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Ohio Supreme Court Drawn Into Magnetic Homes Case

kurtis25 Builder (462 comments)

Centax must have a pretty bad warranty or their is more to the story... Standard warranties cover structural defects for 5-10 years so it sounds like these folks but a home without a substandard warranty. Having worked for a home builder fixing latent defects (defects which cause structural damage thus are covered by a structural warranty, ie mold from bad masonry gets on the frame of the home, in order to fix the frame the masonry and mold must be fixed). I'm guessing the house was poorly built and likely has electrical and or plumbing issues. That being said some homes or parts of homes just have charges (i'm a builder not a scientist so I don't know the technically correct term). In some homes the walls become charged and attract dust along the beams creating rather odd shadow like dust lines on the interior walls where the beams are. This can be caused by weather (hot / cold, wet / dry (from running humidifiers), improper insulation, plumbing, electrical issues, etc. but isn't an actual structural defect. I'll venture to say about the same thing is happening in this house but I doubt their list of issues is valid.

more than 2 years ago

N.C. Official Sics License Police On Computer Scientist For Too Good a Complaint

kurtis25 Response from Eugene Conti (705 comments)

Mr. Eugene Conti sent me the following (presumably canned by now) response. I thought I should share Transportation decisions - especially those involving safety - need to be made based on data and the decisions of educated, trained and licensed professional engineers. Nothing should ever come before public safety. We value public input - we seek it at every opportunity. But when the research and data show that one option is safe and another is less safe, NCDOT is always going to choose the safest option and we make no apologies for that. Our engineers have met extensively over the last year with Falls of Neuse neighbors to discuss the project, always with the primary emphasis on safety. And we have made significant changes based on their input. We stand behind the work of Mr. Lacy. He is a licensed traffic engineer. His initial findings were supported by the engineering consultants to the City of Raleigh. When the North Raleigh group undertook a response to the city's report, our department told the group we would consider an analysis from an independent licensed engineer. Instead, the group produced a technical document that appeared to be in violation of N.C. Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors standards for public safety. Mr. Lacy was concerned enough that he asked the Board what he should do, and he was instructed to file a report. As a licensed professional, Mr. Lacy was obligated to do so. The matter is now before the North Carolina Board of Examiners, and we will respect any decision that is forthcoming from that body. Therefore it is not appropriate for us to comment any further at this point. Sincerely, Eugene A. Conti, Jr.

more than 3 years ago

Pot Grower's Privacy Challenged

kurtis25 Hassel (477 comments)

I'm anxiously waiting to hear the decision. If they start posting this information I'll expect a call from my insurance carriers announcing a rate increase or cancellation. Either way I'll have to hire real security until I can move shop.

more than 3 years ago

Nigerian Email Scam Victim Sues Bank, Loses Appeal

kurtis25 Bank should have... (312 comments)

Banks have a vested interested in seeing activity like this; transactions keep money flowing, branches get bonuses / awards based on volume (the check he wrote counts), bank fees. They also know that cleared doesn't mean cleared all the way I think there is a time limit on clearing the checks that each bank has but keep in mind this transaction likely went through 3-4 banks before hitting the Chino Commercial bank which means it could be (and should have been) stopped anywhere along that route. This guy's actions should have triggered fraud warnings at his bank, for several reasons 1) depositing a large sum from a foreign bank 2) a deposit outside his standard profile (I would assume he isn't depositing a large number of high dollar amount checks or a large number of checks in 1 transactions) 3) Writing a check which is outside his standard profile (again I'm assuming he doesn't write to many high value checks). If he'd used a credit card he would have received this level of service. As small business owner I do a great deal of banking. I have 15 banks accounts I deal with (including personal) at 3 banks. I know my bankers and they know to notify me of any out of the ordinary activity on any of my accounts. Every customer should get to know their bankers so it's a personal connection not $ in and $ out.

more than 3 years ago

Sony Gets Nasty With PSBreak Buyers

kurtis25 Bubble (246 comments)

This rash of crazy lawyer stories leads me to believe we are in a law suit Bubble. Eventually garbage law suits, Cease and Desists, threats, extra will come to an end bursting the bubble lawyers have grown so accustom to.

more than 3 years ago

Harvard Ditching Final Exams?

kurtis25 3 most I had (371 comments)

The most actual final exams I had in college for a semester was 3, that was freshman year when I had mostly Gen Ed classes. Most of my exams were papers and projects due on or before exam day. I had a variety of teacher interviews (oral quizzes / discussions), a few exam day group projects, presentations (those were boring exams, 3 hours of listening to others), a large group discussion / debate. As a student most of these were better judges of my working knowledge of material tests, multiple choice especially, only show what you know they don't demonstrate your ability to use that knowledge. In my opening that renders them useless in many classes such as counseling, public speaking, etc.

about 4 years ago

US Students Struggle With Understanding of the 'Equal' Sign

kurtis25 blank spaces (1268 comments)

On a worksheet ( ) would be a normal way of saying fill in the blank a precursor to learning about variables. Kids are taught fill in the blank problems first and the ( ) is used as a blank space since in when written by a 5th grader (and many adults) _ tends to move toward the center line thus getting confused with -. It may even be confused with ~ if the writer had to much to drink last night.

more than 4 years ago

Google Testing an Airborne Camera Drone

kurtis25 more to the world (182 comments)

There is more to the world then residential neighborhoods. They can do national parks, city parks, amusement parks and buildings.

more than 4 years ago

Google Kills Wave Development

kurtis25 Dead from start (327 comments)

Since it was not an open platform they killed it when it took 3 months for my first friend to start using it to this day I only have 2 friends listed when I sign on. I wanted to use it at my office but since it's not on google apps it wasn't useful.

more than 4 years ago

Officials Use Google Earth To Find Unlicensed Pools

kurtis25 Old (650 comments)

This simple isn't new. Municipalities have been doing it for years. The use of Google Earth may be new but not relevant or note worthy.

more than 4 years ago

Survey Says Most iPhone Users Love AT&T

kurtis25 I own (490 comments)

I own an iphone and don't hate att. There coverage is often lacking and inconsistent but I'd rather deal with that then Verizon's desire to lock down parts of my phone like the ability to blue tooth files and other petty usage issues.

more than 4 years ago

Plagiarism Inc.

kurtis25 good idea bad company (236 comments)

It's not a bad business idea and I'm not sure you can argue what he does is unethical or cheating. The users of the service are cheating but isn't that what sites like bugmenot, mailinator, and others are about short cutting someones system so we can get personal pleasure without sacrifice. TFA seems to be more about a young knuckle head trying to run a business he neither understands nor is able to run. It almost reads like a warning about the future of business.

more than 4 years ago

Google Reportedly Ditching Windows

kurtis25 No ban for you (1003 comments)

I'm pretty sure they aren't and cannot ban windows. How can you expect to develop windows software without windows?

more than 4 years ago

BP's Final "Top Kill" Procedure For Gulf Oil Spill

kurtis25 too few actions (593 comments)

If I was charged with responsibility to stop this leak I'm pretty sure I'd try something every day or maybe every other not every week or so. I'd have a whole freaking flock of boats scoping this up and cleaning it. I feel BP isn't really doing much. He let's build a box, let's build another box this time smaller, let's fill it with junk (like our stock certificates). I'm not going to feel sorry when the lawsuits start and if I lived on the coast or were taking a vacation on the coast or even planned to serve shrimp at a party I'd be lining up to sue. It's going to be a shame when congress caps the penalty BP get's of with a slap on the financial wrist.

more than 4 years ago

US Air Force To Suffer From PS3 Update

kurtis25 Idea (349 comments)

I have an idea... Let's make the PS3 useless, then sell a PS4 with the other OS option, when it's time to sell PS5 (to be nicknamed the piss) we will turn off the other OS option in the PS4. We can do this for 50 years before anyone catches on.

more than 4 years ago

Man Tries To Use Explosive Device On US Flight

kurtis25 Liar Liar Pants on Fire (809 comments)

Breaking news politicians will investigate how this man got on the plan. In other news Gil Grissom will return for CSI House of Representatives and have it solved in 42 minutes + commercials.

more than 4 years ago

Bank Goofs, and Judge Orders Gmail Account Nuked

kurtis25 Prank (594 comments)

So if I lie to my bank and give them an email address of someone I don't like, say the president of the company my business competes with, I can then get his email shut down. I'll remember this.

more than 4 years ago

Mathematics Reading List For High School Students?

kurtis25 Zero (630 comments)

Perhaps my favorite is The Nothing that Is: A Natural History of Zero ( I read it in high school in a week at church camp. It mixes history with math and isn't a hard ready but it's no Harry Potter either. You could also go with Biographies since they are less number heavy and often more interesting. I may also suggest The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives ( I have not read it yet (darn you public library) but the reviews suggest it's a good read.

more than 5 years ago

Avoiding Wasted Time With Prince of Persia

kurtis25 Done (507 comments)

Lego Star Wars has been doing this for years... Even my wife can play and beat the game.

more than 5 years ago

The Economist Suggests Linux For Netbooks

kurtis25 Remote Server (445 comments)

I use Remote Desktop Connection in windows to connect to a windows remote Desktop where I do all of my work. I only surf the internet through my regular desktop. Does Linux have software that allows me to connect to a remote server? Also are many if any of these net books compatible with my cellphone providers wireless cards? If these net books would be perfect for my Reps to use in the field.

more than 5 years ago



AT&T blamed for more road delays

kurtis25 kurtis25 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

kurtis25 writes "According to an article in the Indianapolis Star AT&T, a recent Slashdot favorite is in causing delays in road construction because they are not moving their utility lines and poles in a timely manner. According to the article "The city [Indianapolis] filed a lawsuit earlier this month accusing AT&T of causing $660,000 in overtime payments to contractors on the project that snarled traffic for four years." In another incident "Neighbors in the 1500 block of Reeves said a green AT&T junction box containing many wires used to be by the side of the old roadway. But the light green box now is now stranded in the gravel road bed where paving crews intend to lay a new lane, if the phone company's lines and box are moved. 'AT&T crews came out and they fixed the box and left it in the middle of the road rather than move it out of the way,' a frustrated resident said." AT&T denies hearing about several of the construction projects."
Link to Original Source

kurtis25 kurtis25 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

kurtis25 writes "An Article in the Indianapolis Star shares the hopes of a computer programmer who is trying to raise enough money online to become an IRL sponsor, putting a big Linux penguin logo on a car in this years Indianapolis 500. According to the Tux 500 website the group is hoping to raise $350,000 by May 21 to be the primary sponsor of the car; they have already raised $11,000, enough to be a minor sponsor for a car which will sport a small penguin logo."


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