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Sum of my now-open windows, desktops, terminals:

koutbo6 Re:Over 30! (258 comments)

We are the Brotherhood of Nod, and we are here to eliminate your evil GDI windows!

about 5 years ago

How To Enter Equations Quickly In Class?

koutbo6 Re:pencil/paper (823 comments)

actually 1 isn't that far from the truth. My solution to the problem, don't take notes and pay attention in class. All equations u will ever need will be in text book. I got through the later year, and even earned a PhD, using this method. I noticed that I was taking noted in my early years in school just to feel secure. Everyone around me was doing it so it had to be right. Right? By end of each semester, I also notice that I haven't opened and read a single note, so why bother? I even found that I did better because I wasn't distracted with writing!

more than 5 years ago

While Coding, How Often Do You Refer To Language Docs?

koutbo6 Re:More than one language (303 comments)

hey i tried that ..parenting
I tried all the manuals and books ...
But I always seem to run into race conditions and syntax errors
its hard to program those little rascals!

more than 5 years ago

I Appreciate The Ergonomics Of My ___ The Most

koutbo6 Re:other... (460 comments)

knowing it means he's married and has kids.
The wife's name is karen btw

more than 5 years ago

Mono Outpaces Java In Linux Desktop Development

koutbo6 Re:No mention of X-platform (598 comments)

I think its going to be interesting over the long run to see which platform gains the upper hand.
I would put my money on java since its open. I know mono is too, but it only follows microsoft's lead,

more than 5 years ago

The Dilemma of Level vs. Skill In MMOs

koutbo6 I remember the old days .. (463 comments)

I don't think anything out there requires skill besides quake
I would have said kaboom from the Atari days, but I dont think many gamers would remember that
ahhhh, those were the good ol' days
now get off my lawn!

more than 5 years ago

EXT4, Btrfs, NILFS2 Performance Compared

koutbo6 Re:buttfs? (102 comments)

I think AC makes a good point if you think about it.
BUTTerfs guys ... couldn't you have thought of a better name?
Your fans will be at a huge disadvantage in flamewars

more than 5 years ago

Should Undergraduates Be Taught Fortran?

koutbo6 Re:In a word... (794 comments)

I find it difficult to accept the argument of one, while overlooking the other, which is why I'll go with

more than 5 years ago

Should Undergraduates Be Taught Fortran?

koutbo6 Re:While there may be "newer" languages (794 comments)

FYI, numpy is just a wrapper around C and fortan based modules
So you get best of both worlds, I think Python is a better introductory programming language.

more than 5 years ago

Hacking Our Five Senses and Building New Ones

koutbo6 Re:Slashporn (290 comments)

Instead of rushing to get a FP anonymously and making my day, I bet the guy next to me that we will get a porn related comment within the next 10 minutes.
Needless to say, I won my bet from the 2nd post!

more than 5 years ago

Ten Features To Love About Android 1.5

koutbo6 Re:android sucks (384 comments)

Balmer .. is that you?

more than 5 years ago

Should Developers Be Liable For Their Code?

koutbo6 Re:Not my fault (517 comments)

Good luck also untangling the dependency mess in software, I doubt it would be difficult to pin down who is really at fault.

Think of the mess when people start suing developers of web applications!

App Developer: Its the browser!
Browser developer: its the JavaScript library!
JavaScript library Dev: its the VM developers!
user again: Yeah lets sue Sun!
Javascript developer: JavaScript is not ...you know what ..your absolutely right! go for it

User can't find Sun and sues Microsoft for VBScript because its the closest thing to it.

Microsoft: Oracle bought Sun.
Oracle: Hell I knew I shouldn't have bought Sun, anyway, Java is OpenSourced so I have no control over it.
Java developers: JavaScript is not Java!
User: Why am I here?
Java developers: I don't know, but if there is anything wrong, its usually Microsoft's fault.
Microsoft: .... [chairs start to fly and hit user on the head]
Microsoft Lawyer: Lets counter suit the chair manufacturers for not anticipating our use case.

Fast forward to court date after every software and furniture manufacturer under the sun gets involved in the case....

User's lawyer: What do you mean you got windows off of pirate bay? You could have mentioned this small detail before I took on your case!
RIAA Lawyer: Don't worry, you can plead insanity, and I can take it from here.
TPB: Argh! We be hosting the tracker only mate! not the software! the software be hosted in china.

After a very long court proceeding which involved everybody under the sun and caused three world wars, two nuclear stand-offs, and countless bus parties... a strange group of people came crashing into the courthouse

Guys in red:Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

and it starts to go downhill from here!

more than 5 years ago

Web Analytics Databases Get Even Larger

koutbo6 Re:Web Analytics Databases Get Every Larger? (62 comments)

Yesy. It mighty take a whiley to get used to, but I thinky it's quite a plusy overally.

I sure hopey that people checky their grammary more ofteny in the future.
There, fixedy that for you.

more than 5 years ago

Oracle Buys Sun

koutbo6 Let Madam koko tell you your future ..call 1-900.. (906 comments)

Just to say I told you so:

Now let me tell you about MySQL's future. It is safe, its Open Source. It survived before the SUN buyout and its going to survive after it. There is no way oracle can kill it.
At the very least, MySQL forks will live on (e.g., Drizzle).

So please stop whining about MySQL dieing. The competition between the big tech companies is just going to heat up, which might be a good thing for open source overall.

more than 5 years ago

Time Warner Shelves Plans For Tiered Pricing

koutbo6 I for one dont know how to react to good news (210 comments)


I'm also positive some will find a dark side to this, being /.

hey /. overlords, "/." should be replaced by /. icon every time it occurs in posts.

more than 5 years ago



Can FLOSS development be more inclusive and sane?

koutbo6 koutbo6 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Can't Sleep! writes "One thing that could be said about Free/Libre and Open Source projects (FLOSS), is that if you build it, they might not necessarily come, and if they do, they might find the gates closed!
What I would like to ask the /. community, since many of you have served as committers or code contributers to FLOSS projects, is to share your experience in managing and contributing to FLOSS projects.

For the contributors among you:
Assuming that you know how to program, do you find any further impediments contributing patches to a FLOSS community? does the source code organization? helpfulness of current contributors/committer? documentation? or any other factors come into play? Do you find your self sometimes saying, I want to help, but in practice, find that it is impossible to do so? Have you ever showed up to code sprint, only to do nothing, or work on trivial documentation? I would very much appreciate your point of view on the matter to understand what might be wrong, and what would be the solution to making FLOSS development more inclusive?

For the committers among you:
Let me know if this sounds familiar: You find your self overwhelmed with all the requests for assistance (users and developers alike), not to mention the time spent modifying the code contributed by someone, which you could have spent much less time rewriting from scratch than fixing.
Are these problems all too common? What is your experience and solution for making the life of a committer less hectic? and if this problem is all too common, do you think there is a chance of making the development process more inclusive? In addition, what would you say to the complaints of the contributors about: code organization, documentation, helpfulness, and any other factors that might have prevented them from contributing patches. Are these legitimate complaints? Can something be done about it? Or are committers simply too busy?

Please make clear when responding, whether you bring the experience of a committer, or a contributor."

A Theory on IBM's Sun Buyout

koutbo6 koutbo6 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

koutbo6 writes "My theory is that IBM bid for SUN without the intention of buying them out because there is so much overlap in their business. The plan is to make IBM's foes (Cisco and Oracle) pay more for SUN, making them less effective in their competition with IBM after the buyout since they would have less capital resources. My prediction is that Sun get's bought out by Oracle or Cisco for no less than $8 Billion. http://twothirty.am/blog/2009/04/06/ibm_sun_buyout_theory/"
Link to Original Source

Is SourceForge market place working for you?

koutbo6 koutbo6 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

koutbo6 (1134545) writes "Source Forge Marketplace seems to be a logical evolutionary step for FLOSS communities in which the Give Away the Recipe, Open a Restaurant Model is streamlined, or at least Source Forge Inc. would like to think so. Is this a situation where if you build it they will come? Can something that is as complex as software services be sold easily in a marketplace (EMH anyone?)? is the marketplace working for any buyers or sellers out there?"


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