes an appearance in upcoming Superman #14, in which Superman visits the Hayden Planetarium to view his original planet. Meanwhile, back in reality, DC Comics explains that NdGT has used his "astronomical" powers to select the red dwarf LHS 2520 as the most likely real-life red star to fit with Superman's back story."
Link to Original Source

Hacker Holds Romney Tax Returns Ransom for $1M in Bitcoins

kmoser kmoser writes  |  about 2 years ago

kmoser (1469707) writes "After supposedly downloading copies of Mitt and Ann Romney's tax returns from PricewaterhouseCoopers servers, a hacker sent a USB drive and a letter to Republican and Democratic party offices in Williamson County, TN as proof. The letter lists two Bitcoin addresses: one for donations to guarantee the documents will remain locked, another for donations to expose them; the fate of the documents will be determined by which account first reaches USD $1,000,000.

This could be anything from a practical joke to a scheme to get free Bitcoins to a completely "legit" shakedown. Me, I'm grabbing a bucket of popcorn and waiting to see what happens next."

Link to Original Source

Best Option for Heavy-Duty, Full-Home Surge Protection?

kmoser kmoser writes  |  more than 2 years ago

kmoser (1469707) writes "Like most people, I have a couple of surge protectors for sensitive/important electronics, and even a UPS for a couple of items like computers. But I don't have surge protector on all outlets, and these consumer-grade devices don't cover things like 220 volt appliances. Add to that the fact that I live in a lightning-prone area and it's only a matter of time before one of my expensive devices has a major meltdown. I've looked into full-home surge protectors that install next to the fuse box but the prices vary widely and I have no idea how reliable they are or what brands are good. An electrician friend tells me they can still blow out, and when they do they're difficult to replace if they were installed behind a wall.

Can anybody shed some light on the best options for protecting all the electronics in my house with a single surge protector?"

SunPass Transponder "Upgrade" Really a Dow

kmoser kmoser writes  |  more than 5 years ago

kmoser writes "Customers who own an original SunPass Type III transponder (for paying Florida highway tolls) found that a recent "upgrade" caused their device to no longer display the amount of the toll paid or their remaining account balance. The official explanation implies that this is a permanent change because account balances are no longer being stored in the transponder and are now stored on a central server. One has to wonder whether this is really an upgrade, or just a way to force obsolescence and encourage consumers to buy a new model? The lesson to learn here is that when the vendor retains remote control over the operation of your device, they will use it to their advantage."
Link to Original Source


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