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Congress Considers Forcing Travel Registration

krist0 Re:My Prediction (321 comments)

I had exactly that happen to me.

Background: I'm an Australian living in the Netherlands (Amsterdam actually) and I was in San Francisco for work for the second time. Turns out the first time I was there, the little green ticket they staple onto your passport that the airline takes out when you fly back got lost.

So the custom guy at the arrivals counter scans my passport. Red text on his screen. He checks me out, tells me to wait, goes off. Two cops come, take me to a side area, I get fingerprinted, photo'd and told to wait to be dealt with. 3 hours later or so, someone comes to help with my case.

I says, look, I am here for work, I am an Australian citizen, let me go please. He says there is no record of my leaving the US so I could have overstayed my last visa. I says, well look, my wife and my boss can vouch for my wareabouts or you can look in my passport and see I have travelled more than just your country. So he asks for my home number and my bosses (no shit) and calls them both. My wife freaks out cause she told me later she thought something bad happened to me (I mean, come on, "Hello, this is the United States Government, are you the wife of ...." ) and they called my boss. Finally after 5 hours, I'm out.

When leaving, I almost force the green thing in my passport onto the airline girl and vow never to return.

Seriously, american airports are the asshole of that country and as far as traveling goes, I will never set foot in America again.

Fuck that.

more than 7 years ago


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krist0 krist0 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

did i mention that i dont like holland very much? its hard to know where to begin and infact, i feel so worn out on the subject, i am just gonna forget mentioning it


krist0 krist0 writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I still cant get over this country....how much everything costs, how the people treat you...its both gratifying and soul crushing all at the same time....

take for example a labour system that basically forces companies to keep employees on, even if they are grossly incompetant....does this stimulate the economy? no, it creates a nation of people that treat work like a vacation.....its unbelievable (dont get me started on the banks)...

but then you get some form of security in that as well....not one that i think i will ever use, but hey, its good to have i guess....

oh well, just a little rant.

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