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Eight Year Old Physics Student Admitted to College

knightrdr This is great but... (644 comments)

I feel pretty bad for this kid. After all, he will never have a normal life. I've known a genius who burnt out and worked a crappy job. I'm not saying that will happen with this kid, but I fear that there is a strong chance that he will crack at some point. Imagine living your whole life around people who are so much "slower" than you that they might as well be retarded for all intents and purposes. He will likely relate to adults better than kids, which is going to be hard because so many will envy him. There will be many who are threatened by his precociousness. Think of Good Will Hunting x 20. He will never know what it is to have a normal life and that may cause him to envy "normal" people to an extent. That being said, I really hope he does well and can find a good core group of people who will guide him and treat him well. This kind of makes me think that reincarnation truly happens....

more than 9 years ago



iptables can defeat Comcast's Sandvine throttling

knightrdr knightrdr writes  |  more than 6 years ago

knightrdr writes "For those who use bittorrent on Comcast, their Sandvine-based system of throttling can be a huge annoyance. Luckily a simple workaround can be accomplished with iptables. It would be interesting to get a cheap wireless router off eBay that is compatible with OpenWRT and open up the possibility of using uTorrent on Windows, unless your primary machine happens to run an OS supporting iptables. A possible Windows-based solution is the PktFilter beta."


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