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AI Expert: AI Won't Exterminate Us -- It Will Empower Us

lennier1 Really? (417 comments)

Look at our history and the current climate and then tell me that this planet wouldn't be better off without the human race!

Doesn't need an AI that advanced to figure that out.

about two weeks ago

How the FCC CIO Plans To Modernize 207 Legacy IT Systems

lennier1 Re:What kind of "legacy systems" ? (74 comments)

For starters, the US government is the biggest user of ColdFusion, but at least that's still supported even if it's a commercial product.

about three weeks ago

Ubisoft Apologizes For Assassin's Creed

lennier1 Re:Unexpected technical issues (171 comments)


Their news embargo basically equaled a goddamn GAG ORDER and they really want to convince us that this wasn't because they knew all along what a train wreck they were about to sell and to prevent he media prom warning the customers??? It was fraud, plain and simple and they now want to get people to accept some of their other crap as compensation so they won't be able to join a class-action lawsuit.

about three weeks ago

The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said

lennier1 Re:I have experienced this first hand (574 comments)

Doesn't exactly hurt that it's easier with smaller companies to work around the HR monkeys and get in touch with the people who actually know what they're doing.

about a month and a half ago

YouTube Considering an Ad-Free, Subscription-Based Version

lennier1 Meh (225 comments)

Still doesn't change that proxies are necessary to get around the region restrictions of some videos.

about 1 month ago

Windows 10 Gets a Package Manager For the Command Line

lennier1 Re:On other words ... (230 comments)

Yeah because they will let just anyone publish packages in repositories that are configured by default. This is not a problem with Linux package managers, why does everyone assume it will be a problem with Windows?

Like intentionally malicious USB drivers that will nuke the hardware people bought? All it needs is some crazy asshole with the keys to the castle.

about 1 month ago

Windows 10 Gets a Package Manager For the Command Line

lennier1 On other words ... (230 comments)

sudo apt-get install malware

about 1 month ago

Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required

lennier1 It was only a matter of time (424 comments)

Since legalized theft through Civil Forfeiture pumps billions of dollars every year into the coffers of police departments throughout the country, the IRS simply wants their piece of the pie as well.

about 2 months ago

German Publishers Capitulate, Let Google Post News Snippets

lennier1 Minor problem (95 comments)

The law they had their cronies enact is still on the books. It's only Google that no longer has to give a shit about it, but it's still there to threaten innovation.

about 2 months ago

How To Find the Right Open Source Project To Get Involved With

lennier1 A matter of perspective (57 comments)

In my case it was because I'm a lazy bastard. I needed e bug tracking module (exception details are turned into a unified format to report to a bug tracking server) and I came across one that was already 95% of what I wanted, so I simply contributed enhancements until the final 5% were covered.
The same thing got a former colleague of mine involved in the Firebug project until he became a regular contributor.

about 3 months ago

New US Airstrikes In Iraq Intended to Protect Important Dam

lennier1 Re:news for nerds? (215 comments)

Quick, someone distribute a shitload of tanks to the untrained police and open up some offshore concentration camps!

about 3 months ago

Post-Microsoft Nokia Offering Mapping Services To Samsung

lennier1 Re:Love Free Offline Nokia Here Drive+Maps (67 comments)

Don't forget the other advantages of satnav in a handheld device, like how you can take the device with you, save the spot where you parked the car as a way point.

about 4 months ago

Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

lennier1 Coincidences over coincidences (579 comments)

The new mayor once brokered the deal to get Microsoft to move its German headquarters (and the tax revenue that comes with it) into Munich proper instead of some satellite city and now that he's been elected, he and his friends constantly spread rumors about problems with the completed Linux migration (never any lists of actual concrete examples) and they want to look into whether they should move back to MS products.

about 4 months ago

Email Is Not Going Anywhere

lennier1 Re:Email? Ha. I remember em saying fax is dead (235 comments)

Funny how even the fax is still alive and kicking in this modern age.

Our company deals with small businesses like supermarkets and bakeries on a regular basis and in those areas it's still necessary because many of them don't use their computers for more than Excel and porn.

about 4 months ago

Old School Sci-fi Short Starring Keir Dullea Utilizes Classic Effects

lennier1 Re:US people only (91 comments)

The film itself came out quite a while ago and their official page has a hassle-free pay-to-view feature at a normal price (people can either rent it or outright buy a digital download):

The only thing that has changed since then is that it's now also available on a streaming site that requires workarounds if you happen to live anywhere else than one certain country on this planet.

about 4 months ago

Justin.tv Shuts Down Amid Reports Google Is Acquiring Twitch

lennier1 Re:Good (56 comments)

It had its uses back in the day, but when they started the whole "This channel has reached the maximum number of free viewers for your country" bullshit to badger people into signing up for a paid account that stopped as well.

about 4 months ago

Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

lennier1 And ... (749 comments)

Pray that the data isn't stored in a country that has oil!

about 5 months ago

Perl Is Undead

lennier1 Re:sure you want to go with 'undead' ? (283 comments)

It means that the uninfected humans have to shoot it in the head. Or stake it through the heart. And quickly, before things get worse.

Kinda like what Adobe has been trying to do to ColdFusion ever since they acquired it as part of the Macromedia deal.

about 6 months ago

German Intelligence Agency Planning To Follow Big NSA Brother On Shoestring

lennier1 Re:Who knew the end of capitalism... (80 comments)

Considering that Terry Gilliam is still very much alive it might just be because your jokes suck.

about 7 months ago



German government malware analyzed

lennier1 lennier1 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

lennier1 (264730) writes "The German hacker group CCC (Chaos Computer Club) has analyzed a piece of malware the German government uses in criminal investigations to spy on a suspect's computer.
I'm sure we're all surprises that it's opening security holes for third parties, violates a related court verdict and several laws in general."

Link to Original Source


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