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Don't Forget: "Six Strikes" Starts This Weekend

lamapper Re:Bittorrent (298 comments)

I didn't see this answered anywhere.

Which is one of the many problems with legislation against technological innovation. There are ample examples of the US government doing things, like monitoring, to individuals that they legally can not do. But to protest that you are being monitored, you must first be aware that you are being monitored and at that time you can go to a judge, which is your write, and force the monitoring entity to justify their action or stop.

The problem is that no one tells you when you get a strike and when you are being monitored.

In fact government entities will often tell the ISP that it is against federal law to inform you that you are being monitored. Good luck finding out so you can assert your birth rights.

Its broken and broken bad. I can not think of a single instance where censorship is working effectively.

Look at Youtube, someone puts in a DCMA complaint against you, your content is taken out. The person who theoretically was offended is given adsense (a monetary value, rewarded) for lying. You spend 10 plus days fighting it, even though it should never have happened in the first place. Even if put back up, your momentum is stymied and the chance to get your content to more people is effectively prevented. After the fact, Google never goes back and penalizes the person/entity that censored you. They do not even put in place measures to prevent it from happening to you again, and again, and again.

This six strikes BS will not be any different.

As a friend of mine says, and we should all repeat as the reality of this thought is so obvious. "It is insane to assume that one every street, in every neighborhood, of every city block in every community, in every city, in every county there are torrent users stealing content. Yet the ISP, unless you have Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and a plan guaranteeing you the same bandwidth upstream as downstream...10Mb/10Mb; 50Mb/50Mb... 1Gb/1Gb, throttles every house on every street to below the FTC definition of broadband (768Kbps) 100% of the time.

My friends FTTH map: Less than 40 communities have FTTH where all the plans include the same bandwidth upstream as downstream. Hint: Not all of FIOS plans give you the same bandwidth upstream as downstream!

Importance: No incentive to throttle, which should remove any incentive to censor, your plan becomes your effective bandwidth restriction if if you some how use 10Mb upstream every second of every minute of every hour of every day you can move to the next largest bandwidth plan for a few extra dollars....think about that. Americans should have had this as of the year 2000, except for BS legislation like this designed to force you to pay more for less. Make no mistake, this is the real reason for this type of legislation.

Especially Cable providers. If you get a DD-WRT firmware installed firewall/router, you will see your upstream / downstream bandwidth in real time. You will NEVER see upstream bandwidth throughputs above 768Kbps, except during the Speed Test. Cable plans that provide 16Mb/2Mb normally throttle to less than DSL speeds(100Kbps/10Kbps or 200Kbps/20Kbps), in fact in most cases to less than 1/4 of DSL Speeds, especially upstream. Which means DSL is not only cheaper but faster, provides more bandwidth upstream than throttled cable service.

Even when I manage to get 10Mb downstream, my upstream is throttled to below 120Kbps. How is this not FRAUD? If 768Kbps is the minimum definition for BROADBAND, than upstream speeds below that level can NOT be considered BROADBAND.

And the reason for their throttling, those evil bit torrents that they lie and say are ONLY used to steal content. I bet not a single neighbor on my street has ever used a bittorrent...so why is my service throttled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to less than BROADBAND speeds?

You will never see it answered anywhere because its a lie. It is not true. And they know it.

more than 2 years ago

Don't Forget: "Six Strikes" Starts This Weekend

lamapper Re:Fuck Off RIAA/MPAA (298 comments)

Another example, why is it that Microsoft, Gnome, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, and Apple all promoting user-interface which hinders the users productivity? Because they don't want you to be productive.

Shame you posted as Anonymous...your are very much right on the money. Whenever a company gets in bed with either Microsoft or Apple, they are usually gone within 4 years, many in less than two years. Corel might be one exception, though the numbers of their users has steadily declined over the years, despite investing in the best products for some verticals...WordPerfect is a perfect example as it was the best Word Processor. PaintShop Pro is another casualty of their requirement that you purchase the latest / greatest operating system before it will let you install. (Though friend of mine did successfully use another friends copy of Vista, Install PSP 10 to USB and run it under Windows 2000 and XP successfully years ago...though he said that it took some tweeking)

Can anyone say Linspire? How about Lotus 1-2-3? Just look at Nokia, of course in that scenario they mistakenly brought in a MS trojan horse that continues to push them toward Windows Smart phones despite it being obvious to everyone that other operating systems (esp Linux) are much more efficient for embedded devices (smaller computers, smart phones) as they require less memory, freeing up memory for the apps.

So many examples. So we should not be surprised that having been unable to beat alternative tablets that do more and cost less money, that they pursue litigation (the court system) to forestall innovation in alternative (non-Apple) platforms.

Microsoft even announced yet another vaporware product in hopes of forestalling innovation in alternative (non-Windows) platforms. If you are just now seeing a pattern, congrats, many of us have seen this for well over 20 years...not new.

My next smart embedded device will be running a Linux distro, fully rootable (meaning I can install whatever I want) and will not limit me for wrong (proprietary) reasons.

Just do your homework and purchase ONLY from a Linux vendor in order to avoid proprietary chipsets that are designed to simply vendor lock you in to their platform (and every higher forced fees and purchases). Two excellent Linux vendors are ZaReason and System 76. There are many others. The cost + shipping usually gives you more (memory, hard disk, processor) for less than most, if not all, big box stores. Best of all, if you want to install the proprietary operating system on a Linux device, usually you can, the converse is sometimes not true.

Buy with Linux in mind, even if you plan to run Windows or OS X, when the company stops supporting the software, your device will still run one of more than two dozen Linux distros (operating systems) and that is a very good thing.

more than 2 years ago

Sale of Galaxy Nexus Banned in the US

lamapper Re:Support your local underdogs (696 comments)

Loved your post.

I don't have any kind of smartphone yet, and in fact I was still weighing my options. I was leaning towards an Android device because I could code my own apps for it in Java,

I want to code using standalone PHP and the new HTML5 standards that will let your apps continue to function when the device (smart embedded device) is NOT connected to the Internet. Others want to use Python or Ruby.

No root access = dumb device!

If the device is open and unlocked with Administrator (Root) access than you and I both can use it as we see fit....which is the most basic definition of whether a device is truly smart.

If new device runs less software than last device = not smart, dumb device!

I would add, as a friend of mine likes to say, that if the device is beyond the first release, than it should only run more software on it than the previous release, never less. If the new device runs fewer applications than the last device, its just not smart.

No WiFi access = Dumb device!

Finally I want VoIP WiFi access which can NOT be denied to me if I have Root / Admin Access. As WiFi is available to me in over 80% of the places where I spend my life. The only place its not, is when I am in transit between places and most state laws are forcing hands free or outright bans when in transit anyway.

Is a monthly fee required = Dumb Device! (optional is okay, required is wrong. What is it doing for me that deserves that monthly fee?)

I want to use social media, chats, blogs, tweets, facebook, etc... without the need of any additional monthly fee, Wifi access guarantees all of us these options...thus I am ever hopeful.

You are right on the money, loved your post~

The fact that Apple is now twisting the market in its favor doesn't make me happy.

Apple is far from the only company doing this. I long ago realized that if I developed apps that depended on any proprietary hardware/software platform that as soon as I became profitable enough that proprietary company would take my vertical away from me...they simply would always have more money to spend, some of that raised by me on their behalf for using their closed system. That does not seem smart.

Worst of all, when it is not possible to innovate any longer, the proprietary company will put me/you out of business via a forced update / upgrade. As I would be dependent on them and they could care less about me. This is the problem with supporting any proprietary infrastructure, what happens when the company decides screw you, you are going to do it my (proprietary company) way and pay them more as a thank you for destroying your business. Added bonus if they force you out of the market through patent/copyright litigation...pathetic.

The best thing any of us can do is to simply stop purchasing their products. Give em the death penalty (since Citizens United made them people).

more than 2 years ago

Sale of Galaxy Nexus Banned in the US

lamapper Re:Really? (696 comments)

they required you to update your operating system

It should always be the owner/users choice to update and/or upgrade. If a company "forces" you to update or upgrade and does not allow you to say H E double Hockey Sticks NO, than you are one forced update/upgrade from an expensive paper weight. Of course your work flow will be interrupted at the absolutely worst possible time in your life...way too much business risk. Yet companies assume that every day with so many products these days. Its simply a sign of how far Data Processing / Information Technology has fallen as a profession.

Of course weak tarriff / trade / international economic policy has been slowly destroying the fabric of the USA for well over 50 years. To connect the dots...jobs offshoring, jobs going overseas, job losses, wages driven below the basement and into the sewer.

Of course I am not saying auto update and auto upgrade is destroying the American family...a bit of a stretch... though I would say that taxes have never been lower and the promised jobs for those lower taxes have never materialized.

I guess what I am saying is that forced policies, taking away freedom, regardless of the miss guided reasons is just wrong. I might not agree with your statement, but I defend with my life, based on the US Constitution, Its Admendments and the Bill of Rights which are given to each of us by birth in America, your right to say it...if you do not do likewise....your loss. Guess its easier to attack the man and tell him he needs Anger Management. Of course you would probably say I need Anger Management classes too...talk about reaching...pathetic.

In America today, there is very little NEW either economically or control-wise (church/state) under the sun. If you are willing to give up a smidgen of freedom for any reason, especially fake security, you honestly do deserve neither. A very smart man said that hundreds of years ago.

For those that can not see the connection between freedom and required/force updates and current economic, business and political policies over the last 100 years...well that is the reason you mistakenly vote against your own best interests...wake up. There is so much more to life than talking points...which most often are designed to prevent you from connecting the dots and realizing what is being done to you, behind your back, out of the sunlight.

Updates, upgrades SHALL always be the owner/users choice. If that choice is taken away, don't hate the entity, just stop doing any business with them. And share your experience with family, friends, co-workers, strangers so that others will do likewise. I agree with other posters, Apples actions here is costing them current Apple enthusiasts. Those that have left Apple are laughing all the way to the bank, where they notice their balance is larger for being smart enough to purchase better technology (non Apple), that can do more, for less money.

The joke is on Apple.

more than 2 years ago

Google Fiber Comes To Kansas City

lamapper Re:We're not in Kansas anymore (162 comments)

Because wireless cannot provide the bandwidth... should give you an idea how far away from reality thoughts that wired is expired and wireless is the way to go are

Sounds like you are saying wireless can not provide the bandwidth...which I totally agree with,

... however than you say wireless is the way to go or at least it seemed to me. I must disagree with that...which is it?.

Not that it matters as anything other than Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is a ponzi scheme, false promises, waste of time and money. Only FTTH offers us a viable future! Why should Americans continue to settle for less? Japan had 100Mb/100Mb in 2000 and 1Gb/1Gb in 2006, its 2011...hello, 768Kbps is broadband, really? NOT!

The current NON-synchronous Internet providers are NOT providing you the bandwidth you are paying for? Instead of “up to” some lie, how about a money back guarantee if your upstream bandwidth falls below the FCC definition? Even that is over 11 years out of date and way too slow. There is no way in heck they are going to provide more bandwidth via wireless, it does not matter how many Gs they promise you. Everyone knows that wired infrastructure, specifically Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is far, far superior to wireless 3G, 4G, 10G anything.

I bet I can serve more clients on a wired synchronous FTTH home network with a DD-WRT, OpenWRT or tomato firmware enabled firewall/router than the cellular company can serve via any level of G wireless...but that is not the point, even if it is not entirely accurate. At least I would know with 100% certainty exactly what my broadband bandwidth really is 24X7X365 thanks to the bandwidth monitors in those firmwares! Speed Tests lie!

Any technology other than Fiber all the way into the Home (FTTH) (not GPON, FTTC, DOCSIS, 3G, 4G,...10G, etc...) is simply a waste of time and a very poor attempt by your provider to extend the bandwidth scarcity myth. They use lies, like bandwidth scarcity to extort higher and higher monthly fees from you (going up yearly) forever. Or until you can no longer afford it and they dump you.

If any market was honestly FREE, prices would fluctuate both up and down, unless of course the market is NOT FREE or the provider is severely incompetent. I know what I believe and somewhat know to be true....WAKE UP.

... if its all evenly distributed... that means you would need 800 Gig's per square mile of wireless bandwidth.. We are talking data capacity... Realistically your not going to go for the wired equivalent... capacity of one of the points of aggregation/concentration...

But any way you look at it... To do a project like what Google is envisioning is not feasibly done because neither the spectrum availability is there nor equipment that could provide this type of point to multi-point network...

Back in 2006, people way smarter than you and I managed to take a single strand of Fiber and multiplex it (increase the bandwidth) from 1X bandwidth to 1024X bandwidth. This was over 4 years ago. So to say we do NOT have the technology to provide it is not accurate either. Virtually unlimited bandwidth if you are smart and run Fiber, un-interrupted by inferior technologies, all the way into the subscribers home. Not just to their neighborhood.

As for not being feasible, tell the over 20 communities with synchronous FTTH listed on this map...they all did it, therefore your hypothesis is very, very wrong. It most certainly can be done. It has been done. Hopefully you are not a shill for the industry, but if you are, be aware that many of us are awake. Many of us see these companies for what they are, even more Americans are waking up thanks to the blatant acts of various politicians. We are aware of the broken promises over the last 20+ years.

Consider this:

EPB in Chattanooga built-out FTTH to 2500 businesses and 20,000 residential customers (with infrastructure in place to quickly serve most of 166,000 residential customers for approx ($220M + $111M or $331M).

Telcos have received approx $200B + ($1.8M per week * 52 weeks for 5 years or * 5). That's $200B + ($1.8M*52*5 = $468M) or $2,468M. How many Chattanooga size FTTH Synchronous communities could the Telco-Calbe Co-Cellular oligopoly have already built-out if they wanted too? Instead they would rather spend money for laws preventing competition...which cost way more than $468M that is for sure.

$2,468M / $331M = 7.45 Communities? Yet the Telcos have not built a single Synchronous FTTH community, anywhere. Hint: FIOS is 50Mb/5Mb, that is NOT synchronous and yes I would rather have it than Cable if I could get it...but overall I want and will have Synchronous FTTH!

By the year 2006, our research shows that 86 million households should have been wired with fiber, i.e. the majority of the United States.

Note: The telcos have been lobbying our local, state and national politicians for well over 20 years, not just 5 years. So these numbers are conservative. Its a shame they chose the wrong path, rather than the right path...putting their customers first!

Where's the Fiber?

Where's the Synchronous Fiber?

The incumbent providers (Telco and CableCos) have violated their customer's TRUST. They have violated our TRUST! Why in the heck would we care about them any more? Why not pay them back in the best way possible – churn or move to a location were we no longer have to use their services. To a community that cares about the people living there enough to elect politicians that will put them first and not cater to industry lobbyists.

Use the Map, verify that the community has Synchronous FTTH, the same upstream as downstream, as such a provider has no incentive to throttle a customer's bandwidth to below what they are promised. Be it 10Mb, 15Mb, 30Mb, 50Mb, 100Mb or 1000Mb upstream, they can give that entire pipe to that one customer because FTTH is the ONLY technology that is not limited by design unless the provider is incompetent, lazy, cheap or just outright evil. NO more “up to” BS lies. Should a provider be able to label their service as Broadband if their upstream or downstream bandwidth falls below the FCC definition of 768Kbps? I think NOT! You should not accept that either!

more than 3 years ago

Google Fiber Comes To Kansas City

lamapper Re:O rly? (162 comments)

...There's a lot of red tape (permitting, bidding, etc) that has to be cut before they can even start construction which could easily take until 2012. ...

First of all to become one of the Google's Think Big With a Gig communities, most if not all of the red tape issues needed to be already taken care just to be considered for selection. Definitely a commitment by those lucky enough to be selected to move forward.

LMAO I would love to hear any politician tell their citizen's that the reason they did not succeed in becoming one of the first 5 Google's Think Big With a Gig Community was because the telco or cable company paid me to sabotage the process.

Are your community's politicians bought and paid for by your local telco-cable-cellular oligopoly? How would you know?

Think about that real hard because if your community can not get Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Perhaps your politicians are corrupt and not putting you, your family, your friends, your neighbors FIRST as they should.

If the local incumbent provider can lobby your politicians and prevent your family from getting FTTH, than so can other mega-corporations.

Given the Citizens United vs FEC decision you will never be allowed to hear the truth, only the negative campaign ads against any honest citizen politician! You should solve that in the next election for the sake of your family, friends and neighbors.

EPB in Chattanooga finished their FTTH, Fiber To The Home, build-out years ahead of schedule. The first build-out took a total of only 3 years...so getting another community done in two years with Google's backing is most definitely possible. Even easier when you consider the preparation a community has to go through just to be considered for the Fiber. In Chattanooga, with a minimal influx of additional cash (a $112M federal grant) they were able to finish ahead of schedule. Chattanooga now serves 20,000 residential customers and 2,500 business customers.

I think everyone reading this would agree that Google can pump way more than $112M, $300M or even $600M into any FTTH community it decides too. So what's your point!

More important will be the prices. Check out prices for Synchronous FTTH with EPB of Chattanooga:

$57.99: 30Mbps; Internet 30 (30Mb/30Mb or 30 Mb Downstream / 30 Mb Upstream)
$69.99: 50Mbps; Internet 50 (50Mb/50Mb)
$139.99: 100Mbps; Internet 100 (100Mb/100Mb)
$349.99; 1000Mbps; Internet 1,000 (1000Mb/1000Mb or 1Gb/1Gb)

And here are prices per cbemerine comment in The Real Reason to Cut the Cable? :

Until Google announces there five FTTH communities, there are the 16 plus communities in Utah via Utopia ($49 - $79) where the resident owns the Fiber (UOF) and can select from one of many providers. Other than that you can get 10Mb/10Mb in Wilson N.C. from Greenlight for $34.95 per month; 10Mb/10Mb in Lafayette, LA from LUS for $28.95 per month; 30Mb/30Mb in Chattanooga, TN from EPB for $57.99.

While I might wait through the end of this year to figure out where Google is going to go, there is no reason to wait until 2012, 2015 or 2020 and beyond. All of us can move today, this this map shows Synchronous FTTH US communities, there are almost 30 communities I can move to, today. None of us have to wait on anyone, not even Google.

more than 3 years ago

Ubuntu: Where Did the Love Go?

lamapper Avoiding Mono and .Net (778 comments)

I prefer my desktop to be free of mono, that's why I use Mint KDE.

I feel the same way, now that Fedora has announced that they too will support Wayland, both Ubuntu and Fedora are off my list.

Microsoft has hurt Linux in the past by leading people down proprietary and technological blind alleys. While I have no ill will toward Wayland, I do not want to look up one day and find out that something has been automated against my wishes or that I no longer have 100% control over my PC hardware.

Wayland ~ Mono ~ .Net (dotNet) ~ Microsoft.

All Microsoft has to do is make a change to .Net that impacts Linux in a negative way and it will be pulled upstream into Mono and upstream into Wayland.

Anyone who says this will never happen has a short memory, practicing revisionist history or has not been in the field very long. The rest of us have seen this before...can you say Embrace, Extend and Extinguish, I knew you could.

To avoid Wayland is simple, pay attention to which distros are implementing Mono and/or Wayland by default and avoid them. Use this graphic - GNU/Linux distro timeline to make sure your distro is not impacted by those distros that are implementing Mono in their food chain!

Thankfully with Linux we have allot of other choices and this is a very good thing.

more than 3 years ago

Why Linux Loses Out On Hardware Acceleration In Firefox

lamapper Re:Yes, as I've said many times.... (456 comments)

That would be stupid and fatal long term. We would never again see Linux lead the way anywhere if we hitched ourselves to Microsoft's trailer hitch

You are so right on the money!

How many times do you have to get burned and led down a proprietary blind alley before you learn to never take a step down that road as it NEVER ends well for you, your PC, open source and Linux...NEVER.

about 4 years ago

Advice On Teaching Linux To CS Freshmen?

lamapper Re:They should already know! (467 comments)

Keep in mind that Mark Shuttleworth's goals are not the same as the community at large. He wants to see a return on his $20 million. It's why he hired Windows apologist Matt Asay instead of someone deeply involved in the linux community.

You are right on about Mark Shuttleworth's goals, of course its his money and he can play the cards as he sees fit, of course we do not have to sit at his table do we.

As for Fedora, watch out, they are have announced that they are going to Wayland eventually as well. Wayland ~ Mono ~ .NET is a little too much for me as well. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Here is a great Graphics view of different Distros and which are derived from which base distros. Obviously to avoid Wayland you want to avoid any distro that gets its base from either Ubuntu or Fedora.

about 4 years ago

Facebook Opens Up Home Addresses and Phone Numbers

lamapper Privacy is the KILLER APP (459 comments)

They can not release any personal information that you DO NOT PROVIDE to them.

I too hate this crap, but too many people do not take privacy seriously and provided the information in the past, therefore, they (companies) have no reason not to expect you to follow and give them information like you have in the past. They believe we are all sheeple!

Too many social networking sites want to lock you into bad OAuth sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Too many people forget that as soon as they have any piece of information related to you and a single phone call, monthly bill, purchase, email account, etc, they know exactly who you are.

Are you willing to stop using a site that violates your privacy? Most are not, therefore giving a nod to the company that wants to violate our privacy.

Security and privacy go hand in hand. Privacy requires you to maintain a singular mind set to maintain your privacy and not get lazy. If you give up and provide the information because someone says you should not have anything to hide, its game over from a privacy perspective. Once you slip up and give out any private information, its just one small step from putting the pieces together and identifying who you are, what you are looking at in order to market to you. Of course who besides marketers are using this info for what other purposes will never be fully disclosed to you, ever.

Our Credit information, another privacy sink, which contains all our personal information is too tightly inter-twined with our lives now, as if your credit determines what type of driver you are and should relate in any way to increasing the amount you pay for insurance. Pathetic.

Is your browser secure? Can you tightly control not just regular cookies but Flash cookies as well? With Firefox + Linux (Banish Flash cookies forever under Linux) you can. Chrome is in bed with Adobe and Flash so they will never provide a viable option to delete tracking cookies. Internet Explorer was never meant to keep information about you private, ever. What other browsers let you delete Flash cookies on a regular basis? Even with Firefox, a reboot of my PC is required to delete the stupid Flash tracking cookies, but at least I can do that with Linux!

In all cases, a company can not reveal what you do not provide to them. Do they really need your phone number? Really, REALLY, grow a pair and say NO! Where else might you get the info, there are always other options. Do they really need your email account info? Do they really need a credit card? There are always other options, granted some might not be as convenient, but they are out there if you are willing to expend the energy to seek them out.

If you are not willing to spend some time to protect your privacy, than you are probably not reading this right now.

While all sites should OPT OUT by DEFAULT, we know they do not and we know why. Of course you do not have to use that site! You have choices. If you only have two choices, you have no real choice. Sometimes you just have to say NO! Sometimes, as in this case, you have to say H8ll NO!

about 4 years ago

Facebook Messaging Blocks Links

lamapper Re:They are mining messages for data/profit (143 comments)

I'd happily trade some more info to google(i use gmail, reader, search, youtube, already)to get better routing for new places on maps.

And I would be happy for you, just do not REQUIRE me to do likewise and we are golden.

Don't force me to give my phone number to use your service.

Don't limit my OAuth options in responding to a blog. ONLY if I use Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Don't force me to do anything I do not want to do, or I will choose not to participate...I will vote with my dollars and you will not see even one of them.

more than 4 years ago

Facebook Messaging Blocks Links

lamapper Re:Good email systems blocks content (143 comments)

A BETTER email system does not place the burden upon you to decide what to block. It removes that choice from you, freeing up your time and resources.
You really need to limit freedom to make it better. Remember, "choice" is a actually a cost. Each additional degree of freedom added to any system is one more bit of complexity, limiting its usefulness. The more complex you make a system, the less successful people are at using it.

What a tool comment. If you want to give me better filters fine, but not allowing me any level of fine control is unacceptable, I will stop using your product offering. Such is the case with privacy, cookies, Flash and Chrome/Internet Explorer compared to Firefox + Linux. (With Linux I can redirect the flash crap to /tmp and let it get erased between sessions, while unacceptable at least can be accomplished. Thankfully Flash is dying a slow death, it can not happen soon enough...that's what they get for attempting to take away my choice.)

If you have only two choices, you have no choice.

You really need to limit freedom to make it better. Remember, "choice" is a actually a cost. Each additional degree of freedom added to any system is one more bit of complexity, limiting its usefulness. The more complex you make a system, the less successful people are at using it.

Amazing and how sad for you. I would accept a simpleton version for someone that does not want control or access to filter to their own specifications, but you had better allow for more intelligent options for an advanced user. If not you better allow for root/admin access so I can correct your mistake or I will not use your product. To simply take it away and justify it with such an inane comment that I am somehow better off is silly. Its also extremely short sighted.

No Root access = Stupid Device = Not Smart. (Good mantra for cell phone makers)

If you are a developer and too lazy to give me options, at least give me the mechanism to fix it, or I will not purchase your product and/or user your service. You fail.

Please tell me you are not an American. As you are simply way to quick to give up the freedoms that our your birthright.

Censorship is never the answer.

You do not get more freedom by giving up freedoms. Your life does not get better when you give away your liberty or any freedoms. Once you start down that path, you will quickly reach a level that is simply unacceptable, the wise never allow themselves to be pushed down the path...ever. Not one step. You want to make my life better, give me valid options and choice.

When interviewed after Nazi Germany fell, those that went along with the status quo simply stated that the last time they took away our freedoms was not so bad, so this time will not be so bad either.

This happened once, than twice, than three times, yet another and another, until finally the path from the First time (A) to the last time (Z) was neither acceptable nor clear. By the time they got to G, it was too late and too much had been given away for nothing in return.

The powers that be understand this better than you do, as going from Step A to Step G would be unacceptable, however if they can get you to accept step B; than from Step B accept step C and so on, before you know it you are at Step G, deer in the headlights stupidity for allowing yourself to be led to the slaughter. Pathetic and easily avoidable by never allowing yourself to be pushed to step B.

Try innovation and making the product better for both the simple users and the more advance users.

Better to choose not to play than to allow your life to be controlled and prevented from becoming all that you can become.

Benjamin Franklin was right..."They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

...limiting its usefulness...

Facebook's privacy antics are certainly limiting its usefulness for anyone with a reasoned mind. Are you honestly missing the comparison to AOL....

If you give people less freedom, they will be happier, since their main concern is what they practically do, not what they could theoretically do.

Speak for yourself, but not for me or mine...

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Finally Certifies an Open Source Web App

lamapper Stop giving people the keys to the kingdom... (87 comments)

I would see your security hole and raise you two or three more for a variety of MS Products. You would always lose.

Next time someone says something you use has a security hole, check and see if it states that "local access" is required for the exploit. If so, what are you getting excited about...you giving black hatters the keys to your home/apartment/business? I certainly hope not.

There will always be security holes. Fools automatically update to supposedly avoid them. Intelligent IT professionals look into the nature of the security holes and determine if they are viable in their environment or not before upgrading. Its the way it always has been, is and always will be.

Only those that are unable to understand what the security issues are, automatically (read blindly) update without understanding what the real issues are and if they even apply or not.

More often than not, more problems are introduced than are fixed.

More importantly true experts do not settle for security by obscurity, if given the choice. Whether they have the choice or not is usually the telling part of whether someone is respected by their chain of command or not.

Blindly upgrading, updating, auto-updating is insane . . . and a sign of desperation, to be avoided at all costs.

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Microsoft Finally Certifies an Open Source Web App

lamapper Set your 7 YEAR CLOCK, I did. (87 comments)

Microsoft actually lost a golden opportunity when (t)hey treated open source the way they did....
Microsoft on the other hand, decided to try to destroy open source and bury it like it did with other companies....
All of them are dead set against Microsoft and no amount of certification is going to change that now.

Anyone who suggests, believes or tries to state the above is not true, needs to research the facts as many of us have...they are out there if you care to look for them. I understand that some do not.

Pretty much sums it up and hits the nail on the head for my friends and I.

I have yet to see a single company that has done business with Microsoft, except perhaps a couple of hardware manufacturers (but even they are unhappy and complain from time to time) that are still viable businesses after 2, 3 or 4 years.

Instead of buying the marketing hype, there are a number of us that refuse to purchase anything from Microsoft until they have, by their actions, not miss-behaved towards open source, FOSS, Linux for a minimum of 7 years. If after a 7 year positive track record they have stopped the FUD, ceased their Embrace, Extend, Extinguish business practices than and only than will we once again consider their products. Any of their products.

We call it setting our 7 year clock!

Any company that treats open source, FOSS, Linux poorly gets a clock set. For first time offenders, a 3 Year Clock is sufficient, however for a company like Microsoft that has continued their awful business practices against open source, FOSS, Linux, etc... for more than 15 years, well 3 years is simply not sufficient, thus a 7 YEAR CLOCK is more appropriate.

They can lie, deceive, etc...with marketing and words, but they can not hide their actions. And they do try to hide them, don't they, but eventually it all comes out into the light of day. Yes, it always comes out eventually. When you become aware of it, right there and then, re-set your 7 YEAR CLOCK! Its long past time for them to walk the walk. I just do not see it happening.

Each time they act badly, I reset my 7 year clock. It is that simple.

Whether I purchase another Microsoft product is up to them. Its up to them to re-earn my TRUST!

For those that think 7 years is too harsh, sorry your wrong. Microsoft specifically, has been at this for over two decades and many of us KNOW IT!

. . . is 7 years enough time considering how long they have been at it?

They say they care about TRUST, but they do not. They prove it by their very ACTIONS. At the end of the day, their words mean nothing. Well they lost allot of our TRUST over the years...shock us and actually try to earn it back. I dare you.

Trust, it was theirs to lose and lose they did.

I challenge all supporters of Open Source, FOSS, to join us in our 7 YEAR CLOCK.

Consider this, if a company knew that a large block of developers, those of us that live on the bleeding edge, would boycott their products for a period of 3 years at the slightest transgression, do you think they would dare, of course not. They can only continue such negative practices if you let them...if you continue to purchase their products. You are basically saying, yea we know you are giving us one up the back side, but we don't care, we will keep taking it.

I do not think so! Enough is enough.

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USB 'Dead Drops'

lamapper Re:Sounds great! (322 comments)

I was wondering how large USB devices had become just last night, wow. Christmas 2008, you could purchase either a 16GB or 32GB for around $15 on sale.

My last 4GB Micro SD Kingston was FREE after the rebate came back to me. I think I paid $5 for it at the time...bought the limit. A month later they were priced back at $10 to $15 dollars.

But $799, that is a bit steep for me. My last 500GB drive cost less than $80. I think you can get 1 TB for that today.

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USB 'Dead Drops'

lamapper Fun like GEO Caching (322 comments)

Unless of course people feel there is something 'cool' about having to be in a specified location to receive information in this day and age.

GEO caching came readily to mind. Find an interesting (and hopefully somewhat safe site) and when people get there, not only can they share whatever, but they can have a unique experience as well.

From sneaker net ot peer to peer to USB Dead Drops? lmao...

Might be good practice for when Fascism takes over thanks to Citizen United vs FEC.

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Hands-On Test With the Dirt-Cheap CherryPad Tablet

lamapper Re:I find it interesting what people seem to want (168 comments)

It always comes back to a cheap open source iPad. ... This mythical cheap open source device is never going to happen. Either the hardware will be crap or the UI. Deal with it and let's get on with our lives.

To the iPad specifically but first....a cheap open source device is never going to happen... Already has. Two years ago when you could pick up a netbook running Linux with 512MB of RAM for $300. So Cheap open source devices have already happened.

In 2006, I purchased a Nokia N800, Full Linux hand-held and saw the future there. Granted it was not super cheap in 2006, but certainly is today. I still run a server with only 128MB of RAM, of course it does not do a whole lot, but can still run MySQL and PHP. Just don't ask it to serve thousands of clients, I don't.

The point is you put 512MB of RAM on an embedded device with Root access so that you can configure and install what you want and it most certainly will do most of what a person would do with a 'phone' size device...in fact it would do more. A whole lot more, simply because I can put on whatever database I need (does not have to be a full blown SQL today, does it) PHP and if I want to get fancy, Python, Ruby, etc... Exactly what limitations would I have...I don't see any.

So your premise that you can not get a cheap open source device, is wrong....was wrong years ago and is even more wrong today.

It always comes back to a cheap open source iPad. ...

Now I promised I would come back to the iPad specifically. I would suggest that if you put at least 512MB of RAM, (preferably1GB of RAM) and allow for 'swappable' Micro SDs like the Nokia N800 does. We can put those in a USB adapter and use them on other computers as I do with my camera now and have for years. And I am only using 4GB SDs, they make 16GB, 32GB...probably more by now, I have not looked. Some of the new tablets have full blown USB ports. For good measure a Gigabyte Ethernet port would be nice. All of them seem to have WiFi, Bluetooth and a couple offer cellular.

I could give a crap about cellular as I have been using only WiFi + VoIP since I purchased the Nokia N800 and love it. I save enough money to purchase a new computer every year and is only one reason I think Skype VoIP was the single biggest technological improvement since 2000. This one product has done more for my life than any other and there have been allot of technological improvements over the last 10 years.

The Nokia N900 had Cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth day one when it came out, now many of the tablets are offering cellular as well. So its already been done and in a form factor smaller than an iPad for those who want that. Personally I see a need for both a pocket smart embedded Linux device / PIM / phone as well as a tablet size smart Linux embedded device. So can it be done, absolutely...again its already been done. But back to the iPad like Linux tablets...

Here are some that are either out already or coming soon:

Order now for $500 and its Root-able!
The Joo Joo (shipping despite the legal complaints w/ Crunchpad) Processor: Intel Atom N270, 1GB RAM; 4GB SSD Flash; WiFi(802.11b/g), Bluetooth, Camera (Video), USB, Speakers, Mic, only a 12.1” 1366 x 768, 1080p screen. Good: 1GB Ram, USB, WiFi, 1080p, Video; Bad: smaller screen, Adobe Flash. Wish list: 2GB RAM memory, larger screen, Ethernet port; The joo joo is rootable, the Intel Atom foundation should mean that users can wipe the Linux-based stack provided by Fusion Garage, and replace it with another Linux OS, Windows, or another x86-ready operating system. Root Access? Absolutely, and based on the processor and the GPU, my guess is you could install any Linux distro on it.

The Linux distros, more than one, already exist for these devices memory foot print wise, all we need is a device that allows root access and we are there today....and more are coming, if not in the next two months (2010), definitely next year.... A betting person would certainly not go to Vegas and bet against that if they wanted to hold onto their money.

... its about freedom...

The iPad is a very cool device. A friend of mine has one. And it most certainly is impressive. For me, I will always wait for the open source device, no matter how long, not because I do not want to pay the extra tax for the Mac product, but simply because I do not want to be limited to what I can and can not install on the device. Its not about the money for me, not any more, its about the freedom to use the device as I see fit, period....

Anyone who purchases any device that artificially prevents true Linux root access is crazy, short sighted and penny wise and dollar foolish in my opinion. Not going to do it.

More and more consumers are getting sick and tired of being told when to upgrade (when to spend more money and take a chance on trashing their working device) and what we can and can not do with the products we purchased. We paid for it, its ours, leave our devices alone! Their (proprietary companies) market share is only going to dwindle, but not significantly any time soon. As for me I will wait until I get a Linux root-able device as anything else is a waste of my hard earned money.

Give me freedom or give me death!

And do not forget these other Android offerings:

Acer is plenty of offering a family of tablet computers this month, $299 - $699. Not sure if it will be root-able or not.

Acer is planning to add a 10 inch tablet to their 7 inch Android offering 4th quarter (this year, 2010, or next?)

Back in January at CES, HP unveiled a Qualcomm Snapdragon-based Android "smartbook" prototype while also announcing three netbooks using Intel's N450 Pineview processor that support SUSE Linux: the Mini 210, Mini 2102, and Mini 5102. If it will run SUSE Linux, it will run others, no problem.

At CES, Nvidia showed five prototypes of Tegra 250-based tablets, two of which are said to run Android: Notion Ink's Adam and the Ultra from Innovative Converged Devices (ICD). We covered the Ultra (pictured at left) earlier today in a separate story, here, that also covered ICD's 15.6-inch Android tablet/kitchen computer.

And do not forget the promise of the Tegra 250, The Tegra 250 offers up to four times the performance of the previous Tegras, and can easily handle 1080p video playback, claims Nvidia. The Tegra 250 includes eight independent processors overall, which may be "used together or independently to optimize power usage at all times," says Nvidia. The SoC is said to incorporate a dual-core version of ARM's Cortex-A9, clocked at up to 1GHz.

No Linux Root Access = Dumb device!

I know for a fact that there is one other root-able Linux tablet that is coming out of Asia that is not mentioned above, I first read about it over 5 months ago. So I am sure its out and shipping already. Fully root-able, fully configurable as any smart device must be to be considered smart!

I have always said that if you have only two choices, you have NO CHOICE. Above I have listed, five...and there our more.

So can we stop saying that there will never be an inexpensive Linux clone of the iPad, as that ship has sailed and you can order one today and more are coming before the end of 2010.

What might next year hold? I for one am looking forward to it.

Thanks to Linux I can have a cloud in my home, a phone in my pocket that has full PHP/PIM capabilities and now a tablet, oh yea the future is looking bright. And the future promises even more freedom! Its about time....

Now if I could have Fiber To The Home, FTTH and I would finally have decent bandwidth!

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Swiss Canton Abandons Linux Migration

lamapper Re:Is there really an option? (442 comments)

Vendor Lock-in is far from weasel (your words) and more about expensive, costly, prohibitive, limiting, restricted, etc...

Yes, I called it a weasel word, because it *IS* a weasel word. Please explain to me how buying a Microsoft product is more "prohibitive, limiting, restricted, etc." without using the "Well if Microsoft goes out of business tomorrow, and suddenly every copy of Windows and Office and SQL server stops working, you'll be totally screwed" fairies-and-moondust argument.

What part of M$ TCO being infinite, unending, forever don't you understand.

Oh, I see - you must have missed the part where I explained that the argument is a fucking ridiculous pedantic claim because:
1) Linux requires ongoing support and maintenance of hardware & systems, just like Windows.
2) MSFT licensing is a very small component of the TCO of any computer system;

So by that, if you want to claim Microsoft TCO is "infinite," well then, so is Linux's. TCO is not just "what you spend to get a copy of the software," and you're an idiot if you don't understand that, or a liar if you do.

Allowing your business and IT budget to get hi-jacked by another business unit is poor management on your part. Will probably cost you your best people over time, thus you end up with staffing problems as well...that was real smart, not. Yet you will allow an outside company to vendor lock your IT budget in. Why am I wasting my time, you are not making any sense. Good financial management means you minimize your variable costs and mitigate your business risk as much as possible. Microsoft's business model prevents any and all attempts at this, whether you acknowledge it or not.

1) Linux requires ongoing support and maintenance of hardware & systems, just like Windows.

I did see how in your words, the argument is a fucking ridiculous pedantic claim, your argument was, so I ignored that and stayed with the facts.

Your #1 above is almost a wash for all operating system, LAN, WAN, network environments. No matter what you install you will need Systems Administrators who can keep everything running. Of course it is widely acknowledged, though I doubt you will be honest enough to own up to it, that Microsoft costs more (we disagree on how much more) to maintain then does Linux. Linux servers handle more per given instance then Windows. (we disagree on how much more) Linux can serve more customers in a shorter period of time. At least according to the customers that have left Windows servers for Linux servers. They do not migrate to Linux because its "free as in beer", but because it does the job. When a company (or government) migrates to Windows, its because of money, FEAR (the F in FUD), or some other marketing BS. And those that used it, plenty of reports in the news over the years, have acknowledged problems, slow downs and more...they said Microsoft simply would not handle their business load and needs.

Ironic that the only reason some companies stay with Microsoft is because of Outlook, Office or Excel. If you take the time to search through this one slashdot post, you will find replacements for all of those. The most absurd one was the FUD about Active Directory. Linux and Unix do NOT need active directory and we share files, data, software, databases, images, movies, etc...basically all content just fine when a user logs in to their account. I know you did not mention AD, others in this ./ post did, so I added it here. Linux does not NEED to mimic AD, thus no replacement for AD is needed. Though there are a couple, again they are here for those that just must have AD, of Linux replacements if you insist on using that stuff.

And those of us who have been system administrators in all environments know this to be a simple fact. The reality is even more skewed to Microsoft's disadvantage as a typical Linux/Unix Administrator handles more servers than the typical Windows System Administrator. Thus the company is getting way more bang for their buck running a Linux environment vs a Windows environment. That is simple fact. Again I do not expect you to acknowledge that fact...perhaps you do not know.

To add insult to injury you can run Linux on less iron then Windows as well...so in reality your hardware costs for Linux are way cheaper than Microsoft Server. Not only can you run Linux and save money, since Linux can handle more transactions, it works out cheaper (or possibly as an income generator, depending on what you company is serving, thus Linux makes all companies more money than Windows CAN!).

2) MSFT licensing is a very small component of the TCO of any computer system

As for #2, If you are paying for MSFT Licensing you are paying more than many are. Granted some Linux users are paying for support from Novell, IBM or other third party. A mistake in my opinion, but that too is based on actual experience. Many are NOT paying any licensing fees at all. I also acknowledge that the really good companies are giving back to the open source community, sending open source projects cash and allowing their developers to spend company time on improving the open source projects. Many are hosting the open source projects, thus the project gets free bandwidth and storage. The companies receive something for that time and money, they receive software that is improving over time. So I will not say there are NO licensing costs because Linux is free as in beer, but there is LESS LICENSING COSTs. There are always less licensing costs and the beauty of it, you can choose to pay for support, but you do not HAVE TO!

I disagree with you that the costs of the licensing is not significant. It most certainly is significant, and it is increasing over time, indefinitely, forever. At least you acknowledge the fact that you do NOT own the software. What do you think would happen if you did not pay Microsoft for that software? Why don't you try that with the next forced upgrade by Microsoft of your software, tell Microsoft that you do not want to pay them this time, you will catch them later and see how that works for you. Duh moment there.

In my IT environment, no company can put me out of business, either by stupidity, mistake or for lack of payment. And that is NOT an insignificant amount of business risk. A professional would acknowledge this simple fact.

As for being infinite, as long as you buy into the Microsoft business model, which many of us think is crazy in this day and age, your costs are ONLY GOING TO GO UP FOREVER. When they go down, let me know...better yet, let me know when they go down for a decade, as they have only increased for the last two decades. That is where the "infinity comment" comes from.

No one ever said Microsoft is going to go out of business. At least I did not. It will not, because there will be someone protecting their useless butt by paying them for nothing. Paying them for proprietary, vendor locked-in software. That too is a fact...there I acknowledged it.

The fact is you DO NOT HAVE to!

I talked to a friend of mine today, he was the System Administrator at one of the other five baby bells at the same time that I was a System Admin at another baby bell. I asked him if he ever and I mean ever successfully got help from the Microsoft support line. All the major telcos pay for support to Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun, whoever...just a fact of life for that industry. They need someone to blame in my opinion and experience. Its what you would expect from a "Mature" industry where they spend more time playing cover my A$$, than innovating and improving anything Not only did he acknowledge that he NEVER received an answer (that was my experience as well) he too often solved the problem himself (while still on the phone waiting on them to answer) by searching for answers in his internal database or searching the web. He did acknowledge that one time RedHat provided an answer for a problem on one of their CentOS servers. He used his RedHat Support number when the help desk learned the server in question was CentOS.

Even with IBM, and I have worked for IBM, so I have been on both ends there, though I was a developer for IBM, not a system administrator, most of the time we searched their help database for answers. The support contract to IBM was worth it because we had access to a functioning database that actually had solutions. In my experience, Microsoft was so busy covering their own butts, that more often than not their support database would NOT have the actual solution as that would be admitting they caused the problem to begin with.... I sincerely hope that mentality has changed, I would not know as I would not waste my time OR MONEY.

I was in the Industry when it was commonly believed that no one lost their job for recommending IBM.

I have heard that comment used for Oracle, Sun and Microsoft. I would suggest to you that today, that is no longer true. But perpetuate the myth if it makes you feel better.

So many myths are perpetuated by Microsoft, just makes them look less than what they use to be. No intelligent IT professional buys into the FUD any more. And Microsoft certainly spends money, updating Wikipedia with a pro-Microsoft slant. Paying (shills) contributors to multiple news websites to make sure the pro Microsoft message drowns out the negative news. All in all they are doing a great job at it as well. Some of us have enough experience to see through it. Its easy to ignore.

We have been immersed in FUD, and their Embrace, Extend, Extinguish strategy since they started as a company. We do not expect them to change any more than we are going to be stupid enough to be sucked into it. We have simply heard it all before, pathetic.

And Yes I wish I would have bought stock back in the day, but I would not buy it today, any short term gain is only going to be offset in a negative direction over time, but they will not go out of business. There I said it again.

I did have stock in AT&T when the baby bells were broken up. At least I picked a winner there.

Every business I worked for, managed and owned expected some return on their investment, even in IT...so owning something gives you a return, perhaps a small one, but still a return on your investment.

If you are buying computer systems, and expecting the ROI to come from "we own the software on these things," your company is doomed to failure. The ROI from IT comes from increased efficiency, scalability, and automation of your business processes. Not from capital expenditures on hardware that is depreciated over 3 years. There is no expectation of "return" on the purchase of the hardware, there is an expectation that the expense of purchasing the systems will be offset in decreased spending in other areas, or increased revenues as a result of purchasing the servers. NO company buys a new server and goes, "Man, we're gonna wait 3 years, and once the value of these things goes up, BAM! We'll have cornered the market."

Since when is it NOT financially sound to attempt to get a return on every investment?

Maybe you should expect a return on the hardware? Why not? Though I would not expect it to be too much. Here you can do yourself a favor as well. Purchase your hardware from Linux vendors ONLY, that way when Microsoft's new software will NOT run on that hardware (how did going to Windows Vista improve your IT budget by the way?) you know Linux will. Two of the best are ZaReason and System 76. Buy your hardware from them, run Windows if you want to, then when you can not any longer, you will be able to run Linux. No fake BIOS and hardware issues crippling your hardware and preventing it from running anything but Windows software. We know for fact that Foxconn, Intel, Nvidia and almost every BIOS software company has catered to Microsoft at the expense of all other operating systems including Linux. This too is fact. Fun when it is exposed along with internal Microsoft company memos and correspondence in court as Intels were.

Only you said that hardware was going to up, I too believe that is not going to happen. Nice, you made a funny.

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Swiss Canton Abandons Linux Migration

lamapper Re:Is there really an option? (442 comments)

Converting an existing enterprise to Linux costs a significant amount of money, time, and manpower. That all has a dollar cost. If there is no compelling reason other than "But it's OPEN!" to shift, why would they spend the money to do so? Where will they recoup that investment? Try to answer without weasel words like "vendor lock-in" and "freedom."

Vendor Lock-in is far from weasel (your words) and more about expensive, costly, prohibitive, limiting, restricted, etc...

The parent that you responded to stated the obivous, you seemed to miss it in your post, so I will repeat it for you here in response to your post...

You won't own anything; you can't even sell the PC with the software. There's no ownership. Which means, as you put more and more money through upgrades into M$ hands, the TCO goes stratospheric and M$ people get richer (you, of course, get poorer). That's why I said the M$ TCO is infinite.

What part of M$ TCO being infinite, unending, forever don't you understand.

Every business I worked for, managed and owned expected some return on their investment, even in IT...so owning something gives you a return, perhaps a small one, but still a return on your investment.

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Swiss Canton Abandons Linux Migration

lamapper Re:Sound for me. (442 comments)

Can't seem to get sound working in Ubuntu on a desktop with an nVidia GT 240 w/ HDMI. No sound is a huge deal breaker.

If you have problems related to WiFi, Audio, recent Nvidia GPUs, etc... its because you made the cardinal mistake of purchasing hardware from a pro Microsoft Vendor/big box store and not a company that knows how to do Linux.

Pro Linux vendors like ZaReason and System 76 know which proprietary hardware (read designed only to work correctly with Windows) to use and which proprietary hardware to avoid. I have four cores, more than enough memory to even run Windows 7 if I wanted, a very recent GPU from NVidia and more. I have absolutely no problems with anything hardware wise with any Linux distro. You have never seen high definition video play (w/ sound of course) better than I do. If a video is not rendering well for me now, its usually because the website content provider mistakenly converted it to a lower resolution then what is considered High Definition. Common with pro Microsoft video codecs. It took Silverlight 2 years to realize their mistake with H.264 and offer it, instead Microsoft attempted once again to vendor lock in people with their own proprietary video codec...the market did not buy it, thus after two years H.264 is finally being implemented into the product before they lose even more customers.

Stop buying hardware only designed to work with Windows and you will be fine.

You see Linux vendors that will build systems that will run Linux or Windows 7, however Microsoft vendors build systems that only run with Windows 7 and often have proprietary hardware and/or BIOS issues that prevent Linux from running successfully.

Thanks to the open source community, even the proprietary BS can be overcome, but sometimes you have to jump through hoops, only because of the proprietary BS that you should have stayed away from in the first place.

After all it is common knowledge that their are more device drivers for Linux than any other operating system in the history of computers. You just want to avoid companies that are forced to cripple their hardware because of Microsoft.

Another hint, if a company pays Microsoft a licensing fee, stay away from them, as eventually Microsoft will put them out of business and you will be hung out in the cold. This happened to Linpro purchasers who got stuck with a BIOS rigged against Linux on Foxconn motherboards...it was not pretty. So many more stories.

ZaReason and System76 are the solutions.

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lamapper lamapper writes  |  about 6 years ago I was reading another ./ post under Abused IT Workers Ready To Quit where a poster thought that 70% of managers were poor, I would suggest the number might actually higher than that.

Rather than just hearing about bad bosses, what would be more helpful to all is what if anything we could do to avoid not only bad companies, but poor managers within those companies. Obviously networking and knowing someone that works at a company would be ideal, however what if you are not that fortunate. What websites and other resources have you found helpful, will you share them with the rest of us please?

As important would be to avoid a poor manager in a decent company! After all who wants to work for someone who manages to the Least Common Denominator anyway?

Lets face facts, usually we do not know what a company is like until we work there. It is even harder to know what an individual manager is like within that same company. I believe there are many obvious reasons for so many poor managers beyond the most obvious of people wanting to be managers for the wrong reasons (ego or higher pay instead of a desire to actually manage people). I would suggest that a better reason to become a Manager or Director is to help other people realize their goals and dreams in their careers while realizing the goals and objectives of the company. Those should not be opposing goals and objectives.

Perhaps a person became a manager for the right reasons, however the company does not give them enough time to effectively manage. Perhaps it is obvious from the job posting, perhaps not. After all how can someone effectively manage others if too large a percentage of their time is hands on coding, testing, technical, etc... in addition to managing? One thing is for sure, they are not going to pay you two salaries, one for being the manager and a second for coding, so you better make sure they pay good bonuses each and every year or that job's stress just might not be worth it. Unrealistic expectations on the company or managers part would be another reason to avoid a company....again how would one know? What questions should we be asking?

What websites and on line resources have you found to be helpful in your individual job search? (For instance while Monster has not been around as long as Dice it certainly is a good resource. What other websites have the searching capability similar or superior to that of Dice.com? (The advance search allows you to randomly select and deselected specific key words, in addition to company name, job title, city, state, and even the number of miles from a specific zip code?) Perhaps there is a site that just seems to be better for your city, state or area of the country, share it with the rest of us?

If you are in Human Resources for a company, do you monitor your company's employee turnover rate down to each individual manager? If you do what action does your company take when a problem is uncovered with a specific manager?

Does your company train up, coach and work with managers to help them be a better manager? For many that would be a positive sign that your company may be superior to another, how would a job seeker know this? What should a job candidate look for to determine that one company might be better than another? What if any questions in the area of management styles could a candidate ask that would not jeopardize their chances of being considered and hopefully selected?

Per the wikipedia entry above, the cost of employee turnover to for-profit organizations has been estimated to be up to 150% of the employees' remuneration package (Schlesinger and Heskett, 1991). I would suggest that it costs more than 150%!

We constantly hear that it costs a company $X thousands of dollars just to hire an individual, so there should be obvious incentive not just to monitor turnover, but to help the manager to improve and minimize it. What if the manager has reached their individual peter principle ), have you ever helped them move out of management and to a more suitable position for them. An obvious win - win - win, especially since the manager should be happier away from their peter principle and back to a more successful role for them. Is there any way that a person outside the company could possibly know this? Are there any questions that a job candidate could even ask?

from Life is Rich: Rules of the Least Common Denominator:

...The high performers don't need to be reminded of the lowest common denominator expectations. Insultingly low-bar rules would likely just stifle creativity and lower morale...

...So in reality, rules in high-performance environments are actually just a crutch of a weak manager or company management philosophy...

...The high-performers...they'll be looking for something better faster than you can say...

And if you work at one of these organizations, either decide to live the dream of mediocrity, fire your company, or better yet, try to plant the seed of change. If that doesn't work out, there are always plenty of others out there who are looking for high-achievers. Look for the progressive ones... the ones who judge by achievement rather than attire, by deeds rather than paper diplomas, and respect rather than rules and draconic lifestyle demands.


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Take the World's Smallest Political Quiz!

So you believe you are a Democrat or a Republican , but are you really?

Would you be surprised to find out that you are neither? I was and you will be too.

Don't be surprised when you discover that the label you have placed on yourself is not truly what you are!

Less then 10% are truly Conservative, a label worn proudly by Republicans .

Less then 20% are truly Liberal, a label thrust upon Democrats , worn proudly by many.

Most of us are neither Republican nor Democrat. I am not suggesting that our vote be useless this year by voting for someone who cannot win. There is simply not enough time to educate enough people to reality based on past experience with both parties. However eventually enough of us must do exactly this to force the Democrats and Republicans to change their ways! To prevent our vote from being useless, start educating people now in preparation of the 2012 election. Eventually we must start voting for someone, anyone other then a Democrat or Republican if anything is ever to change for the better for all of us.

True change must come from somewhere other then either the Democratic or Republican parties. They are both just more of the same! This they have proved, not by their words, but by their actions and deeds. We MUST remember!

If the rest of us banded together, we would control between 50% - 75% of the vote, the real majority! Not some fake minority, but the actual real majority! Start educating now, perhaps in 2012, after whoever gets elected this year fails to honestly improve things for the better.

Considering that things have been getting worse steadily for all of us since before Clinton, that is already more then 4 years under both the Democrats and the Republicans; should Barack win this year, that would be 8 or more years under each political party since Clinton...enough is enough!

Don't waste your vote this year, rather begin educating your friends and family to the truth, get them to take the World's Smallest Political Quiz, then in future years...

You should not have to educate anyone to the reality of how the current two party system does not work or is broken, rather have them explain to you how their party has reached across the isle and worked with the other party! They have not, they can't, they would rather be career politicians and play politics rather then work for us as they were elected to do!

When enough of us know the truth and are willing to stand up in mass and vote for the truth, the Democrats and Republicans will no longer have a choice or a snowballs chance in ... of screwing things up for the rest of us.

They get away with this only because we allow them to, by not remembering, by not holding them responsible. Remember, don't forget, hold them responsible.

Are you better off today then you were four years ago? If you are, congratulations, most of us are not.

Do you have a better standard of living then your parents did? Most of us do not.

Be honest, just look at the American Dream of home ownership. Back in the 70s and early 80s a young married couple could afford a starter home ($60,000 - $120,000, 800 sq ft - 2000 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath). Today a starter home of equivalent size and square footage would cost a heck of allot more then $300,000. Has your salary kept place? Then you are NOT better off! Add in the increase of food, gas, and everything since gas is required to deliver merchandise, then how can you say you are better off! You can't change anything for the better if you can't be honest with yourself!

If they refuse to work together, in all of our best interest, someone needs to give them some incentive to work together! Your memory cannot be short, this is what they expect and count on! Remember and hold your representative's feet to the fire, force them to work for you or vote them out of office! Note: both parties are guilty of putting 'lame' amendments into legislation in order to prevent the other side from voting on it, this is NOT working together! Neither party can claim innocents as this is how they play politics at our expense. If they say otherwise, they are lying to you.

Are you going to keep letting them lie to your face? Remember, hold them responsible!

Remember neither party, Democrat or Republican is what they were in the beginning. Take a look at this chart showing the History of Political Parties in the United States to see how they have flipped, flopped and changed positions over time.

Neither party is now as they once were based on their own documented and stated political platforms.

Both parties will say whatever they think we want to hear in order to get elected. The one thing working in our favor is in order to get elected they must speak out of both sides of their mouth and make promises that are impossible to keep. Shame on us for buying in to it, we can only blame ourselves for allowing them to do this and get away with it!

I think we can do better, perhaps not this year, but by 2012, stick to our guns and grow to more for 2016. It's time to adopt a long term view, do it for all of our children! What do you think? One person can make a difference by voting, Florida proved that to us in the last election!


lamapper lamapper writes  |  more than 6 years ago

We were meant to be a Republic, not a Democracy!

In fact the term Democracy was considered derogatory, when the founders were doing one of the greatest things ever, creating the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights! While I do not have the links in front of me (guess I will find out if ./ will let me edit my journal later), there are numerous writings from our founding fathers on this very topic. (It would not surprise me to find a couple of the founders who thought a democracy was preferred to a republic, just not the majority.)

I listened to a woman reading from the personal writings of one of the founders on the radio one day, I am sure he was not alone about this... I will search the documents and put links here later them here later.

One of the nasty things about a democracy, which we are experiencing first hand today, which the founders most definitely understood based on their writings for our country's future, is that once the people (think democracy) learn that they can vote themselves benefits and the elected officials start 'buying' their votes by granting benefits for those votes, then the Republic will cease to exist.

No political party is immune to this, wake up, though I admit one party seems to pander more then the other, however both our very guilty!)

Two movies that teach valuable civic lessons are Mr. Smith goes to Washington 1939 and Dave 1993. "...I forgot why I was here...", "...maybe I don't deserve to be here anymore...". Check them out!

Politics were never meant to be a permanent job. Our founding fathers expected citizens, when called to go, serve and then return home to their jobs. Too many forget that they are there to serve others and they honestly do not belong there any more!

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