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Gamer Claims Identifying As a Lesbian Led To Xbox Live Ban

larryau Hard to believe it (1182 comments)

It is hard for me to believe this, because Microsoft is one of the friendliest GBTL companies. However if it is verified that this has indeed occurred it would make me furious. And MS should be wary about its ramifications. This bad publicity would not do well for MS. GBTL groups would line up and call national attention to MS policy, because MS is such a huge presence in the world. If MS does not address this travesty I for one will stop purchasing games and other product from MS. I will fly into Apples hands or Linux. I am certain many others would feel the same.

more than 5 years ago

Actor Matt Smith Will Be 11th Doctor Who

larryau Re:Hmmm getting close to the 12 regenerations limi (330 comments)

If I remember that question was asked a long time ago. If I remember correctly the producers answered by reminding people about the "Keepers of Traken" story. It was with the introduction of Nysaa's character. I think it was episode 18. The story had the "Master" returning and he had used up all of his 12 regeneration but found a way to extend his regenerations. So I think the good Dr. has a way.

about 6 years ago

Should We Clone a Neanderthal?

larryau NO (990 comments)

Absolutely No. It is immoral and not just from a religious stand. Forget religious objections. It is simply ethically wrong. Where would it stop? It would go beyond just satisfying some intellectual curiosity to cloning species to harvest their organs.

more than 6 years ago



larryau larryau writes  |  more than 7 years ago

larryau writes "I am having a problem cancelling my account with Vontage and it appears many people have. I need some advice on how to go about it.

Here are just a few links I looked at for people with similar issues. The number I came across were countless.

http://www.consumeraffairs.com/cell_phones/vonage. html
http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff150439.h tm
http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/vonage/can celling-vonage-difficulties.asp

I have similar story, but have found little on what you can actually do to cancel the account?

Other than go through the trouble they put you through and from many of the post it actually may not work.

Anyone know?

I signed up almost a year ago actually Apr 2 2006 and today I wanted to cancel it. I was informed to my surprise I would be assessed a 39.99 charge to do that. I did not recall seeing that notification when I signed up. It was advertised as hassle free no contracts. But after looking at the Terms of Agreement it does say if cancelled before 1 year you get charged a fee.

I informed the rep I want to cancel it then on that day the Apr 2nd 2007 so I not get a fee she told me she could not do that. And instead launched into a high pressure sales tactic to switch my plan at the end of my billing cycle the Apr 2, 2007 date to a 2 month free then charged 9.99 for 100 minute plan each month after.

I asked her to speak to someone else that could help me she told me that she would not transfer me and she was not going to escalate the call any further. She then told me after the free months if I still wanted to cancel I could and would not incur a charge for cancelling my account and to just try and see if it worked better for me.

Another point she kept hounding me as to why I wanted to cancel. I do not consider that any of Vontage's business. I am the customer if I want to cancel I should be able to do it without being badgered. I did not want to tell her that I was cancelling because my house caught fire and I lost everything including my father to the fire. I have almost nothing and am staying with relatives temporally and that I simply could not afford to have Vontage anymore. I just did not want to bring that up or think about it. But I was being forced to relive the whole thing just to justify to her why I wanted to cancel when it was really none of her business.

So apparently she has made a change to my account that I am going to get the first 2 months free because in her words they are helping me. And then be charged the 9.99 a month after. The point for me is I don't want Vontage anymore I just wanted to cancel the account. And if I was literally 3 days shy from the 1 year agreement, how hard and uncompassionate is that? She simply could have told me to call back or that she scheduled it to be cancelled on the 1 year mark. Instead I was badgered and subjected to strong arm tactics to keep me on Vontage.

And for me I actually liked Vontage. I had very few connection problems. I thought after I was well and better on my feet I would subscribe again to Vontage because I liked it so much. I told her this at the beginning of the call and she thanked me then preceded to badger me about why I wanted to cancel.

I need to know what legal way can I go about canceling the account?

I read in other post if I change my address information and credit card information to something else they cannot contact me or charge me? Is that legal? I would have completed the 1 year agreement before changing the information and before they attempt to charge me again

Also I could contact my bank and inform them to refuse any charge from Vontage that it was in dispute and to consider any attempted charge from them fraud?

Or cancel the credit card number from the bank?"


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