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Backdoor Targeting Apache Servers Spreads To Nginx, Lighttpd

lindi Re:There is something wrong with EVERY browser (136 comments)

From Debian 7 release notes:

"Therefore, browsers built upon the webkit, qtwebkit and khtml engines are included in Wheezy, but not covered by security support. These browsers should not be used against untrusted websites. For general web browser use we recommend browsers building on the Mozilla xulrunner engine (Iceweasel and Iceape) or Chromium."


about a year ago

Recovering Data From Broken Hard Drives and SSDs (Video)

lindi Re:BS Summary (173 comments)

Maybe they are selling 2 TB drives as 1 TB drives that keep a history of old data and then profit from the recovery services? ;)

about a year ago

Java 8 Delayed To Fix Security

lindi Re:Fork!!! (135 comments)

Openjdk has its own browser plugin.

about a year ago

Facebook's Android App Can Now Retrieve Data About What Apps You Use

lindi Are there any open source facebook clients? (176 comments)

Are there any open source facebook clients? Pidgin uses XMPP for facebook chat but it doesn't support "multi chat" and more importantly it does not let me read messages that I missed when I was offline.

about a year and a half ago

Firefox 19 Launches With Built-In PDF Viewer

lindi Re:What about Save As PDF (288 comments)

CUPS-PDF is a hack. It requires the print server to be able to write files to your home directory.

about a year ago

Firefox 19 Launches With Built-In PDF Viewer

lindi Re:What about Save As PDF (288 comments)

At least in Debian the "print to file" option has offered PDF support for ages.

about a year ago

SSH Password Gropers Are Now Trying High Ports

lindi Re:Administrators group (349 comments)

The largest practical advantage is auditing in the case where you have multiple administrators.

about a year and a half ago

Home Server Or VPS? One Family's Math

lindi Re:Uh.. bandwidth? (380 comments)

At least here ( the contract explicitly allows servers for "regular home usage".

about a year and a half ago

GNU Hurd To Develop SATA, USB, Audio Support

lindi Re:Not in Debian (274 comments)

Afaik hurd-i386 has never been an official port. The only official non-Linux ports are kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64. --

about a year and a half ago

New Secure Boot Patches Break Hibernation

lindi Re:Good first step (196 comments)

When you sign an image you actually just first calculate a hash of the image and then sign that hash. It is easy to send the hash to the TPM. The key does not need to exit the TPM at any point.

about a year and a half ago

How Do YOU Establish a Secure Computing Environment?

lindi Re:Simples! (314 comments)

* ROOT account: No logins, create another account which can only be locally logon to, which can sudo. Password 16 chars, potentially automatically rotating. Possibly also having 2 factor authentication. You can trivially create this step by even creating a PHP Script as the shell :)

The only advantage of this is that it is harder to guess the username?

* Watch logins: More than 2-5 failed logins, shut the system down immediately using "magic" SYSRQ, wrong username? Instantly

Sounds like a nice way to disable your system remotely :)

* Full disk encryption, on top of which potentially using a bit obscure filesystem to make it that much harder to break. The required data should have 2nd level encryption unless doing that creates a potential attack vector on the first level encryption

How does the machine boot after a power outage?

about a year and a half ago

Ada 2012 Language Approved As Standard By ISO

lindi Re:Initialism (165 comments)

Fortunately gcc has support for the expected style (using the -gnatyy flag).

with ada.text_iO;
use ada.text_io;

procedure hello is
        put_line("hello world");
end hello;

fails with

hello.adb:1:06: (style) bad casing of "Ada" declared at
hello.adb:1:10: (style) bad casing of "Text_IO" declared at
hello.adb:2:05: (style) bad casing of "Ada" declared at
hello.adb:2:09: (style) bad casing of "Text_IO" declared at
hello.adb:6:05: (style) bad indentation
hello.adb:6:05: (style) bad casing of "Put_Line" declared at

about a year and a half ago

Ada 2012 Language Approved As Standard By ISO

lindi Re:Anybody using Ada? (165 comments)

I've spent two years porting Ada code from VMS to Linux. Overall it was a nice experience but compile times were horrible on our VMS system. Getting a syntax error after 15 minutes of waiting is kind of frustrating :)

GDB support for Ada tasks was also pretty bad. I filed several bugs like .

about a year and a half ago

Mozilla Dropping 64-Bit Windows Nightly Builds For Now

lindi Re:Why so difficult? (224 comments)

Windows? More like C.

about 2 years ago

German City Says OpenOffice Shortcomings Are Forcing It Back To Microsoft

lindi Re:Serious question time... (480 comments)

If you read the report carefully you notice that libreoffice generates invalid XML. I think that's pretty clearly a bug in libreoffice.

about 2 years ago

Oracle Makes Red Hat Kernel Changes Available As Broken-Out Patches

lindi Re:If it wasn't for Oracle Unbreakable Linux (104 comments)

For an executable work, complete source
code means all the source code for all modules it contains, plus any
associated interface definition files, plus the scripts used to
control compilation and installation of the executable.

about 2 years ago


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