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Does Typing Speed Really Matter For Programmers?

knubo Typing speed (editor speed) gives freedom. (545 comments)

I think it matters a lot. Here is my thoughts about typing speed:

- Speed is good, but think first, program second.
- If you can get what is in your head down into your editor faster, you will get quicker feedback on your code. You can then try out more stuff in a shorter timespan.
- Not all of your code will be rocket science. A lot of code is and will be boilerplate code and the faster you get to get it down and out of the way the better.
- If you don't have quick editor speed you probably don't know your editor and you end up doing stuff you should not have done. (your editor should)
- You should document your code, maybe on a concept level (on an wiki or something similar). Then you need to write and if you don't type fast you'll use forever on this.

more than 4 years ago

My Automobile Gets __ MPG

knubo Re:MPG? (1141 comments)

We do that too here in Norway, so I had to google it:

"0.8 liters per 10 kilometer in miles per gallons"

(0.8 liters) per (10 kilometer) = 29.4018229 miles per US gallons


more than 4 years ago

Baby Monitors for Geeks?

knubo Do audio only (3 comments)

Do yourself a favour and go for audio only. You need the time off when they are sleeping to gather your strength. You'll get to see them for the rest of their lives - go sit by their beds for a while if you want to see them sleep.

Constant watching and thinking, is she breathing, that position looks painful, etc is probably just stressful. If anything is wrong, they do conplain, using audio :)

(There are tools for monitoring breathing if you really are conserned with those aspects)

KEB, father of two.

more than 4 years ago

SMS Hack Could Make iPhones Vulnerable

knubo 3,91 petabytes of patch going out... (254 comments)

Quite a large patch 230Mb.

Let's assume that all 17 000 000 phones needs to be updated, then this patch has made apple push around:

230 000 000 * 17 000 000 = 3.91 x 10^15 bytes

from their servers to fix it. I'm glad I do not get their bandwidth bill :)

more than 5 years ago

MUDs Turn 30 Years Old

knubo Re:What MUDs "did" I play? (238 comments)

I've implemented checkers on a mud - though Tetris would be a challenge.

The bricks would fall only at the speed of 2 seconds or so though:)


more than 6 years ago


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