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Comcast Donates Heavily To Defeat Mayor Who Is Bringing Gigabit Fiber To Seattle

kvn Re:And Yet (356 comments)

If it's too big, how in the world did you get those water, sewer and phone lines?

You forget that in rural 'merka, water == a well, sewer == septic system and phone lines took forever to get that far. Look at a cellular coverage map for reinforcement of that fact. It's not "too big", but rather it's too sparsely populated in some locations.

about a year ago

New Tech Money, Same Old Problems

kvn Stings, doesn't it? (372 comments)

Yikes. Apparently nothing works the Slashdot crowd into a lather quite like holding a mirror up to the narcissistic self-interests of Silicon Valley excess...

about a year and a half ago

Borders Closes the Books on Amazon

kvn Even Oregon? (173 comments)

We don't have a sales tax...

more than 7 years ago


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