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How to Do What You Love

kurosawdust Re:Good article, but Graham is biased (482 comments)

You did it again. Nobody would write papers on gender bias in postmodern literature, but plenty of people would still work on problems in number theory? Nobody at all? And plenty of which people? These are completely unfounded generalizations--maybe you wouldn't write papers on gender bias in postmodern literature in your spare time, and that's fine: neither would I. But I wouldn't want to work on problems in number theory. In fact I would rather, for example--and do--discuss gender bias in modern video games, for the intrinsic rewards of intellectual argument and, ideally, advancing the art. I can't see your assertion as anything but your own idea of what constitutes meaningful pursuits.

Feel free to give me a list of examples of landmark papers on gender bias in postmodern literature written by amateurs who were not paid to do so, in the way that Einstein was not paid to work on relativity.

Until then, you may quietly depart.

about 9 years ago


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