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CE Risks from Argentina's Drop to 209V?

krystal_blade Re:Regulation. (85 comments)

That's some serious flame bait you're kicking out there. I'll bite...

I currently live in one of those extravagantly wonderful semi-socialist countries that you oh-so loved back in the day (and yes, I am an American). Nice place, been here for 6 years. Seen a lot. Final Analysis? It's good to be an American overseas.

Since I've been here I've gone through brownouts galore, stuck living on a breaker that provides enough power for two high amp devices (Coffee Pot and Toaster), and now have the foresight to keep a fully charged flashlight on hand along with an umbrella in case of a thunderstorm.

The price for all this service? Let's just say that a modest electricity useage that would probably come under "hey, he's alive and moving" by utility companies in the states costs me roughly 120 dollars a month.

Of course, maybe I'm excluded from the community wealth of power flow due to the fact that I don't pay roughly 75-80 percent of my annual income back to the government in tax of some sort or antoher, but I doubt it.

I try not to knock overseas countries, and in all honesty, I like it where I'm at. I usually let little things like this slide, so I can actually experience what it is like to live in that country instead of saying "Wow, this sucks".

(The DIY comment was hilarious. My house, which meets standards, is run in series, with the kitchen being the last, and highest amp consuming area. that first few feet of wire sure gets hot.)


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