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Linuxgruven Layoffs

krawdaddy Linuxgruven layoffs (95 comments)

I found out this morning, while waiting to enter class at the Linuxgruven Chicago Training Facility. Below is a copy of the 'official memorandum' (given to me by an instructor)

From: Richard Beach
To: employees@linuxgruven.com
Date: 03/11/2001 - 7:43:34 pm
Subject: Status

Dear Linuxgruven Employee,

It is with sincere regret that I write to inform you that due to certain financial exigencies, we must go through a restructuring period. This will entail possible layoffs. We are currently working to complete a round of financing, and hope the financial situation is temporary. Each employee will be notified individually of their employment status, as well as information regarding payroll. We are suspending operations at all of our locations immediately, until all effected employees can be notified.

Your financial position may be that you cannot wait for Linuxgruven's financial status to improve, to that end we have retained an outplacement firm to assist in a job search with another firm. That information will be provided at the time we contact you.

- James

I have the names and contact information of people that were in the calss with me. Most people paid 1/2 tuition ($1500) upfront, coincidentally we received 2 weeks instruction.

The instructor was poor, I doubt he would have been able to get certified for teaching, let alone as an LCA. I had six months experience working on SunOS 6 and was more knowledgable on command syntax than he was. He admitted this was his first teaching experience.

When I would presented the instructors with questions pertaining to the job assignments of people that had previously completed the course and passed the test, the reply was "None". I asked if it was safe to infer that all the Linuxgruven LCA'a working at the Chicago location were SAIR certified and I was told "Yes".

During the interview I inquired about the nature of my work assignment. What type of work assignments would I possibly be assigned to. What work location would I be assigned. The interviewer was unable to answer these questions. He responded that I probably would be presented with a variety of options, "Linuxgruven is growing, signing new contracts, opening more Linux Service/Training centers and expanding operations." He was not aware of actual work conditions and assignments for LCA's.

Anyone interested in a Class Action contact krawdaddy@netzero.net

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