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Small Bank In Kansas Creates the Bank Account of the Future

kobaz Re:Could be nice (156 comments)

For this exact type of thing, check out Dwolla. Paypal-style transactions (unique id is your email, but that's where the similarities end). It's run by a REAL bank (Veridian Credit Union, that's been around since 1934), and they do bank to bank transactions for 25 cents.

Disclaimer: I'm not in any way affiliated with Dwolla and don't gain anything by this post! Actually, as a business owner who accepts Dwolla payments, it would be nice to see this thing grow and become a standard thing people have to make it easier for everyone to pay each other, including me! :)

about a month and a half ago

What is your computer most often plugged into?

kobaz Re:UPS (236 comments)

Definitely not a theoretical risk... as being in computer related work for the last 20 years I've seen a dozen machines fail due to power issues (lightning strikes mainly). I had a customer *using* a ups who had his motherboard, drive and mostly everything fry (the cdrom still worked) after a lightning hit. Despite having backups, he needed to recover the last day's work which forced him to send his drive out for full recovery for several thousand dollars.

I had a customer with an office of 20+ machines have half of them fail when lightning took out their main panel. The machines that survived were ones with UPSes.

about 2 months ago

FTC Sues AT&T For Throttling 'Unlimited' Data Plan Customers Up To 90%

kobaz Re:I'm fine with a fine (179 comments)

That's an interesting question... but
      (Unlimited - Throttled down to nothing) = What Exactly?

What dollar value would be reimbursed to the customer?

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Advice On Building a Firewall With VPN Capabilities?

kobaz Re:+1 for parent Re:Vyatta (238 comments)

Or, buy a box that already runs vyatta. The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter


At less than $100, with build in switching, embedded linux and apt-get support, you can't go wrong.


Oh, and it's quiet. (No fans)

And wait, there's more! Their $175 version the Edgemax Pro has 5 ports and 24/48v poe. (You'll need to buy a third party power brick for 48v poe, but it's worth it)

about 5 months ago

A Circular New York City Subway Map To Straighten Things Out

kobaz Re:Circular Tube Map (124 comments)

Awww :(

about a year and a half ago

Remote Desktop Backend Merged into Wayland

kobaz Re:An important feature for me (215 comments)

The way X11 does forwarding is very handy and useful, and I make use of it fairly often. But as usual, there's more than one proverbial way to skin the proverbial cat.

X11 forwarding is great for high speed and low latency connections such as a lan. Using it on anything else is asking for trouble, because if you lose your connection, you lose your app. Perhaps an improvement can be made to X11 forwarding in the new path forward (wayland) to make it more like screen where you can attach and detach to a running X11 app from a networked endpoint.

Remote desktop using RDP is superior to X11 forwarding for lossy connections because once the screen is loaded, very minimal draw/drag/etc communications are sent between the server and client for updates, X11 is far more data intensive for screen updates. And of course if you lose your connection (which I frequently do, trying to RDP from my cell phone), you'll get your apps back when you reconnect.

Having both X11 forwarding and RDP is a great choice, and I hope something similar to my aforementioned improvement makes it into the app.

about 2 years ago

Iran Blocks 'Illegal' VPNs, Google, and Yahoo

kobaz Re:Heh. (176 comments)

People (even Iranian people) need to be able to manage their networks. Block too much and there wont be a functional Iran Internet for much longer.

about 2 years ago

FreeBSD Project Falls Short of Year End Funding Target By Nearly 50%

kobaz Re:not that great for home servers anymore (245 comments)

FreeBSD has the one killer feature for me: ZFS. It's portable in a pinch and ensure a decent amount of data integrity.

In theory.

In practice, a normal RAID10/RAID1 array is more reliable ...

I went through the same thing. I waited until freebsd 8 to try zfs after watching some videos about how awesome it was. I had been running multi TB storage arrays on lvm + raid1 on linux for years and decided to try and switch to ZFS. The lack of an fsck really shows when you get data corruption issues while resizing a pool. ZFS also lacks the capability of downsizing a pool, so when the upsize fails half way, you're fairly fscked. The recovery tools are just immature compared to even things like ext3. Trying to recover from the failed ZFS upsize involved raw disk editing to change uuids to try and move back to using an old drive that had good data.

I got the ZFS array working enough to pull off the new data and move back to an lvm append + raid1 setup. I've had failed lvm moves and failed lvm upsizes but the recovery is so easy because all the metadata about the array (and plenty of automatic backups) are stored in plain conf files. Ah the beauty of simplicity.

And speaking of bleeding edge, I've been playing with btrfs for some non-critical stuff and I've been very impressed. Much moreso than with ZFS.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Cell Phone Carrier In the US?

kobaz Re:Verizon is #1 in dropped calls (375 comments)

Not only the simultaneous connections (due to orthogonal signaling) but also due to its longer range and higher capacity in general. GSM being TDMA has a strict limit of 20 per tower and bandwidth usage is far less efficient.

Haha, what are you smoking? TDMA is a method of communication, just like HTTP is a communication method (albeit a higher layer), and has nothing to do with speed.


more than 2 years ago

Bev Harris of Black Box Voting Releases Accenture's Voting Software

kobaz Re:Eggcorn (245 comments)

For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong.

To all intents and purposes

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Teaching Chemistry To Home-Schooled Kids?

kobaz Re:Khan Academy (701 comments)

Versus my Chemistry class in Middle School...

Two weeks into the semester the teacher did something to amuse everyone by causing a reaction and capturing hydrogen in a beaker and then lighting it to get a little explosion. After that, it was more often than not: sit down, manually copy pages x-y from your text book, discuss last night's homework, learn 10 minutes of new things, then talk about this night's homework. No intelligent discussions about how this stuff is used in real world, just "learn this stuff from the book, it will be on your test, thanks for playing"

more than 2 years ago

Verizon To Kill All Unlimited Data Plans

kobaz Re:Rise of the discount carriers (331 comments)

Except on Virgin Mobile you only can connect to Sprint towers. No roaming for you!

(At least that's how it was when I had it... and I think it still is)

more than 2 years ago

Changing the Texture of Plastics On Demand

kobaz Re:Okay, but... (48 comments)

Products made with this technology might just have "not for climbing" stamped on the side :P

more than 2 years ago

US Wants Natural Gas As Major Auto Fuel Option

kobaz Re:reserved (377 comments)

And electric is a much less efficient and more expensive method of producing heat. The local electric just might be generated by burning natural gas anyway.

more than 2 years ago

San Francisco Enlists Bus Cameras For Traffic Law Enforcement

kobaz Re:Go even futher (151 comments)

Ah yes, of course.

Speaking of SUVs... my business partner has a nice new land rover with built in gps-nav. It creates insanity to no end that I, as a passenger, cannot operate the gps while the car is in motion. The insanity!

Very often when driving I'll get a tech support call and I'll stop, have my brother take over the driving (we do lots of stuff together) and I'll work on my tethered laptop to work. I have a feeling that very many people across the country, from techies to kids of soccor moms would go batshit insane and probably become violent if all cell use while in a car-in-motion was automatically fined. Either that or it would become basically a tax and cost-of-doing-business. I wonder if it would be tax-deductible.

more than 2 years ago

San Francisco Enlists Bus Cameras For Traffic Law Enforcement

kobaz Re:Go even futher (151 comments)

And what about passengers on the phone?

more than 2 years ago

Actual Damages For 1 Download = Cost of a 1 License

kobaz Re:The actual damages... (647 comments)

Here's the issue... shoddy morality grounds or not, people en mass (all around the world too, not just the US) are not respecting copyright law.

Alcohol was illegal in the 20s... Did that stop everyone? It's legal now, isn't it? Legal issue became a moral issue.

Like it or not, as time goes on I think file sharing is going to follow the same path as prohibition. More and more kids are being brought up with getting payware for free. This is especially happening because many of the napster generation now have their own kids who think downloading music/movies/games/etc is perfectly okay (or they "know it's wrong", but do it anyway because morally they are okay with it, like say.... jaywalking).

In general, when millions upon millions of people are breaking the law every day, it seems to me that there's something wrong with the law.

Here's the crazy thing... I run a software company which survives by customers paying for the software of course. Would I be pissed if someone was running a copy they got for free? Yeah... I would be if it was a company using it for-profit. If it was some kid in a basement... eh, that's okay with me.

For me, morally it's a really tricky issue. Reading about grandmas, teenagers, and college students getting sued for hundreds of thousands over downloading an album or two makes me cringe. Reading about companies getting shut down for selling knockoff software or hardware makes me happy. There's a line somewhere where it all makes sense but it's not well defined.

more than 3 years ago

Fatal Problems Continue To Plague F-22 Raptor

kobaz Re:Bleeding Edge Aviation (379 comments)

after all no one knows exactly how planes stay in the air

Really? I always thought it was stacks of money that kept planes in the air.

more than 3 years ago

NTSB Recommends Cell Phone Ban For Drivers

kobaz Re:this is complete BS (938 comments)

My point was....

You wrote "Drivers exhibiting signs of impaired driving... excessively long cushions to the next car"

You mean cushion as in the gap between vehicles... correct?

If so, I disagree entirely that long gaps between vehicles are a sign of impaired driving, or are a problem at all.

more than 3 years ago


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