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New York Times Sued Over URL Linking

lal There's a Creative Commons Angle (74 comments)

TFA doesn't mention that Gatehouse licenses content on their sites as CC by-attribution non-commercial license. The dispute here is specifically about the commercial use of content. It's a little different from the AP situation, where it appeared that the AP was going after everyone who linked to one of their articles. (Though, in practice, only commercial entities are worth the cost of a lawsuit.) Whether you agree with the Gatehouse position on the Globe's links, they're certainly not clueless. They have a strategy that allows pretty much unlimited non-commercial use of their content, while reserving rights to commercial use.

more than 4 years ago

Apple Unveils New Macbook

lal Re:Dell vs Apple Price Comparison (986 comments)

I just bought this: Inspiron E1505 15.4" screen Core Duo 1.66 1 GB RAM 80 GB HDD for $996.

more than 8 years ago


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