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Pirate Party Gains Another Seat In EU

kubitus Re:I can't possibly be the only one... (156 comments)

as Frank Zappa said: You are damned right.

what I had in mind was the 'rules' a pirate signed in times of Henry Morgan.

same risk ( yer life ) same reward - only the navigator got double

The greek were notoriously active as pirates during the Minoan time and then again during the Romans

And the left-over of the Phoenicians later operated as Corsars in the Western Mediterranean way past the Roman Empire.

more than 2 years ago

Pirate Party Gains Another Seat In EU

kubitus Re:I can't possibly be the only one... (156 comments)

most probably - you aren't

But please consider this : many democracies were introduced with pirating at least partly involved.

The greek were pirating the phoenicians

The Vikings all of Europe

And the British pirated on Spain


Maybe we can expect some democracy in Somalia soon?

more than 2 years ago

Scott Adams Proposes a Fourth Branch of Government

kubitus Re:Can I propose another branch too? (341 comments)

I agree fully and add my suggestion of e-government and e-parliament: I propose additionally the preparation of e-parliaments, e-senate and e-congress!

Every elected representative should stay in his election district and be only represented by a robot head and speaker in the parliament.

To this avatar-like representation the representative should have highbandwidth connection, so that his image and head movements as well as voice can be transmitted, and a back-channels showing the representative in his home-office the situation in the assemly room.

This way the taxpayer saves a lot by avoiding the cost of accomodation and transport for their representatives, while maintaining a dirtect contact between voters and representative locally iwithin the election district.

It has also the added benefit that lobbyists have more problems in contacting the legislative members and also contacts will be more visible as the voters will see who is contacting their elected representative - which can not when their representative is in Wahsington DC or their respective seat of government.

one possible product:,bell-labs-builds-telepresence-robots.aspx

more than 2 years ago

The Software Patent Debate Is Incorrectly Framed

kubitus becoming GOD (274 comments)

you shall not....!


when algorithms become patentable/protectable, the next will be recipes etc....



more than 2 years ago

UK Police Buy Covert Cellphone Surveillance System

kubitus what is the difference (103 comments)

between the customers?


UK Metropolitan Police, U.S. Secret Service, the Ministry of Defence and regimes in the Middle East

more than 2 years ago

Strange Video of Dancing Cloud Explained By Electric Discharge

kubitus looks more like some light effects (91 comments)

caused by shadows and light intermittent thrown on the outer parts of the cloud!

especially as it looks like repeated patterns.

more than 2 years ago

EU Debates Installing a Black Box On Your Computer

kubitus is the TPM chip not working? (459 comments)

or is the DC of Italy not trustworthy for Wintel?NSA to tell them that this comes already with every computer running a majority Operating System 7?

more than 2 years ago

UN Bigwig: The Web Should Have Been Patented and Licensed

kubitus Re:WIPO == Idiots (411 comments)

I agree fully!

BTW my former boss of IT is now there CIO.

this of course has nothing to do with your statement!

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Destroy Hard Drives?

kubitus incinerate (1016 comments)

we go to the incinerating plant near us.

the person responsible for the destruction of the data remains with the batch of HD until they were turned into Emerald dust ( Al2O3)

Highly cost effective!

more than 2 years ago

ACTA To Be Signed This Weekend

kubitus Re:Yeah, so...lets have e-government (277 comments)

and outfit our representatives with high bandwidth channels into Congress, Senate or any other Parliament worldwide.

There they will be represented by a life size screen and a 100 W speaker.

And all without leaving home-town and electoral district!

more than 2 years ago

The NSA Wants Its Own Smartphone

kubitus Re:contradiction per se (172 comments)

the contradiction lies in :


on one side developing secure technology

and on the other hand you want to eavesdrop


you ain't need to explain that the NSA wants to eat the cake and keep it too!

and I'll bet that the ideas, if not the whole technology will land in the hands of those the NSA wants to spy on.

more than 2 years ago

The NSA Wants Its Own Smartphone

kubitus contradiction per se (172 comments)

on the one hand they want to spy on each and everything

on the other hand they want to keep their turf secret

Does one have to be schizophrenic to work there?

if not mandatory, it sure would help!

more than 2 years ago

Robot Workforce Threatens Education-Intensive Jobs

kubitus What do you do now? (496 comments)


more than 2 years ago

Age Bias In IT: the Reality Behind the Rumors

kubitus Re:you are damned right ( F. Zappa ) (582 comments)

>>Is it possible they ditched you after determining you lied on your application?


what do you think?

BTW do you know why Frank Zappa said that quote as an answer to journalists question?

about 3 years ago

Age Bias In IT: the Reality Behind the Rumors

kubitus you are damned right ( F. Zappa ) (582 comments)

I quit sending job-applications after age 45!


know why?

- I even didnt get an answer any more when saying how old I am

When I faked my age to 35 and still sent my list of features, they eagerly invited me for interviews

to withdraw with an: sorry we already filled the job

not saying: with someone cheaper!

about 3 years ago

I have started Q businesses, where Q = ...

kubitus I was self-employed (252 comments)

and I'm back in a job between Helpdesk and Admin.

my big brother made it, he was unabashed enough not to care what his actions did to other people.

he sold a company to Nokia ( when they still had money ) and parked it in a foundation to save taxes

as a sidejob he's moving jobs to India!

'nuff said!

about 3 years ago



OS in ROM and IT security

kubitus kubitus writes  |  more than 3 years ago

kubitus (927806) writes "Maleware is abundant in the age of the WWW and E-Mail. The major vulnerability lies in the fact that the OS can be easily changed during the normal operation of the computer system, be it a PC or an iPhone.
My question is why are there no more efforts in securing the OS by freezing it into ROM beside a few attempts like Splashtop and I think Phoenix."

quest for Ethernet Interface circuit

kubitus kubitus writes  |  more than 5 years ago

kubitus writes "I am considering to downgrade 10Base2 for replacing fieldbus interfaces with it.

To establish this I would need the full circuit diagram of a 10Base2 Ethernet interface.

Is there a slashdotter who could send me such?"


kubitus has no journal entries.

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