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Ceglia Sues For 50% Facebook, Old Emails as Evidence

leachlife4 email contract (350 comments)

Since when is something said in an email legally binding, especially in the corporate world?

more than 3 years ago

80% of Browsers Found To Be At Risk of Attack

leachlife4 Re:Not even remotely surprised (196 comments)

Self-updating applications do not work well, in practice. They either are not in use constantly and will thus miss patches for a while, and then delay their use when you do want to use them so they can update, or they take the windows approach and have a service running constantly, which, when there are many applications installed, leads to performance loss.

I like the repository approach that *nix uses, as it is reliable and light on resources, though the rss/signature concept does sound as if it could be viable. The whole application installation/config/registry structure in windows may have to be changed a bit to make this work without breaking everything when an update is performed.

On another note, npackd is a windows based package management system, though it has some compatibility problems with the windows add/remove functionality already built in (cannot uninstall/update application installed regularly from npackd, and vice versa).

more than 3 years ago

Time To Rethink the School Desk?

leachlife4 NO (405 comments)

I can see this MAYBE in a private school, but NEVER in public schools. Having graduated from HS 2 years ago, I am able to say it is ridiculous how stupid kids are, and how little they understand concepts, such as money.

The chairs would be destroyed within a month. A chair isn't really going to motivate someone to do better in school; students will either do well or they wont, it is up to them to not fuck around and be little show-off pricks for their friends all the time.

Though, as I am sitting in my Aeron right now, I can say I would have loved to have them in HS.

about 4 years ago

Intel's Superchilled Test Rig

leachlife4 Big advantage? (147 comments)

Phase change cooling is not really that extreme of a cooling system for benchmarking... go to Quakecon you will see quite a few people with it.
LN2 (or even better liquid He) on the other hand could be considered an unfair advantage.

more than 4 years ago

Sony Developing 3D Screen-Sharing Technology For Two Players

leachlife4 Big news? (174 comments)

Why is this any kind of news? I saw and used this years ago demoed by NVIDIA at Quakecon.

more than 4 years ago

Bridging the Digital Divide In Uganda, By Freight

leachlife4 Please help me! (146 comments)

Now the tables have turned:

I am an American prince and I need your help to access my millions of dollars being held in a bank, and in return I will let you keep 10%.

All you have to do to get you share of the money is to wire me $3000 for the unlocking fee at the bank.

more than 4 years ago

Sony Can Update PS3 Firmware Without Permission

leachlife4 Just Wait (700 comments)

Just wait until the first time they accidentally brick some systems.

more than 3 years ago

Anti-Cancer Agent Stops Metastasis In Its Tracks

leachlife4 Re:Thanks for the information, Hemingway (269 comments)

But why, oh why, would you want to give the most intelligent beings on Earth (mice) cancer?

more than 4 years ago

Crytek Thinks Free Game Demos Will Soon Be Extinct

leachlife4 really? (379 comments)

"A free demo is a luxury we have in the game industry that we don't have in other industries such as film" what are trailers? they provide about the same relative amount of the product before paying for it

more than 4 years ago

Sid Meier and the 48-Hour Game

leachlife4 Whoa... (58 comments)

never realized keanu reeves was into programming

more than 4 years ago

Can Ubuntu Save Online Banking?

leachlife4 Still Vulnerable (462 comments)

This will still leave you vulnerable to DNS/ARP spoofing, for example if someone is on your wireless.

more than 4 years ago

Suggestions For a Coax-To-Ethernet Solution?

leachlife4 Re:Use the Coax to pull CAT 5e cable (608 comments)

Ethernet cable pairs are not simply "4 pairs ...of approximately the same length" it is 4 pairs twisted together in a precise pattern such that NEXT/FEXT is minimized and optimum signal quality is obtained. The pairs each have a different tightness in their twists resulting in (especially in longer runs approaching the 100m limit) significantly different wire lengths. I recommend using the existing coax to pull Cat5/6 through and leave one or two coax in case they are ever needed later.

more than 4 years ago

If Everyone Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About...

leachlife4 Life Skills (1142 comments)

Being a college freshman living in an apartment with 3 other guys I find it staggering how little life skills some people have acquired prior to leaving home. I think that some of people's issues with operating in the 'real world' may be attributed to laziness, but some things just amaze me such as them wondering "why do I have to run the dryer 3 times to dry some jeans"; I go look at it and they have been running it on the lights setting and have a carpet in the lint trap.

more than 4 years ago

7.5 Micron Thick RFID Tag

leachlife4 Re:This technology is taking off very slow (149 comments)

at the albertsons around where i live, there are little scanners you can carry around, which you use to scan your items as tou put them in your cart

when oyu walk in you scan your "albertsons preffered card" (dont worry they dont charge you for any of this) and a machine unlocks a scanner gun from its holder. the scanners are nice; they have screens which display an itemised list with individual prices, and a running subtotal. after you get your scanner there is a holster type thing on the handles of the cart which the gun fits into. as you are shopping you casually scan your items and throw them into bags. this also works for produce that need to be weighed (each variety of produce has its own 4-5 digit which you enter into a scale which prints out a barcode and sticker for you to scan. after completeing you shopping you scan a special barcode on a big sign that says finish shopping. you leave your gun. you go up to any self checkout and scal your albertsons card, it fetches your items from the gun, you pay, and ur outta there

more than 8 years ago



Starting a programming project

leachlife4 leachlife4 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

leachlife4 (638543) writes "I am a freshman Computer Science major, I have taken two years of programming in high school which used Visual Basic for the introductory course and Java for the 'advanced' AP class. Having received credit from the AP test I was able to take CS II (which was also taught in Java) my first semester here in college where I felt extremely bored, my professor encouraged the use of UML diagrams and MVC program structure. This semester i am taking a discreet math course and a Computer Architecture course based on MIPS assembly. Recently I have become involved with *nix and have learned a bunch, but I would like to contribute to the OSS community. I have an idea for a project and have written out rough guidelines for what i would like to implement, but I am at a loss for where to begin with the design and implementation of the program. I would like to program this in C++ though I have limited knowledge thus far. I really want to learn a lot from this project but also end up with a good and usable program. What can i do to get myself going on this project (which may well be outside of my knowledge so far), or at this point should I not even be thinking about beginning to write code and still be working on planning?"


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