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The First Particle Physics Evidence of Physics Beyond the Standard Model?

koreanbabykilla Re:Annoying header graphics (92 comments)

loopback is slow. you want to have it resolve to I'm sure APK will come along and educate you soon lol

2 days ago

Comcast Gives 6 Months Free Internet To Poor and Unpaid Bill Amnesty

koreanbabykilla Re:Low cost internet for the poor... (71 comments)

I'm not even all that poor and I have it. Your kids just have to qualify for free lunch. It was super simple to set up. One phone call. My bill is 10 bucks a month. As far I I'm concerned they are honoring the agreement. They suck for lots of other reasons, this isnt one of them.

about three weeks ago

Nevada Construction Project Could Be Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory

koreanbabykilla Re:Headline trifecta (81 comments)

They are not going to be making lead acid batteries for use with an ICE, they are making lithium batteries suitable for the cars they make, as well as stuff like electronics and home use. Side note; Car batteries work just fine, if you properly plan and have them somewhere with proper venting. Lots of people have solar/Lead-acid/inverter setups in their homes now. I would imagine it is the most common setup.

about three weeks ago

Switching From Microsoft Office To LibreOffice Saves Toulouse 1 Million Euros

koreanbabykilla Re:Put some of the money back in... (296 comments)

hear, hear! PWNed by Theo and friends and soon to be PWNed by Google.

about a month ago

Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be

koreanbabykilla Re:...The hell? (291 comments)

I prefer SN, I just wish everyone here would move over there so there is more comments.

about a month ago

White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

koreanbabykilla Re:Really Kids? (382 comments)

You start it, I'll sign it.

about a month ago

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Blasts Off From Florida

koreanbabykilla Re:So was the landing successful? (112 comments)

Rocket booster reentry, landing burn & leg deploy were good, but lost hull integrity right after splashdown (aka kaboom).

Detailed review of rocket telemetry needed to tell if due to initial splashdown or subsequent tip over and body slam

about a month ago

The World's Best Living Programmers

koreanbabykilla Re:Not sure about that (285 comments)

My favorite is they can't take time to spell Your, but take the time to put the fucking ' in there making it double stupid.

about a month and a half ago

DC Entertainment Won't Allow Superman Logo On Murdered Child's Memorial Statue

koreanbabykilla Re:Superman logo is a Trademark (249 comments)

You are retarded, they could easily issue a no-cost perpetual licence for this. They just don't want to. There are ZERO legal issues stopping them. Licensing your trademark does not make you lose it. It is not going after unlicensed uses. I don't know how the fuck you have such a low UID and haven't read this here 100000 times.

about a month and a half ago

Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars

koreanbabykilla Re:US car companies are NOT finance companies (236 comments)

"Just because Google has a bunch of smart people working for them doesn't mean they understand the business of selling cars."

Just because Tesla has a bunch of smart people working for them doesn't mean they understand the business of selling cars.

hmmmmm.......perhaps you may want to rethink that last part?

about 2 months ago

Want To Resell Your Ebooks? You'd Better Act Fast

koreanbabykilla Re: The site does not commit piracy ... (72 comments)

i feel bad for you. You have really never read a book that you again want to read years or decades later? There are many thousands of books i have read many times. You are either young, or base your reasoning on only having read what you can get from the magazine section of the grocery store.

about 2 months ago

Cracking Atlanta Subway's Poorly-Encrypted RFID Smart Cards Is a Breeze, Part II

koreanbabykilla Re:The REAL value of the transit system (170 comments)

where i live the bus is always at around 10% capacity. The people on it are low income people with free passes. They charge me more to get to work than it costs in gas. I do only get 15 mpg, but own the car outright. Charge me 1 dollar there and back and i can put up with the order of magnitude time cost increase. I bet busses would be full and not just a crazy tax sinkhole then....

about 2 months ago

Protesters Launch a 135-Foot Blimp Over the NSA's Utah Data Center

koreanbabykilla Re:federal law (104 comments)

the enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy, nothing more, nothing less.

about 2 months ago

CMU System Lets You Get To the Good Parts of Video, Fast

koreanbabykilla Re:Usenet is the new Slashdot (32 comments)

If you hate ./ so much, there is and saying....

about 2 months ago

Did Russia Trick Snowden Into Going To Moscow?

koreanbabykilla Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (346 comments)

Even putting aside the facts that he was willing to break the oaths he took when he got his security clearance,

Like the one to protect the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic? Seems to me he kept that oath, at great personal risk and loss.

about 2 months ago

Why NASA's Budget "Victory" Is Anything But

koreanbabykilla Re:Neil DeGrasse Tyson says a 1% increase for mars (267 comments)

Not a huge Tyson fan, but saying methane was not mentioned is a lie. It was mentioned at least once when talking of the permafrost melting and the organic matter decomposing. He also didn't say climate was easy to predict, you just pulled that out of your ass. The dog thing worked great to help my kids understand the difference between climate and weather, just as it was intended to.

about 3 months ago



What site would you recommend to replace Slashdot?

koreanbabykilla koreanbabykilla writes  |  about 7 months ago

koreanbabykilla (305807) writes "Now that it looks like I'm no longer going to be able to use Slashdot due to, I need somewhere to kill a few hours a day at work. Any suggestions?"

Need some advice on VPN

koreanbabykilla koreanbabykilla writes  |  about a year ago

koreanbabykilla (305807) writes "I do lightweight IT support for a small shop of 2 dentists. I have firewalled the crap out of of everything. This is now causing an issue as the media server in a closet is now wanting to be used as a client to schedule appointments and such. I think it's a horrible idea to switch up the VLAN's so the wifi and the lan can communicate. I tried openvpn before here and the speed made it unacceptable. should i put the wifi back on the bridge or does anyone know of a VPN solution that would be accepable?
Understand this is for a friend for free so the "Hire a professional to do it" answers are not an answer.(I'm still expecting most answers to be this)
What VPN tech do you use when you need it to be responsive? Speed is important as the front desk girls hate a second or 2 of latency.
Also, dentrix(the dental software used) needs windows so windows software is required.
if anyone has tips for moving to opendental from dentrix, If i can get it working thats an option. They just moved to all digital X-rays so getting wifi clients working would be sweet.
I have the wifi and the wired on separate subnets now, How would you handle this?"


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