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Steve Jobs Dead At 56

kraksmoka Insanely Different (1613 comments)

RIP Steve Jobs. The world is a far richer place having had you here. Difference made.

about 3 years ago

How Infighting Hampers Innovation At Microsoft

kraksmoka Re:Official response from MS (450 comments)

Right, so innovative that a 2nd fiddle video game system is a good substitute for plowing what likely amounted to a cool Billion dollars worth of shareholders' money and decade worth of expectations into a dysfunctional tablet division that they dissolved for the world's own good. I used a friend's Toshiba tablet and it was lame as hell. The iPad looks like a gamechanger of a device already... Microsloth, just pack it in . . . .

more than 4 years ago

250-Foot Hybrid Airship To Spy Over Afghanistan In

kraksmoka Bladerunner meets 1984 (343 comments)

Seriously - these types of drone reconnaissance would make the police state into a lock down state. It would be great if legislation was put in place now in Anticipation of the privacy invasion that devices like these can cause in the future . . . Imagine flying smaller versions into large vertical cities and having the capability to peer into windows . . . the state cops in Florida already use small aircraft to conduct speed traps occasionally but this could be a whole other ball of wax

about 5 years ago

Dead Salmon's "Brain Activity" Cautions fMRI Researchers

kraksmoka Perhaps this is a Palin fish (287 comments)

Right? "Only dead salmon go with the flow" - however, undead salmon continue to have feelings . . . hmmm. Good Job Sarah Salmoncuda!

more than 4 years ago

Students Take Pictures From Space On $150 Budget

kraksmoka Re:20 miles up is NOT space (215 comments)

yeah, but so what? it makes the world a much smaller place (once again) overnight . . . space really is the next place scientifically that we should be looking to drive our economy (and species one day) on to higher frontiers . . .

more than 5 years ago

IBM Patents Tweeting Remote Control

kraksmoka Twitter enabled underwear (282 comments)

It blasts a message over twitter when you let rip a blast? Do not mod this redundant, hahahah

more than 5 years ago

Mozilla Preparing To Scrap Tabbed Browsing?

kraksmoka Re:Scrap is the wrong word here (554 comments)

I agree. Non-techies and/or older folks who are unaware of tabbing don't use it. But they would if they were shown it or if they had the mental capacity to try something aside from AOL.

more than 5 years ago

Mozilla Preparing To Scrap Tabbed Browsing?

kraksmoka Scrap is the wrong word here (554 comments)

Sounds more like they're looking for intelligent incremental improvement to me. And why not? Tabbing has taken over the browsing world entirely! Even the Redmondites can't throw an ad campaign accusing tabs of being evil after being the final adopter of the technology. . . .

more than 5 years ago

Jack Thompson Attacks DoD, ESA, GTA With Utah Bill

kraksmoka jack was a sanctimonious a%%h#@e (235 comments)

he pursued 2 live crew like they were the devil. deserves what he gets

more than 5 years ago

Two Trojans For Mac OS X

kraksmoka yes yes yes, the mac is so insecure that . . . . (326 comments)

there's a whole industry of companies that sprung up just to plug the leaks. any free software on the mac is just commercial crud that's reporting your passwords, preferences, deepest darkest secrets, etc. to a secret dark corporate master who is selling the data, or advertising to you to make money, stealing your bandwidth, processing time, etc.

oh wait, that's winbloze . . . .

it is great that there is the scrutiny, but when most of the bugs are social engineering, or physical access hacks, it just confirms what the whole world knows:

Macs are more secure!

Oh, and for all of you people with blank passwords, please fill them in . . . . at least use the combination to your luggage. is 123456 that tough to remember or type????

more than 6 years ago



Twitter's Fake Followers Watching IPO Closely

kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  about a year ago

kraksmoka (561333) writes "Is your social media pro "making it go viral" by pressing a button instead of interacting with a real audience? "There's a dark secret amongst social media pros, and you're not going to like this. The purchase and use of fake followers by small to mid-sized social media agencies is rising as a "black hat" tactic on Twitter, which released its IPO on Wall Street today." Article details two major services available to sleuth your social media salesmen."

Time for Miami to Just Say No to Walmart

kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  about a year and a half ago

kraksmoka writes "One hactivist with an online petition at and 3000 signatures turned into an all out campaign to fight the world's largest retailer. Hactivist local Grant Stern highlights a classic example of local corruption in the face of corporate money: "More than a year after plans were announced, Walmart still cannot fit an oversized Super Center store into Midtown Miami by design, hook or crook. Two complete sets of plans have been delivered to the City of Miami, but neither follows local design standards. I suppose deeming the Walmart plan for Midtown a failure for having supplied two complete sets of non-compliant plans would be a private sector idea.""
Link to Original Source

Google Plans to Introduce a PC Operating System

kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  more than 5 years ago

kraksmoka writes ""In a direct challenge to Microsoft, Google is expected to announce on Wednesday that it is developing an operating system for a personal computer based on its Chrome browser, according to two people briefed on Google's plans. The details of the technology could not be learned, but Google plans to make the announcement on a company blog on Wednesday afternoon, this person said.... in a recent interview, Marc Andreessen, who developed the first commercial browser and co-founded Netscape, compared Chrome into an operating system, "Chrome is basically a modern operating system," Mr. Andreessen said. Google has also long customized a version of the Linux operating system for use internally." Our desktops may never be the same. . ."
Link to Original Source



kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  more than 11 years ago wow. i hate say it, but love to enjoy it. i'm 50 lbs. lighter today than i was in january. haven't had a cigarette since then either. today was my nine month aniversery for the start of both!

even the female population of the world has stood up and taken notice. why, i put my mug on hotornot and scored an 8! that's a great rating for a guy, and up from the 3 i scored when i was heavy. notice i don't post the link, for all the /. freaks 2kill :P

apparently, all of the weight goes str8 to the face with me. . . . . lol


kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  more than 11 years ago am in orlando. it is kind of nice up here. but is it nice enough to snag me from my urban paradise down in miami???? well, it definately has some good geeky plusses. but the culture factor keeps me from thinking seriously about it.

right now, i think i'm glad to have this area as my getaway space from miami. the last few days of "vacation" have done me nothing but good. . . . .


kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  more than 11 years ago damnit! i had to kill my wireless since it wouldn't let me post to /. anyhow, now, i'll be excessively active and let my opinions be known on everything.

broke up with my girlfirend, that sucks. anyhow, my new focus in work is making money, not just technological assimilation, so call me if you wanna buy a programming project :) i'm not holding the breath.


kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  more than 11 years ago i like these little journals. firslty, may i say that you don't want to get fedex ground shipping, only air.

had to drive to hialeah to get the tibook. but man, its runnin like a champ. 667 mhz of g4 power and not having to see that damned beachball when i'm designing things!

been working on a g3 400 for so long, i forgot what it was like to work quickly. not onloy that, this keybaord is pretty sweet too. just gettin used to it. will network the whole neighborhood soon, wireless baby. yeah


burnt in miami

kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  more than 11 years ago i'm tired. quit smoking on Tueseday the 22 of January, which makes my quit up to five days today. have been exercising regularly, and watching what i eat.

bought a TiBook yesterday on ebay! from a powerseller who listed his phone in listing, hopefully all turns out well with this thing.

time to crash, hopefully can recover by monday with more energy.


kraksmoka kraksmoka writes  |  about 12 years ago oh man. what have i done with my day! posted some comments. laughed at shit, and sent funny posts to newsgroups. this is no way to live

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