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How Can Nintendo Recover?

ldsviking Re:Dump the Japanimation (559 comments)

I agree. Train the development teams on Western aesthetics. We don't need all brown and gray, but they need to realize that pink and rainbow schemes don't do well here unless you're under 6.

1 year,7 days

How Can Nintendo Recover?

ldsviking A few suggestions (559 comments)

A few suggestions: -Phase out the touchpad controller--it scares people off. The Wii remote was much more approachable (though somewhat uncomfortable to use classic-style).
-Rebrand the Wii U, since the name confuses people.
-Create an iTunes-style account system for the Virtual Console. Who wants to re-buy retro games every 5-6 years??
-Firmware update: launch straight to the title screen of whatever game is loaded. All the OS fluff can be accessed as needed, but power-on straight to the game.
-Figure out a way to re-create the Nintendo Power experience, admittedly a challenge in the Internet age. That magazine was brilliant marketing strategy and exposed millions of kids to hundreds of different games. Websites don't quite provide the same experience, especially for kids 8-12. I think it is an underrated part of Nintendo's 80s-90s success.
-Reassign Aonuma (who has ruined the Zelda series) and Sakamoto (who has ruined the Metroid series).
-Assign Retro Studios to re-boot Metroid.
-Develop Super Mario Bros. 3 II. Don't include any music with a chorus singing "bah bah."
-Company policy: don't treat your customers like idiots ("Hey!" "Listen!" "Hey!" "Listen!" "This is a rupee! You can use it to buy stuff!" x100)
-Company policy: Intros and tutorials should be no longer than 2 minutes, and should be fully skippable. Most people don't care much about stories, and you could put it in the manual or on the title menu. Most people want to start doing something right away.

1 year,8 days

Massive Martian Glaciers Found

ldsviking Except for (314 comments)

Marvin the Martian.

more than 6 years ago


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