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How To Show Code Samples?

knipknap Re:Why don't you have anything? (485 comments)

I honestly believe that 90% of the really good programmers would be able to provide this easily. A certain level of expertise can only be reached by working on your own code just for research and fun. Combine this with several years of experience, and I'm sure that you've got to have significant amounts of high quality code lying around. Like the original poster said, it's not asking for code that was written specifically for the job application, it's asking for code that you have already written.

more than 6 years ago



knipknap knipknap writes  |  about 8 years ago

knipknap writes "A long time ago I asked about the state of stylish hardware for PC users. There were not many options available two years ago, but since then, the situation seems to have improved a bit. There are now at least some devices to choose from. But those cases all host MiniITX boards — is this hardware really ready for desktop use? Would graphical effects, like the ones you get with XGL, run smoothly on such a device? Can it be done fanlessly?"


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