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Latest Windows 10 Preview Build Brings Slew of Enhancements

krkhan 9926 is so awesome (192 comments)

We can't stop putting the same build on the front page.


DirectX 12 Lies Dormant Within Microsoft's Recent Windows 10 Update

krkhan Re:DirectX is obsolete (133 comments)

It does not exist, and the "best" solution is abstinence. (In this case, Not running every EXE you find on the internet.)

Actually, the equivalent analogy would be to just not go on the Internet. Even then you run the risk of getting infected with something like Stuxnet. The real "abstinence" would be to not interact with any external/untrusted data at all.

3 days ago

Three-Way Comparison Shows PCs Slaying Consoles In Dragon Age Inquisition

krkhan Re:Note to HotHardware (227 comments)

I honestly, sincerely, without-any-prejudice, spent 5 minutes on that page trying to figure out the differences in quality in "three-way comparison" but for the life of me all I am able to discern is minor differences which can be attributed to a plethora of reasons other than the hardware capabilities.

If anything, this comparison served well to make me consider buying a console. I mean, if I'm not able to see a significant difference, why would it make sense for me to spend extra bucks on the PC? Just because some videophile found the console version to be "muddy"?

about 2 months ago

Long-term Study Finds No Link Between Video Game Violence and Real Violence

krkhan Re:Games do not make people violent (250 comments)

People who have problems making the difference between reality and fantasy could also snap by reading a book or any other trigger.

Exactly. Imagine the outrage if Mark David Chapman was caught with a PS Vita playing Killzone instead of The Catcher in the Rye.

about 3 months ago

How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor

krkhan Re:It helps to actually use the thing. (296 comments)

Nearly all of the development tools of Linux are available on OSX via ports, brew or simply compiling oneself. Even fairly advanced stuff like valgrind. There is no shortage of cross platform GUI toolkit like Qt.

In what way is OSX crippled as a dev box ?

Well, obviously the lack of systemd.

about 3 months ago

Kickstarter Cancels Anonabox Funding Campaign

krkhan Are people still going to buy this thing? (76 comments)

Sure, the Kickstarter is canceled but the makers have continued their marketing campaign. From the official website:

Looks like the Kickstarter is over. The device will be for sale soon directly through this website though, so check back soon. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified as soon as its [sic] available.

It'll be interesting to see how the general public's trust pans out over this thing. Do they take Kickstarter's cancellation as a red flag or are they so desperate for a easily-configurable Tor router that they'll pay whoever they can for it. Even if that means trusting these assholes vs. their ISPs.

about 3 months ago

Crowdsourcing Confirms: Websites Inaccessible on Comcast

krkhan I hate Comcast just as much but (349 comments)

With hundreds of millions of distinct websites "out there," if the same proportion holds, that would suggest that there about a million or more websites similarly affected.

Why are you assuming that this scales linearly? Are you suggesting that this is a technical glitch? If the websites are blocked due to the nature of their content it most certainly won't scale in a linear fashion.

about a year ago

New VR Game Makes You a "Hollywood Hacker"

krkhan Enter the Matrix (38 comments)

Had the most interesting built-in "pseudo-hacking" experience for a video-game.

Even though it's nowhere close to the real deal. It did require the casual gamer to go through a command-line interface, guess a 5-digit binary code based on feedback about how many did he get right, solve a Kanji puzzle, find password in one directory and apply it to the other etc. The end result neatly tied in with the game where you could, for example, acquire a sword in the Matrix or set off an EMP.

Certainly much better than a Michael Bay fever dream.

about a year ago

Facebook Gives Up On Desktop Apps: Kills Messenger For Windows and Firefox

krkhan Re:WhatsApp (53 comments)

WhatsApp is working on voice-calls and is aspiring to compete against Skype. Somewhere down the road a desktop client for WhatsApp is definitely in the works. At that time Facebook is most likely going to market WhatsApp pretty aggressively as the end-all-be-all messaging and communication platform.

So yes, definitely related.

about a year ago

Pentago Is a First-Player Win

krkhan Re:Comparison to Chess? (136 comments)

A machine operating at the rate of one variation per micro-second would require over 1090 years to calculate the first move

I'm guessing that we have gotten a little faster since then with our current peta and soon to be exascale machines... micro-second? An eternity. Recalculate that spreadsheet, professor.

Shannon -- the "professor" -- was simply taking into account the technology available at the time.

Hans-Joachim Bremermann has also made an interesting argument:

"Speed, memory, and processing capacity of any possible future computer equipment are limited by specific physical barriers: the light barrier, the quantum barrier, and the thermodynamical barrier. These limitations imply, for example, that no computer, however constructed, will ever be able to examine the entire tree of possible move sequences of the game of chess.

1 year,5 days

Pentago Is a First-Player Win

krkhan Re:Comparison to Chess? (136 comments)

By the way, 3x3 Chess was strongly solved in 2004.

On the other hand, Claude Shannon has argued about the original game being unsolvable by computers:

"With chess it is possible, in principle, to play a perfect game or construct a machine to do so as follows: One considers in a given position all possible moves, then all moves for the opponent, etc., to the end of the game (in each variation). The end must occur, by the rules of the games after a finite number of moves (remembering the 50 move drawing rule). Each of these variations ends in win, loss or draw. By working backward from the end one can determine whether there is a forced win, the position is a draw or is lost. It is easy to show, however, even with the high computing speed available in electronic calculators this computation is impractical. In typical chess positions there will be of the order of 30 legal moves. The number holds fairly constant until the game is nearly finished as shown ... by De Groot, who averaged the number of legal moves in a large number of master games. Thus a move for White and then one for Black gives about 103 possibilities. A typical game lasts about 40 moves to resignation of one party. This is conservative for our calculation since the machine would calculate out to checkmate, not resignation. However, even at this figure there will be 10120 variations to be calculated from the initial position. A machine operating at the rate of one variation per micro-second would require over 1090 years to calculate the first move!"

1 year,5 days

Slackware Linux 14.1 Released

krkhan "Award-winning" (136 comments)

Please stop using arguably the most useless of marketing slogans. Every desktop environment which has been around long enough has won an award of some kind. (Yes, even Gnome.)

about a year ago

Wireshark Switches To Qt

krkhan There goes another one (79 comments)

VLC, Maemo, TwimGo, LXDE; I for one would like to see a future where GIMP is the only major application left using GTK. Poetic justice.

about a year ago

How The NSA Targets Tor

krkhan Re:TAILS (234 comments)

I don't understand how they could root you if you're not running any plugin and have Javascript disabled, could you explain ?

By exploiting vulnerabilities in the browser. Being a piece of software it's no more secure than any other out there. Spoofing user-agent might help, but the dilemma runs like this:

  • * Using a non-popular browser (e.g., Midori, Lynx) would make you slightly less prone to these attacks as the focus is usually on the popular ones (Firefox, IE).
  • * The browser in question might have "leaks" (e.g. cookies) which Tor community tries actively to plug against by releasing a standard bundle based on a popular browser.

about a year ago

Google Pumps $6 Million Into Summer of Code 2011

krkhan TFA inaccuracy: Fedora is participating (102 comments)

I was surprised to read that Fedora didn't have any students this year (after all, my proposal for Fedora was accepted but I chose Tor in the de-duplication process). As it turns out, Fedora actually has six projects this year. The full list of accepted projects is available here.

more than 3 years ago

YouTube Blocked In Pakistan

krkhan Re:The problem (299 comments)

I am in Pakistan right now and find the whole situation amusing. Perhaps they should block queries to root name servers as well since ICANN are not blocking the queries to zones that can resolve blasphemous domains. Yeah. That would service the Internet *right*!

more than 4 years ago

Null Character Hack Allows SSL Spoofing

krkhan Re:Are CA's that stupid? (280 comments)

The lower-cost automated ones don't care. It's all handled by software; at no point in the process (on the CA side) is a human involved. And I'm betting that if the browsers aren't catching it, neither are the CAs.

Somehow all the CA softwares are reading beyond the null whereas most of the browsers stop doing so?

more than 5 years ago

Alan Cox Quits As Linux TTY Maintainer — "I've Had Enough"

krkhan Re:Thanks (909 comments)

I tried to drag and drop a jpg in a browser window (Firefox) to some photo editor. It didn't work. Macs and Windows have been able to do this since at least the mid-90s. I have no idea if you can drag an image from Firefox to the Gimp nowadays, and I don't care.

Just tried it, GIMP connected to the server and pulled the image from there. Not sure if that's how you want it to work though.

more than 4 years ago



Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft To Become CEO At Zynga

krkhan krkhan writes  |  about a year and a half ago

krkhan (1071096) writes "It has been confirmed by Zynga that the head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick, is taking over as the new CEO. Mattrick joined Microsoft in 2007 and has led the business during much of the lifespan of Xbox 360, as well as the launch of Kinect and pre-launch of Xbox One. Zynga shares jumped 12% following the news."

ALS sufferer used legs to contribute last patch

krkhan krkhan writes  |  more than 3 years ago

krkhan writes "This is a little old but seeing as it didn't make it to /. at the time I think it deserves a headline now. Adrian Hands was suffering from ALS and had lost motor skills when he used his legs to type in Morse code and fix a 9 year old bug in Gnome. The patch was submitted three days before he passed away."
Link to Original Source

Microsoft to Support Javascript in Hotmail Emails

krkhan krkhan writes  |  more than 4 years ago

krkhan (1071096) writes "While Gmail allowed its users dynamic previews of Flickr and Youtube content, Microsoft has announced that it's going one step further by running Javascript embedded inside the emails."
Link to Original Source

Microsoft Announces Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360

krkhan krkhan writes  |  more than 6 years ago

krkhan writes "Microsoft has finally confirmed the rumors that Square Enix shall release Final Fantasy XIII, previously one of the most highly-anticipated PS3 exclusive titles, on Xbox 360 in North America and Europe."
Link to Original Source

krkhan krkhan writes  |  more than 7 years ago

krkhan writes "It has been confirmed on Compiz's mailing list that the two leading hardware accelerated window managers shall merge soon. Websites for each project shall keep working for a while until their forums have been completely combined into one. The decision is supported by both projects' leaders David and Quinn. The decision of which code makes it into the new project and which doesn't shall be voted upon by the 'best developers from each community'."


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