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IEEE: New H-1B Bill Will "Help Destroy" US Tech Workforce

l810c Re:They do it for us! (484 comments)

That is not what the eventual immigration compromise will be.

Republicans will get their H1B's to help the corporations. The Democrats will get some form of amnesty.

Our(IT workers) wages will go down and taxes go up as millions of millions of new citizens taking free healthcare and other government benefits.

It's bleak, the worst of both worlds.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Convincing My Company To Stop Using Passwords?

l810c Re:Every 30 days. (247 comments)

There is a good way around that that I have used for years. Don't use the current date. Use M-1 and Y-1(that's not exactly how I do it, but similar).

Also pick a couple of words and abbreviate them.

If your favorite Ice Cream is Cookies and Cream, you might choose a monthly password like this
Cok1113Crm#g - google password
Cok1113Crm#e - espn password

Easy to remember and always gets very secure score and a similar but not exact password across sites.

about 2 months ago

Culberson As Chair of NASA Fundng Subcommittee Makes Europa Mission More Likely

l810c Re:Enceladus (57 comments)

I agree.

A Jupiter orbiter with 4 probes(one for each of the inner moons) would likely yield some great information about where to go next and some stunning photos.

about 2 months ago

AT&T Buying DirecTV for $48.5 Billion

l810c Re:Satellite and Cell Phone is Good Enough? (173 comments)

I think this is actually the key thing in this discussion.

I left their DSL and phone for Comcast a couple of years ago and cannot be happier. My Internet with Comcast Absolutely Rocks, Uverse just cannot match the speeds I'm getting with cable.

They cannot compete with thin copper on internet speeds, so they are diversifying to video content.

I will never go back to them.

The problem:
Comcast, (who's service I Love right now) will most definitely take advantage of this in the future and find a way to screw me. And I will have no true alternative.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

l810c Hitachi CRT's (702 comments)

I bought 1 on my 21" Hitachi SuperScan Elite's in 1996 and the other 2 in 1997.

Been using them non stop(day and night) for work and play for 16-17 years.

about 9 months ago

Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

l810c Re:Still worth it (276 comments)

Instant gratification is not worth a $30 surcharge.

I would be willing to pay extra sometimes for instant gratification(not $40 for a $10 cable, but maybe $20), but not for an inferior product.

I'm finding it harder and harder to pull off the purchase at a local Walmart/Target/Lowes/Home Depot/Etc. for anything priced over $50. I've bought so much cheap ass China made crap from those stores that breaks within a year or two.

I Like ratings. If those stores would allow me to see their ratings(App?), I might pay a little bit extra on the weekend for a must have, but do Not sell me crap. Afraid of the Ratings, then do not sell the crap.

about a year ago

Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

l810c Re:Still worth it (276 comments)

My family loves prime. Hell, I would seriously consider $199/year just for prime.

I'm busy as hell, my wife is busy as hell.

Between the kids swimming/soccer/balet, we have no extra time that we want to spend shopping for the various things we need not available in our immediate vicinity. We buy all kinds of things that are not readily available in our area(And many that are cheaper).

I don't want to go shopping on the weekends, we ride bikes, get outdoors, garden.

If I could get Same Day delivery(as has been rumored) and groceries I might pay $500+/year just for the convenience. Add up all of the gas/time/etc. going to town or the city.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Options For Ongoing Education?

l810c Re:PHP (149 comments)

I got my BS in MIS and started with Cobol on a Mainframe at a big bank in Atlanta in the 90's.

I've since moved on to VB, C#, pretty much the whole MS stack.

Things got a little slow ten years ago and I got into the LAMP stack to make ends meet.

There is nothing wrong with it and it worked quite great for everything I did at the time.

What did I do at the time? Small projects.

A lot of big corporations are "locked into MS".

I've got a couple of sweet corporate projects going with the MS stack, I just don't see the corporate penetration on LAMP. Over all, I would say much better opportunity for better $$ with MS stack.

about a year ago

Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

l810c Re:Learn to freaken drive. (723 comments)

Not even close.

I've lived in Colorado Mountains and other places and have driven on plenty of snow. Things are different in Atlanta.

Most of the major choke points happened on hills and steep off ramps. They ice over and your not getting up with 8 wheel drive.

Another major issue on the Interstates is the amount of truck traffic the Atlanta Metro Area has. Thousands and Thousands of 18 wheelers going to/from Florida. A car slides sideways and a lane is blocked. There were several 18 wheelers blocking the Entire Interstate in one direction. A blocked Interstate in the metro area completely cripples the entire road network for dozens of miles.

1 year,1 day

Will Tablets Kill Off e-Readers?

l810c Re:In defiance of Betteridge's law of headline: ye (333 comments)

I have an IPad 1 and a Kindle Fire and I still prefer to read on my Motorola Atrix Phone because of the weight. I've dropped a hint to my wife that I'd like a Kindle Paperwhite in 11 days.

The backlight(I like to read in bed) and weight are killer features for me.

Perhaps in a few years we'll have a tablet as thin and light as a Kindle reader with quadruple the power of today's best tablets and a Hybrid display.

more than 2 years ago

Super-Earth Discovered In Star's Habitable Zone

l810c Habitable Planets might be rare (135 comments)

But what about moons?

We have found plenty of Jupiter size planets in the habitable zone.

Imagine a planet larger than Jupiter with 60 moons orbiting in the habitable zone. Many with liquid water.

I just marvel at the amount and diversity of moons in our own solar system. It seems like there would be far more moons in the habitable zone than planets universe wide.

Hopefully in the future we'll build some giant telescope and get a better answer.

more than 2 years ago

Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 Due In 2015

l810c Wow (816 comments)

Hopefully 7 is better than the last 3. Lucas said he was never going to do another one. I guess he was right.

more than 2 years ago

The Greatest Battle of the Personal Computing Revolution Lies Ahead

l810c RTFA (291 comments)

Do you really expect us to read all of that?

more than 2 years ago

AOL's New Alto Client Is Visual Email, and You Don't Need a New Address

l810c Re:Wow (108 comments)

I have several email addresses as I am sure many people do.

I have an Email address for my own consulting company.
An Email address with a company whom I do a lot of work for
A personal Email address
A hacker address ;)

The LAST thing I want to do is combine them and possibly make a mistake. I have different clients and web interfaces for each. I know when I am here on this computer that I am taking care of this particular business.

Definitely not needed here.

more than 2 years ago

Rover Finds Ancient Streambed On Martian Surface

l810c Re:Water, or some other fluid? (180 comments)

THEN zap it with a laser!

They didn't, they moved right along. This is one of the more interesting things I took from the NASA site.

"A long-flowing stream can be a habitable environment," said Grotzinger. "It is not our top choice as an environment for preservation of organics, though. We're still going to Mount Sharp, but this is insurance that we have already found our first potentially habitable environment."

There seems to be many steam beds in an alluvial plain. It's pretty clear that a liquid water river system once flowed there. You would think a river/stream system would be the ultimate place to start searching for life. But they seem to have a better target.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Low Cost Free Software For Protecting Kids Online?

l810c Re:Teaching kids the ability to discern (646 comments)

What is the "Real World"?

My kid knows right vs. wrong.

He just turned 9 and my wife and I (and our many friends and their children) all fully agree that he has Never lied in his life. We are not worried about Him, we are worried about the INTERNET shoving completely inappropriate things down to him.

It doesn't take a very creative Google search to come up with some fully inappropriate content.

And it's getting Worse!

By the day!!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!, AMEN!!, but not to my 9 Year Old.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Low Cost Free Software For Protecting Kids Online?

l810c Re:Net Nanny (646 comments)

I'm sorry if that sounded too harsh, this place that we all love has bias towards FREE software. I just saw "FREE" instead of "Low Cost Free". Maybe it should be "Low Cost/Free" in the headline. Net Nanny has worked well for us the past couple of years.

At $40/year I think this is definitely Low Cost.

Definitely check it out and see if it meets your needs.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Low Cost Free Software For Protecting Kids Online?

l810c Net Nanny (646 comments)

I've used it for the past 2 years. My boy just turned 9.

1 computer $40/year.

Are you really so worried about FREE or are you worried about YOUR CHILDREN?!?!?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy For Kids?

l810c Rick Riordan (726 comments)

My just turned 9 y.o. boy is just finishing one of his series and about to start another. Says it's the best thing he's ever read. He just finished Potter prior to starting this series.

Everything he writes gets pretty good reviews on Amazon.

I haven't read it, but my wife says she enjoyed the Percy Jackson series with some of her 7th graders.

more than 2 years ago


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