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All of Gopherspace Available For Download

lindner Re:The Ultimate Lesson in Open Source and Standard (200 comments)

Yes, the whole licensing thing was a total fiasco. The interesting thing is that some people actually did pay for it. For example Schlumberger licensed gopher which they installed on oil drills in the amazon connected with VSATs. And of course without licensing we would never had been able to coerce Adam Curry wearing a Gopher T on MTV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyxIwy1bW_M

more than 4 years ago

Politicians For Sale... On Amazon

lindner Sounds + Movies (425 comments)

Maybe Amazon will start selling all the 'Yeah' speech remixes.

Then Amazon could link to other stuff too. Dean had a bit role in the K Street TV series. Sadly IMDB removed the link between Dean and a Ninja movie.

about 11 years ago


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