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Long-Wave Radar Can Take the Stealth From Stealth Technology

lazarith Re:Duped article and not insightful (275 comments)

That doesn't seem like a show-stopper to me, at least not for a defensive use.

A ground-based long-wave installation could send the data to a fighter or missile using wireless technology.

If you cover your country in long-wave receiver antenni, then you've found your stealthed target and can relay its position to your fighters.

about a month ago

Greenpeace: Amazon Fire Burns More Coal and Gas Than It Should

lazarith Re:Objective Assessment (288 comments)

If not for a bribe (or increased public awareness/donations), then Greenpeace is doing it as a show of unearned power.

That being said, their statement is scientifically meaningless without such calculations, and if Slashdot is going to have a discussion about pollution from Amazon Fire devices, then I would like to see such a discussion have scientific meaning.

Then we can discuss politics if there even is significant scientific meaning to it.

about a month and a half ago

Greenpeace: Amazon Fire Burns More Coal and Gas Than It Should

lazarith Objective Assessment (288 comments)

I would like to see a calculation of how much CO2 is emitted by uploading a photo compared to, say, driving to the grocery store.

The calculation would take the CO2 emitted by powering the servers, divided by the number of users of the servers, divided by the number of photos a user is expected to upload over a given time period.

I would imagine that heating your home or driving would be much worse, and the time spent uploading the photos would be better for the environment than driving to the movies. But this is speculation until someone does the calculations.

This link may help:

about 1 month ago

Star Within a Star: Thorne-Zytkow Object Discovered

lazarith Re:Husk? Neutron star is the opposite (89 comments)

Technically, much of the star's mass is lost when it goes supernova, so part of the original star is lost and is therefore not part of the neutron star. So, pit would be a somewhat better descriptor than husk.

Also, I've heard that a teaspoon of matter would be more mass than Manhattan Island. Wikipedia's "Neutron Star" article says, "a neutron star is so dense that one teaspoon (5 milliliters) of its material would have a mass over 5.5Ã--1012 kg (that is 1100 tonnes per 1 nanolitre), about 900 times the mass of the Great Pyramid of Giza."

I doubt that the earth is 900 times the mass of that pyramid, but yes, one teaspoon of Neutron Star is very massive.

about 3 months ago

Has the Ethanol Threat Manifested In the US?

lazarith Re:Comment from a Chemist (432 comments)

Can you please provide a source or calculations for which you derived your "yes" answer? How do you know that it doesn't take more fossil fuels to make ethanol than are saved by using it?

Please include the fuel-costs of making the ethanol, the decrease in mileage, as well as the repair costs to engines and hoses that have been damaged by using the ethanol. Repair costs would include replacement parts or even replacement cars, as some people just junk cars rather than having them fixed once they develop enough problems. And of course it takes fossil fuels to create these replacement parts.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Job Need To Exist?

lazarith Re:This is already happening (343 comments)

If you think that we're running out of work, then the solution is to enact laws that promote growth of small businesses (or refrain from enacting laws that harm those businesses).

I'm thinking specifically of Regulation D, which prevents the middle/lower class from investing in small businesses (as "Angel Investors") that need money, but aren't big enough to be listed on a major exchange. This makes it more difficult/less profitable for entrepreneurs to set up new businesses to provide more work for society to do.

In fact, most regulations on business harm small business more than large businesses. This is one reason that big business Amazon wants to enact internet sales tax; it hurts their competitors more than it hurts them, and therefore makes it easier for Amazon to compete.

about 4 months ago

Finally, Hi-Def Streaming Video of the ISS's View of Earth

lazarith Re:What have we done? (97 comments)

From TFA: "If the feed is permanently gray then HDEV is switched off — or communications have been lost."

about 4 months ago

How Silicon Valley CEOs Conspired To Suppress Engineers' Wages

lazarith Re:So, cue up.. (462 comments)

It doesn't just happen in communist societies, but also in over-regulated societies as well.

Then why not say "over-regulated", instead of smearing an approach you oppose with an association with communism?

Fair enough.

I only mentioned communism because I see the US moving in that direction rapidly.

In the direction of communism, or the direction of over-regulation?

Both. By over-regulating, the US government is gaining more and more control over the means of production. For example, coal/nuclear regulations allow the government to have power over electrical generation companies. The US gained more control during the US bank bailouts (and subsequent regulation of all banks) and automotive company bailouts.

about 8 months ago

How Silicon Valley CEOs Conspired To Suppress Engineers' Wages

lazarith Re:So, cue up.. (462 comments)

It doesn't just happen in communist societies, but also in over-regulated societies as well. I only mentioned communism because I see the US moving in that direction rapidly.

about 8 months ago

How Silicon Valley CEOs Conspired To Suppress Engineers' Wages

lazarith Re:So, cue up.. (462 comments)

Unions also exist in a free market, and the serve the opposite effect of increasing wages. In a communist government, where businesses have ties to government, you can't piss off your boss, or you'll find yourself unemployed. Then other government-tied employers are too afraid to hire you because arbitrarily-enforced laws ensure that you're branded a criminal.

about 8 months ago

Surveillance Watchdog Concludes Metadata Program Is Illegal, "Should End"

lazarith Re:Illegal eh? (138 comments)

If you're going to start pointing fingers at an administration, at least cite your source/provide evidence. What groundwork was laid during the Reagan administration?

about 8 months ago

Small Town Builds Its Own Gigabyte Network; Cost To Citizens $57/month

lazarith Re:16 TV Theme Packages (269 comments)

Some people believe that property rights grant them the right to spend their money how they like. People have the right not to buy internet if they desire. But if enough people decide to infringe on those {god-granted|human} rights, they will be able to pass such a law in the USA.

about a year ago

HTTP 2.0 Will Be a Binary Protocol

lazarith Re:Does it improve coders? (566 comments)

If by "harder," you mean someone will need to re-code the sniffer program and the CPU will need to decode the traffic into human-readable format, then yes. But as far as the user/diagnoser is concerned, not really.

about a year ago

Why Iron Dome Might Only Work For Israel

lazarith Re:American financed? (377 comments)

Probably because if we financed it, then we get the credit if it helps stop/stabilize the middle east. And it's a way we can aid an ally without incurring international strife (after all, it is solely a defensive weapon). And because a stable middle east is necessary to fuel our appetite for oil. A universal healthcare system for Israel costs so much less than one in the US, due to the number of citizens.... And in an area as volatile as the middle east, leaving sick people out to die (and spread disease and dissent) is a threat to Israel's national defense.

about 2 years ago

They Work Long Hours, But What About Results?

lazarith Re:But if you're a lawyer... (285 comments)

The incentives are exactly the same for software developers in my experience. The company can bill the client for number of hours worked, or at the very least can use this "metric" as a price haggling point.

about 2 years ago

Two More HIV Patients Now Virus-Free Thanks To Bone Marrow Transplant

lazarith Re:Statistical probablity? (159 comments)

And then the astrophysicist looks at them and says, "That cow only has one side. It is part of a hologram that we are all a part of."
And then the philosopher looks at them and says, "That cow doesn't necessarily exist. Neither do you. Cogito ergo sum."

more than 2 years ago

Oldest DNA Recovered From 7,000-Year-Old Skeletons In Spain

lazarith Re:Why ? (146 comments)

So that we can create an amusement park and sell tickets? Duh.... It's not as if it could end badly or anything.

more than 2 years ago

'Eco-Anarchists' Targeting Nuclear and Nanotech Workers

lazarith Re:Why homosexualism but not incest? (426 comments)

The genetic risks that you mention that are associated with incest are not as high as society would have you think. This link mentions that if we should pass laws governing sex based on genetic risk, then we should disallow sexual intercourse between the elderly, between those with common traits for genetic diseases, as well as between genetically similar groups (for example, between Ashkenazi Jews or Safardic Jews). And why not make genetic screening before having children mandatory while we're at it?

I believe that incest, homosexuality, and polygamy all suffer a stigma brought on by the bible and that the laws were written because of this stigma, and not for any rational reason. Yes, it would be better for society as a whole if certain people didn't have children, but do we really want the government to tell us who those people are?

Even if one were to say that we want the government to control who can have children and who can not, I would like to point out that in today's day and age, sexual intercourse does not have to have a significant chance of impregnation and therefore should not be outlawed under any consensual circumstance.

more than 2 years ago


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