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Ask Slashdot: How Do You Deploy Small Office Wi-Fi SSIDs?

lebean Re:Ubiquiti Wireless (172 comments)

It's available for linux, go to the forums at their site, the UniFi section and look at any version announcement. They even have a Debian/Ubuntu repo, if you're on RHEL/CentOS you just grab a tarball and install the mongodb bits yourself.

about 2 years ago

Dell Announces Private Cloud Built On OpenStack

lebean Re:Smugness Overload (14 comments)

*tucks plaid scarf into ironic sweater vest* "It's a small indie brand, you wouldn't have heard of it."

Actually, we're just as you describe, tons of Dell in the computer room and on the desktop. No real troubles with any of it, and anything that needs to be replaced is quickly handled.

more than 2 years ago

Duqu Attackers Managed to Wipe C&C Servers

lebean Re:Points 4. and 5... (227 comments)

There's nothing foolish about it, he's wrong. That is, provided you continue to keep up-to-date with patches. Given two equal SSH daemons, both fully updated but one on a random high port, the one listening on 22 will log hundreds or thousands of attempts per day, the one on a random port will log *zero*. Which do you think makes log auditing easier to look for truly dangerous threats? (If you see failures on your "obscured" SSH daemon, you _know_ you have a problem because someone has fully scanned your address(es) and is actively attempting a break in, while those attempts just disappear in the noise on the port 22 daemon). Similarly, if/when that next SSH 0-day hits, which of the two is in immediate danger of being rooted? The one that is in the logs of dozens or hundreds of scanning script kiddies, or the one that has never been hit a single time by an unknown user, that nobody in the world even knows exists?

more than 3 years ago

RAID Trust Issues — Windows Or a Cheap Controller?

lebean Re:Just remember the first rule of RAID 0 (564 comments)

The RAID 1 solution gives you resiliency, not safety. RAID 1 doesn't help you at all in that "Oh shit" moment where you've just mistyped a destructive command or deleted the wrong folder. It covers you when a drive dies. not when the virus-of-the-day goes nuts on your data. It's so cheap to do a much simpler backup solution than what was discussed above, there's just no reason not to. You can get any simple external drive and copy everything important to you, and you're better off than running only a RAID solution. The difficulty is the discipline to maintain it, and copying everything everytime isn't efficient. That's where "true" backup solutions come in and get you doing automated backups at full and incremental levels, eliminating forgetfulness and/or laziness. Now you want a 2nd external drive, so you can write backups to one for a week, then take it offsite and swap in the second, which will get your backups for the next week and so on. In the case of a flood/fire/tornado/theft, you do stand to lose up to a week's worth of data, but that's better than losing absolutely everything, which is what happens with your RAID solution. Backup doesn't have to cost a lot. 2 $100 external drives and something like Bacula, or BackupPC, or one of many other options can take care of you.

more than 5 years ago

Spam King Escapes From Federal Prison

lebean Re:Spammer dead, woo hoo ! (596 comments)

The wife and child dying is horrible, absolutely terrible. The spammer? I couldn't care less. Hope he rots in hell.

more than 6 years ago


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