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Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge

legojenn Re:Not surprising at all. (250 comments)

If it's any consolation, you really only need one Ramones song. They're all the same anyhow.

about two weeks ago

Facebook Ready To Get Into Healthcare

legojenn Re:Hooray (99 comments)

I would consider dropping friends who click like.

about 3 months ago

David Cameron Says Brits Should Be Taught Imperial Measures

legojenn Re:FP? (942 comments)

Seems like you fucking Canadians have the same problem. The speed limit is 65 miles per hour. Not kilometers. Move your fucking minivan over to the slow lane. I'm looking at you, lady with the Quebec plates!

As a slow driving lady with a Quebec licence plate. (Our cars only have a plate on the back), I resent you implying that I have a minivan, you insensitive clod.

about 3 months ago

Canadian Supreme Court Delivers Huge Win For Internet Privacy

legojenn Re:This ruling .... (112 comments)

But besides that, they're okay.

about 6 months ago

Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

legojenn Re:Anecdotal but... (711 comments)

also anecdotal

I had a 3GS that I got used. Last year, Rogers in Quebec had a deal with 5G of data, unlimited texting, unlimited local calling and domestic long distance for $70. I got an iPhone 5 on contract. What the hell? Anyhow, the clerk started pushing me towards Samsungs, but once he found out I already had an iPhone, stopped pushing the Nexus.

He then told me that Rogers pushes the Android phones harder because there is more profit in it for them.

Whether it's true or not, I can't say, but Tim Cook might be right in saying that people bought something that they were manipulated into. However, that's business and I am sure that there are people who are walking around with expensive Apple products that they don't need or planned to by either.

about 7 months ago

7.1 Billion People, 7.1 Billion Mobile Phone Accounts Activated

legojenn Re:Sanity check (197 comments)

God Damnit! I paid $279 for that model of toilet at Lowe's.

about 7 months ago

Brazilian Kids Learning English By Video Chatting With Elderly Americans

legojenn Re:Yet more English learning (147 comments)

I wouldn't mind chatting with some old person in Portuguese. It might even push my vocabulary to over 100 words.

about 7 months ago

Facebook Debuts New Gender Options, Pronoun Choices

legojenn Re:Why not (462 comments)

Firstly, this is Facebook. It's easier to collect, aggregate and sell data from a select list rather than allow people to enter what they want.

Secondly, this is Facebook, many people who might be in the 50 options of gay and transgender should be wary of trusting a company not to share that information beyond what the user originally sets in their privacy settings.

Finally, many people who might considered to be in the 50 options of gay and transgender and happy with the dichotomy.

about 10 months ago

Death Hovers Politely For Americans' Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards

legojenn Re:Restaurant (731 comments)

They tend to be hand-held wireless devices that are left at the table.

about 10 months ago

At my current workplace, I've outlasted ...

legojenn Re:Frosty piss (177 comments)

I outlasted Cowboy Neal.

about 10 months ago

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

legojenn Re:Missing alternative (587 comments)

My first computer was a VIC-20 as well. Now my laptop has 6Gb. I am guessing that I am in the 100 000 range I learned that I was a lousy coder back then, so I'm a tester now. To many out of memory errors.

about a year ago

TSA Orders Searches of Valet Parked Car At Airport

legojenn Re:Constitution free zones (453 comments)

Isn't it right on Lake Ontario between Buffalo and Syracuse or is there a big whoosh that I missed?

about a year and a half ago

Did Steve Jobs Pick the Wrong Tablet Size?

legojenn Re:It is the lower price sherlock (433 comments)

The mini slides into my purse therefore no need for an extra carrying case as I do with my laptop.

about 2 years ago

Canada Launches ACTA Bill

legojenn Re:Maple Leaf State (91 comments)

....it seems to me that's where this is heading unless the Canadians get some backbone.

It was a mistake taking Maestro Fresh Wes' advice to let our backbone slide in the late 80s. We might have fared better with a fixed backbone.

about 2 years ago

FCC Proposal Would Cover the US With Public Wi-Fi

legojenn Re:Cue the (299 comments)

You might as well toss SiriusXM in there. Who needs satellite radio if can listen to online streaming anywhere anytime?

about 2 years ago

Facebook Confirms Data Breach

legojenn Re:Safegaurding anonymity (155 comments)

For some reason, the number, 867-5309, that I put on facebook never gets called. Go figure.

more than 2 years ago

Prince of Sealand Dies At 91

legojenn Re:Interesting contradiction (218 comments)

I think the reason that retired Canadians who six months minus a day in Florida or Arizona has more to do with US immigration laws as provincial regs on regarding the revocation of health insurance. Canadians can stay in the US for up to six months without a visa. I'm sure other sunnier countries have similar rules regarding non-working foreigners staying for extended periods of time.

more than 2 years ago

Slackware 14.0 Arrives

legojenn Re:Torrents are up now (183 comments)

Thanks but I won't bother. I'll just find my 2000-era CDs of Slackware 7 and install it twice.

more than 2 years ago


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