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Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

kwalker Re:Keepass (445 comments)

Same here. I use KeePassX, other members of my team use KeePass on Windows or Mac. I also use KeePassDroid on my Android phone. The database is compatible between all versions, and encrypted so it can be stored on a file share (In our case, our departmental drive). I also use ownCloud to sync it automatically between devices whenever a password is updated.

I don't use the plugins though. I don't need to. KeePassX allows me to auto-type in named windows by hitting a global hot-key. Very useful.

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

kwalker Re:Comment filter (2219 comments)

It took me a while to find it too. It's that little gear symbol to the right of the Insightful, Informative, Interesting, Funny tabs. You mouse-over that, then you can select your threshold. But I have a problem in that it won't stick. I have to do that on every story. Plus there's no one-line-only option like in the current interface, and while I usually like browsing at +3, I still like seeing the first line of +2 comments. I've found a lot of good comments that way.

That plus the very excessive amount of whitespace on the comment pages are my biggest peeves with the new site (I'll be honest here, I haven't tried to post a comment in Beta, mainly because the comments taking < 40% of the screen space (And much less than that once they're nested) drove me away from it). I told them this in the Survey last year but the beta doesn't appear to have changed much since then (The only thing that I can recall changing is that gear icon for the threshold). I don't mind them putting the poll, their Sourceforge and Dice stuff on the main page (Though I do like the Slashboxes in the current interface), but I do NOT want that on the comments page. On any story with even a decent amount of comments, that sidebar runs out and then I have a blank spot staring at me while the comments (The important stuff that I went to the page to see) get smaller and smaller.

about 2 months ago

Building an Open Source Nest

kwalker Re:I don't understand the draw (195 comments)

Not everything in HA is hip or sexy. Most of the stuff I want to do in my own DIY home automation project is boring, turning lights on and off remotely, opening and closing window blinds, zoned HVAC, automated porch light with motion detection. Stuff that's not hip or sexy but makes the house more intelligent and less energy-wasting.

about 3 months ago

Building an Open Source Nest

kwalker Re:Typical Open Source Fan post (195 comments)

It's more like "You can make about the same food as that hip restaurant in LA at your home in NYC, if you've got the time and inclination and a few raw materials..Here's a few recipes..."

about 3 months ago

Building an Open Source Nest

kwalker Re:Typical Open Source Fan post (195 comments)

Or, you know, use hand tools...

They're not saying they could build Nest for $70 in parts, they're saying they built a nest-clone device in less than 24 hours for about $70 in parts. Their time was theirs to spend, and they're not "marketing" this.

about 3 months ago

How Silicon Valley Helped the NSA

kwalker Re:Yeah right (163 comments)

Oh they care, for the most part. They just don't think about privacy.

about 5 months ago

Oregon Extends Push To Track, Tax Drivers Per Mile

kwalker Re:why not just raise the gas tax instead? (658 comments)

Because then it's "unfair" to the SUV-driving soccer moms and limo-riding corporate execs out there. It "unfairly" rewards hybrid drivers and those who get significantly more MPG than average.

about 6 months ago

Nest Protect: Trojan Horse For 'The Internet of Things'?

kwalker Re:Smoke Detector and Activity Sensor? (177 comments)

If it detects smoke, it gives you a "heads up" warning before screaming its guts out. if you wave at it, it shuts up.

about 6 months ago

SSD Failure Temporarily Halts Linux 3.12 Kernel Work

kwalker Re:Linus said something... (552 comments)

That's not how drives die of old age. A sudden and permanent drive failure like what is described is almost always a controller failure. When mechanical drives die of old age, they generally develop bad sectors and read-errors accumulate on the platter, but you can still read from the un-damaged areas. When SSDs die, those worn-out sectors go read-only or begin throwing similar read/write errors, depending on the firmware.

After having a 40GB IBM Deathstar suddenly go down in flames, and dozens of "salvage my data!" calls from friends and family, I don't trust any single drive of any age or provenance. ALWAYS have backups.

about 7 months ago

Kernel-Based Virtual Machine Ported To ARM64

kwalker Re:So what's KVM got over other virt tech? (58 comments)

VMware is not open-source, and is pretty expensive if you need more than the basics. However it's well-supported in most circles, and its paid-license-support gets it past the PHB hurdle.

Xen is a beast. The time investment alone to get it to work puts it out of reach for even mid-level Linux admins. Plus it requires extra help to run non-Xen guest OSes.

OpenVZ isn't real virtualization. It's OS-level containment and pseudo-virtualization, which can be good for some things.

KVM has real steam behind it. It's already in the mainline kernel, it supports real virtualization (I've been able to get all modern Linux distros running as KVM guests as well as WinXP - WIn8 preview), but can get almost as fast as Xen's para-virtualization with some guest-OS drivers installed. There have been new features added to the Linux kernel to help it (Kernel Same-page Merging is one example). It's not that difficult to get working, especially if you use something like libVirt to do the heavy lifting for you.

I'm not an Ubuntu user, so I can't give first-hand experience using KVM on LTS, but a quick google search turned up this this HOWTOforge article on the latest LTS and from my reading, it seems pretty straight forward.

about a year ago

Fedora 18 Released

kwalker Re:The tablets make me bitter.. (118 comments)

Very very strange. I've got an F18 (i686 PAE) VM spun up and I'm looking at it now. The "System Settings" window is up on my screen and it's taking up about 1/3 of the 1280x1024 screen. I can drag it around like any window, but it won't maximize, even throwing it against the top of the screen doesn't maximize, but other windows do.

I did notice a layout bug in Anaconda, particularly the partition/lvm layout has some stuff running off the right edge of the screen, but I'm not seeing any problems with System Settings.

about a year ago

Fedora 18 Released

kwalker Re:The tablets make me bitter.. (118 comments)

If you don't like GNOME 3, you can pick a different spin:

Available spins as of this morning:
Fedora 18 Desktop Edition
Fedora 18 KDE Spin
Fedora 18 LXDE Spin
Fedora 18 Xfce Spin

Or you can do a minimal install from the installer ISO (Either on DVD, USB stick, or even over a network), then install a desktop of your choice from the following (Incomplete) list:
KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.9
Xfce 4.10

I don't know if dialogs are still immovable, my ISO is still downloading.


about a year ago

A Proposal To Fix the Full-Screen X11 Window Mess

kwalker Re:Run a dedicated X-server (358 comments)

Possibly, but you would have to post the script first (hint hint).

about a year and a half ago

Go Daddy: Network Issues, Not Hacks Or DDoS, Caused Downtime

kwalker Re:Wow (143 comments)

Yes, I'm sure it wasn't an SSL issue. It was a straight DNS "Domain not found" problem.

However, thank you for the idea of looking up the secondary NS records. Turns out our .com's nameservers reside in our .net domain, which is handled by GoDaddy. I'm off to change those to our static IP addresses.

about a year and a half ago

Go Daddy: Network Issues, Not Hacks Or DDoS, Caused Downtime

kwalker Re:Wow (143 comments)

You would think so, but the company I work for uses GoDaddy (At least up until today we did, we may be going elsewhere now) for our registrar, but nothing else. We run our own DNS servers, our own web servers and load balancers, our own mail servers, etc. but we got scads of complaints about "the website is down" yesterday during the event. We traced it back to external DNS failures, but I have full-time monitoring on all of our systems and nothing on our end even hiccuped. It worked for some locations but not others.

It makes no sense to me either.

about a year and a half ago

Go Daddy: Network Issues, Not Hacks Or DDoS, Caused Downtime

kwalker Re:Wow (143 comments)

That doesn't get around your registrar going down, just your hosting.

about a year and a half ago

PostgreSQL 9.2 Out with Greatly Improved Scalability

kwalker Postgres-Curious (146 comments)

TL;DR: Is there an advanced PostgreSQL for MySQL Users guide out there somewhere? Something more than basic command-line equivalents? And preferably from the last two major releases of the software?

Long version
I've been using MySQL personally and professionally for a number of years now. I have setup read-only slaves, reporting servers, multi-master replication, converted between database types, setup hot backups (Regardless of database engine), recovered crashed databases, and I generally know most of the tricks. However I'm not happy with the rumors I'm hearing about Oracle's handling of the software since their acquisition of MySQL's grandparent company, and I'm open to something else if it's more flexible, powerful, and/or efficient.

I've always heard glowing, wonderful things online about PostgreSQL, but I know no one who knows anything about it, let alone advanced tricks like replication, performance tuning, or showing all the live database connections and operations at the current time. So for any Postgres fans on Slashdot, is there such a thing as a guide to PostgreSQL for MySQL admins, especially with advanced topics like replication, tuning, monitoring, and profiling?

about a year and a half ago

Bring On the Decentralized Social Networking

kwalker Re:Color me stupid... (238 comments)

That's not how the idea of distributed social networking works. At least not distributed FEDERATED networking. I haven't seen anyone saying "Join my social network, it's better because it's mine." I see people saying "join this social network because it is YOURS and it can work with other networks" (through connectors or the native protocol.

You sign up for Alice's network, you friend the ten people on Bob's network, and the 35 on Charlie's network, then when you hit your feed page (On your node) you see all the posts shared with you from your friends on Bob's network, Charlie's network, etc. All of your agents (nodes) communicate and send data around on your behalf (shares, likes, posts, pics, videos, events, etc).

It's like E-mail (Or XMPP). You have an identifier that "belongs" to you, and an agent (your node) that works for you. It aggregates everything you care about (And everything anyone cares to share with you) and presents it to you. You don't have to do anything special. And anyone can find you based on your identifier.

I'm not totally on-board with Bennett's platform, mainly because if there are ANY costs implied or associated with running your profile, that will strip out a good 80% or so of the people who would participate. Think of all the people who go bonkers when a "Facebook is going to start charging you" message hits the wire.

about a year and a half ago

Will Dolby's New Atmos 62.2 Format Redefine Surround Sound?

kwalker Sixty-four (298 comments)

Ahem... Sixty-four speakers. Don't forget about the subs.

about 2 years ago



Best MythTV Friendly HDTV

kwalker kwalker writes  |  more than 3 years ago

kwalker (1383) writes "I'm a big fan of MythTV since I first began playing with it a year ago. Up until this point I've been fine with using it only on my computers and monitors scattered around the house, but now I want to go beyond that. I've got a front-end system picked out (Atom 525, with nVidia ION2 chipset) but I'm not sure which television to attach that to. I normally don't come to Slashdot for purchasing decisions, but I am curious what the Collective thinks. What is the best (Most Linux/MythTV friendly) HD television to get for the living room? I'm fine with anything between 46- and 55-inches, but I want as much functionality and picture quality as I can get from it. Something that can be controlled remotely by the MythFrontend would be ideal (Selecting inputs, changing volume, channels etc)."
Link to Original Source




kwalker kwalker writes  |  about 10 years ago

Wow! I have fans! And foes! I'm shocked! I always assumed I was too small-fry around here to merrit fans and enemies!

Oh, look at me use the journal function too!

Go me!

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