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Yahoo CEO Wrongly Claimed To Have Degree In Computer Science

lanner Fired for fraud (363 comments)

Failure for Yahoo's board to terminate his employment with cause for fraud would be a clear indication of corruption at the highest levels in the organization.

I would not be surprised if he were to stay. That's just how those people think. It's basically the good 'ol boy system in the modern day.

more than 2 years ago

Nokia Sues HTC, RIM and Viewsonic

lanner Re:The stages of life. (146 comments)

I guess I forgot about Initiate. How could I have missed that?

more than 2 years ago

Nokia Sues HTC, RIM and Viewsonic

lanner Re:The stages of life. (146 comments)

FYI I totally crapped this out in about fifteen seconds. Please feel free to continue with my poem or change it. It certainly seems applicable though.

more than 2 years ago

Nokia Sues HTC, RIM and Viewsonic

lanner The stages of life. (146 comments)


more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Building A Server Rack Into a New Home?

lanner Experience says you are a noob (402 comments)

I am some guy who has done stuff like this, including oversaw the construction of a custom condo where I directed certain changes be made to accommodate data networking and a little server room. For my day job, I sysadmin and have directed the construction of a modern mid-size data center (30 racks) and multiple office environments. I oversee lots of structured cabling installations.

I have beat my head against the wall many times, over stupid stuff. So, let me give you some advice.

For example, the fact that you want a 4U rackmount anything in your home is just crazy. Knock it off. You really don't want anything rackmount in your home, though that is the only form factor you are going to find larger switches in.

No professional sysadmin or programmer would put a rackmount server in his home because he knows it is stupid. There is a reason you put computer guts into that form factor and those same reasons do not apply in your home. Get over it.

You are using the logic of "Penguins are Black and White. Some Old TV Shows are Black and White. Therefore, Some Penguins are Old TV Shows" . Just because professionals use rack servers in data centers doesn't mean you are a professional when you put one in your home.

You almost certainly do not want a rackmount chassis for your server. Instead, use a desktop chassis which meets your needs (or whatever is cheapest). The only time you might use a rackmount chassis would be for mounting it directly onto a wall using the ears, but even then, I would never use a 4U height chassis.

Same thing goes for the patch panels. You don't need a rack at all. Ortronics makes a nice little 12-port wall-mounter patch panel which is perfect for home use. I have exactly 24 cat5e runs in my home, so two of them were perfect. FYI Ortronics also makes pretty good jacks and plates too -- get a catalog and call your local Anixter or Graybar for an order.

In my particular case, I have a single do-it-all server with five internal SATA disk drives for primary storage, an old SCSI card which attaches to an external DLT tape drive for backups, and I have an external 5-disk SATA enclosure which is inside of a fire-proof enclosure in case the place burns down. I have a bunch of old APC UPS units in the home which all have network cards in them. I use wireless only for my laptop and phone, where every room has at least two network jacks and as many as eight.

The biggest issues in this server closet are air flow for heat removal, and noise isolation. I live in the southwest where it gets really hot in the summer and the closet where I keep my gear is next to the garage, where it gets warm. I had to cut a vent into the door near the bottom so fresh/cool air could enter the closet, and I have a small fan which blows the old/hot air into the garage. The little 'server closet' has that do-it-all server with the ten disk drives, a cable modem, a 24-port switch, an APC UPS, an APC per-port controlled PDU, and sometimes I keep a second little cheapy server in there for experiments. So I need a little bit of air flow to keep it at a reasonable temperature in there.

However, all of these fans and junk make noise, which is bad. My old switch was the worst offender and I had to ditch it for a different switch. I also found that wall-mounting the switch caused vibrations to go through the wall, so I had to solve that problem by putting it on a small shelf with a layer of foam underneath.

Cat5e cable is probably fine for now. I like Berk-Tek brand riser/plenum cable as an intermediate of price and quality. If you really want to be able to do 10GBASE-T some day, you will have to go with Cat6a, which is crazy expensive. FYI, the current 10GBASE-T spec calls for spans of something like 25 meters with Cat5e, so you might be able to do 10GBASE-T over the Cat5e anyway.

Get over it, stop rack mounting things in your house, and get someone who knows structured cabling in there to help you pick some good cable, jacks, and the patch panels. I already told you about Ortronics and Berk-Tek. A clueful person could go from there.

more than 2 years ago

RIM's Future Hangs On Developer Support For 'New BlackBerry'

lanner RIM is so dead (148 comments)

RIM is so dead that posting on this story isn't worth anyone's time.

more than 2 years ago

Accountability, Not Code Quality, Makes iOS Safer Than Android

lanner Re:You have to be kidding (210 comments)

First off, I want to say that I own a Nexus One and really like my Android phone. I have no intention of going iPhone. I get to hands-on with iPhones all the time and I still like Android better. I both iPhone and Android to everyone, they are both awesome compared to old stupid phones and Blackdeathberry.

That being said, the truth is that Apple does a much better job at releasing updates and supporting older phones than ANY Android phone manufacture out there.

Obviously, Apple has a much much easier time since they have fewer phone models than you do fingers, where the various Android manufactures have hundreds if not more than a thousand phones to choose from. Those manufactures do a very poor job of releasing updates for their phones.

The last update Google/HTC released for the Nexus One was 2.3.6 (GRK39F) in September of 2011. The phone is not yet three years old now and it's basically dead from a development standpoint. I have to go to community mods and rooting my phone for a better experience.

Meanwhile, Apple releases updates for three years. The 3GS, which came out before the Nexus One, is still fully supported by the latest iOS!


I want everyone to know this because it will force the Android phone makers to shape up. Why buy an Android, which will barely get one year of feature updates, if ANY OS feature updates, when an iPhone will last you three years (assuming you don't break it first).

more than 2 years ago

Expect Mandatory 'Big Brother' Black Boxes In All New Cars From 2015

lanner Re:Not really bothered, tbh (628 comments)

The problem is that the information isn't for you, for your interest, and is out of your control. You don't have access to it and everything will be done to make sure that insurance companies and the government have access to this data while you don't.

about 2 years ago

GSA Emails Recount Inside Story of Exploding Toilets

lanner Re:Bad Press or Bad Behavior? (119 comments)

That sentence is totally incomprehensible, and it was modded +3?

more than 2 years ago

IBM Sells Point-Of-Sale Business To Toshiba

lanner Re:Who knew (120 comments)

Because of smartphones and tablets. Or, more specifically, the miniaturization and commercialization of the components. It is the same reason you are seeing things like the Ecobee thermostat. The price of POS equipment is really high, but super-cheap commodity tablets could be used to replace almost all of that. You still need the cash drawer and some other accessories, but IBM has wisely seen that POS is being threatened by software replacements on tablets.

As an example, there is a hot dog stand that I go eat at once or twice a week and the guy takes credit cards via his iPhone and a Square CC reader. He has no POS gear. That's today. In ten years, those POS equipment vendors could be very disrupted by newcomers to that industry.

more than 2 years ago

Assessing Media Bias: Microsoft Vs. Everyone Else

lanner Troll story (364 comments)

Troll story. Nothing else to say. I wish I could vote for a tag, but it's already there.

more than 2 years ago

Zimmerman Charged With 2nd-Degree Murder

lanner Not apropriate for slashdot (995 comments)

Sorry, this isn't Slashdot worthy. There are some things that affect lots of people that are sometimes slashdot worthy, but this isn't one of them. This story is about media baiting the gullible public (and how they are) into following a story. This is just another OJ.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: At What Point Has a Kickstarter Project Failed?

lanner Bait and switch (247 comments)

The headline asks one question, but it's pretty clear that you just want to learn how to be an investor. Why don't you google it or ask the question you really want answered instead of not asking it.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Experience Handling DDoS Attacks On a Mid-Tier Site?

lanner Misunderstanding (197 comments)

The mere question of how to mitigate a DDOS indicates a fundamental lack of understanding of how IP networking and DDOS works.

You (the ISP customer) have no ability to control what packets are sent to you over your uplink circuits. You can control what you send, but you have no ability to control what you receive.

Read the sentence above. Repeat as necessary.

Even if you knew with 100% certainty which packets were "bad" packets and which were "good" packets, if your uplink is saturated, dropping them on your edge router/firewall/whatever is 100% ineffective.

The best mitigating strategy is that you need to have an agreement with your ISP and plan in place prior to an attack. Identify the hostile addresses, give them to your ISP, and they will null-route those sources either within their core or even at the edges of their networks to prevent entry. Your ISP has the capacity to mitigate a DDOS attack, you as the little customer do not.

more than 2 years ago

Slashdot Coming Attractions

lanner Slashdot is the new Digg 4.0 suckfest, apparently (410 comments)

I've noticed that you are taking the Digg 4.0 route of pissing off your readers, ignoring what the really want, pushing up the ads, all the while talking smack about how big your dick is.

Even the recent "we are listening" post made it pretty clear that you don't care what the community thinks, listening or not.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: A Cheap, DIY Home Security and Surveillance System?

lanner Re:Zoneminder sucks (508 comments)

Oh yea, one more thing.

I had a huge problem: false positives. How do you keep the system from sending out notifications when you are home and it's you on camera? Well, zoneminder has no way to easily turn that on/off. There is a switch on the main user interface that does it, but I'm not going to break out my web browser every night when I go to sleep or when I go to work. There is no concept of "operating hours" for when notification should and should not be sent.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: A Cheap, DIY Home Security and Surveillance System?

lanner Re:Zoneminder sucks (508 comments)

About two years ago I bought a new home and started looking for ways to set up an IP camera system. I had an old Axis IP camera and started to use that to test Zoneminder with.

Zoneminder appeared to be just about the only open-source linux-based solution out there. Unfortunately, Zoneminder is really not a great product. I wish it was.

Occasionally, the zm process would just start leaking memory until everything was consumed and the kernel killed it.

Configuration options are very complicated, and they make an effort to be generic with their camera support, but in turn, the support for ALL cameras is generic. Much customization and configuration was required for even basic operation.

Terminology and the user interface was very confusing, and the documentation was not a huge help.

Finally, the Debian package, which I tried to use at first, was something like six months out of date when I first started. Then, after they finally updated it, the update completely broke my system and I had to ditch it and start over with the raw project tarball.

I just gave up. I am in the process of moving again and I will probably look for some commercial solution next time, because Zoneminder just didn't work.

more than 2 years ago


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