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Boo! The House Majority PAC Is Watching You

kreuzotter None of the above (468 comments)

We should have an amendment that every ballot must contain the choice "none of the above". I would go voting every time.

about 3 months ago

Scientists Glue Sensors To 5,000 Bees In a Bid To Better Understand Them

kreuzotter This is cool! (85 comments)

I would absolutely love to be part of that. Colony Collapse Disorder is investigated for a long time and is still not understood. What happens is that you have a healthy bee yard with many hives full of bees (50000 each hive) and you come back a week later and they are gone, except for the queens and a few workers. What happened? They did not leave voluntarily, not without the queen. There are no dead bees in front of the hive, like you would have with pesticide poisoning. There is not one virus or disease common to those cases.
One possible cause could be the new pesticides called neonicotinoids, which act like a nerve agent. The claim is that the bees fly off to forage and cant remember how to get back home. But this is only a guess, and this experiment could give some insight. Do the bees fly around aimlessly?
Should we ban neonicotinoids? neonicotinoids are not sprayed but seeds are soaked in it. The whole plant will then be poisoned, but the poison is limited to the crop. One needs a lot less poison that with traditional pesticides. So this is an important question with huge commercial consequences.

P.S. Beekeeping is absolutely fascinating and addictive. The more I learn the more there is to lean. Call you local beekeeper's club to learn more.

1 year,9 days

Ask Slashdot: a Good Geek Project For My Arthritic Grandfather?

kreuzotter Beekeeping (122 comments)

I recommend beekeeping. I think it is geeky, even though it has nothing to do with electronics. It will keep your mind sharp, because in order to keep your bees alive with todays parasites and polutants you have to learn a lot. He will meet other beekeepers and those guys are the nices paople. Also, bee stings are good for arthitis (if you get stung it is most of the time your own fault and perfectly avoidable). More info at your local beekeepers club.

more than 2 years ago

How Photoshopped Is That Picture?

kreuzotter That can work also the other way (226 comments)

If there is software that can detect photoshopping then the same algorithm can be used to erase all signs of alteration. You can make a fake picture real.

more than 3 years ago

More Details On the German Government's Use of Malware

kreuzotter So, are there any heads going to roll? (58 comments)

Since the actions of the police are not exempt by the BKA law the usual anti-hacking laws should apply. Is someone going to jail?

more than 3 years ago

Dutch Government To Tax Drivers Based On Car Use

kreuzotter Re:A No Brainer (500 comments)

A No Brainer indeed. Mobility increases genetic diversity. You seem to be all against that. You want everybody to mate within their village and produce No-Brainer off-springs.

more than 3 years ago

Abusing HTTP Status Codes To Expose Private Info

kreuzotter No, I am not (133 comments)

I was logged into Slashdot and that bloody web page said I was logged into facebook. I would NEVER use facebook. Damn liar....mumble mumble

more than 3 years ago

Persistent Terminals For a Dedicated Computing Box?

kreuzotter Xvfb (288 comments)

I use Xvfb to make a virtual screen on the number cruncher (comes with xorg). I don't need to see the display, it just has to be there for wine. If something goes wrong (error box pops up) and there is no progress I take a screen dump of the vortual screen to see it. This eliminates traffic on the network too.

more than 6 years ago



unresponsive script

kreuzotter kreuzotter writes  |  more than 6 years ago

kreuzotter writes "Lately, when I open /. my browser tells me that there is an unresponsive script running, do I want to kill it. What y'all doing???"


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