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Practical Cell Phones to Complement Mac OS X?

levl289 Re:motorola V551 (99 comments)

I have one as well - the later versions (when purchased w/ cingular service), are EDGE compatible, and the speeds are VERY impressive. doing a speed test, I was able to get DL speeds of around 100kbps, which is fairly decent considering.

Here are some points about the phone (pros, and cons)

  • p: solid - motorola despite any other problems makes some solid phones!
  • p: good reception - I was able to get reception on this thing in a colo 2 floors underground (granted, this is also a result of Cingulars increased coverage, but still...)
  • p: Macs can use them for a bluetooth modem (and with the EDGE capabilities mentioned above, it's quite nice)
  • c or p?: it's got a rubberized coating, which is great while in hand, but horrible if you're trying to dig it out of your pocket, seeing as it sticks to the fabric
  • c: horrible interface. I'm an interface nut, and motorola couldn't make a good one to save their life - looks like they're going Symbian in future phones, which will certainly help out
  • c: voice recognition uses too short a sound bite time, so you can't save very memorable voice numbers

more than 9 years ago


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