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NRC Analyst Calls To Close Diablo Canyon, CA's Last Remaining Nuclear Plant

larpon Re:In other news... (216 comments)

I'm not sure what people "being home" has to do with peak energy usage. The most people are home between 2130 and 0830 but that is the lowest energy usage time.

It's funny how some governments campaign for it's citizens to be more green at home when it's really the industry that ought to be taught to be more green as a whole (given your statement is correct of course - the average working hours, at least were I come from, includes 1400 to 1800).

It's difficult to be more green at work if the machines you operate aren't.

about three weeks ago

Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

larpon Re:they tricked me! (711 comments)

Tim Crook sold you this!

about 3 months ago

The Mifos Project Makes Software To 'Accelerate Microfinance' (Video)

larpon Re:Obligatory mis-read-it-at-first... (39 comments)

I mis-read your comment as "Close but no cougar". It's too early in the morning here.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Job Need To Exist?

larpon Re:Obviously (343 comments)

coke is not a cheap fuel to waste

I'm not in the drug industry but where and when, in the process of making coke, do you need a blast furnace? :)

about 4 months ago

Ancient Shrimp-Like Creature Has Oldest Known Circulatory System

larpon Re:If it's not a Mantis (35 comments)

It also brings up the question of what did exist before this creature.

Prawn crackers

about 5 months ago

Ancient Shrimp-Like Creature Has Oldest Known Circulatory System

larpon If it's not a Mantis (35 comments)

... It's not a shrimp

about 5 months ago

Diamond Suggests Presence of Water Deep Within Earth

larpon Re:They have found water on Earth! (48 comments)

I think we might find life - but not intelligent life I'm afraid :(

about 6 months ago

Office Space: TV Documentary Looks At the Dreadful Open Office

larpon The forks are even more dreadful (314 comments)

... maybe it's time we all move to Office 360?

about 8 months ago

Research Suggests One To Three Men Fathered Most Western Europeans

larpon Re:Proof! (253 comments)

Who's your daddy?

about 9 months ago

Did Snakes Help Build the Primate Brain?

larpon Re:Picking up shape from randomized patterns (202 comments)

Creationists will probably say it's because of the snake in the Garden of Eden - Adam and Eve started out as wall-eyed!

about a year ago

How To Develop Unmaintainable Software

larpon It's not necessarily the programmer's fault (211 comments)

I work with both revamping/fixing of legacy systems and developing new customized system for medium sized businesses.
I've seen all the bad points in Greg's list many times over the years. The thing is I've even seen it in the code I write myself - please give me a chance to explain.

Most of the systems I've delivered with poor maintainability has been on a tight schedule (should've been done yesterday) and on a limited budget.
It's the same story everytime: You get what you pay for - and you get it in a condition your schedule allows.

If a library or system has stupid dependencies it's because that is what was available at the time - no time to wait for version 2.smartshit. If I deliver something written from scratch it's because I couldn't find a framework or foundation that met the requirements at the time.
Documentation is luxury - even in the clients own eyes - all my clients usually opt-out on it because of schedule and price.

I do use version control and staging environments but not always in favour of any programmers taking over - why? Because of the nature of the production environment (which is usually build on top of other hard to maintain legacy software running on a server OS that can't be upgraded in fright of it will stop working etc.).
Trust me you actually spend quite a lot of time and effort to investigate and make the best out of your time and money given - and usually you leave with happy clients - and yes the programmer taking over your shit will be fustrated and have some good laughs (I know because I fix other peoples legacy code as well - I've seen a lot of funky stuff in my time) - but hey you make a living out of it so that's part of your job :)

about a year ago

With XP's End of Life, Munich Will Distribute Ubuntu CDs

larpon Re:Well... (426 comments)

Which versions of Windows can you upgrade between without re-installing then? I'm just pointing out that Ubuntu doesn't need a complete re-install every time a new major version comes out (not a new OS - a new version of the said OS) - nothing more nothing less :)

1 year,14 hours

With XP's End of Life, Munich Will Distribute Ubuntu CDs

larpon Re:Well... (426 comments)

It's a good challenge for Ubuntu.

I can't argue with you there.

1 year,14 hours

With XP's End of Life, Munich Will Distribute Ubuntu CDs

larpon Well... (426 comments)

Ubuntu can be kept up to date and the latest with an internet connection - that's easier than buying a new version and re-install every time a new OS comes out. Question is if people know what it is and what to do with it.

1 year,15 hours



Mysterical light over Norway

larpon larpon writes  |  more than 4 years ago

larpon (974081) writes "A very strange light was observed on the norweigan sky this morning...
Nobody are sure what the light was but so far speculations point in the direction of a Russian nuclear submarine missile launch more on the story here:
and here a guy who thinks it's likely to be a missile launch: (in noweigan)"

Link to Original Source

Disney Buys Marvel In $4 Billion Deal

larpon larpon writes  |  about 5 years ago

larpon (974081) writes "Gamasutra reports news of Disney buying Marvel. Disney CEO Robert Iger comments:
"This transaction combines Marvel's strong global brand and world-renowned library of characters including Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Thor with Disney's creative skills, unparalleled global portfolio of entertainment properties, and a business structure that maximizes the value of creative properties across multiple platforms and territories.""


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