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The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

linuxbert Re:Why? (769 comments)

you must have a tiny-ass mug then. I Have a Cuisinart maker that grinds, and has a 4 cup setting, which perfectly fills my travel mug.

that is by biggest complaint about the Keurig - to fill a decent size mug, you need 2 cups on the large setting. at that point you get into the Buy at coffee shop kinda price per cup.

about 9 months ago

Man Killed By His Own Radio-Controlled Helicopter In Brooklyn

linuxbert Re:OUCH (479 comments)

Sadly he is not the first..

most cities have bylaws respecting the use of gas powered r/c craft in parks /public places, and my R/C Scale boat club (Nothing high speed, or gas) carries 2 million in liability insurance.

about a year ago

A New Spate of Deaths In the Wireless Industry

linuxbert Re:Tie off (247 comments)

Why is this Modded 0?? its true.
if you fall off a tower, its because you didn't protect yourself properly. Most often people dont clip onto the proper thing, or they are unclipped, or their harness is too loose. falls are completely preventable.

Yes the employer has a responsibility to train employees, and ensure equipment is up to snuff and used properly. A fall protection harness, and lanyard is $160 its not an excessive cost.
39$ for Harness http://www.globalindustrial.ca/p/safety/protection/harnesses/safelight-fall-protection-harness-10910-universal-size
118 for a climbing lanyard http://www.globalindustrial.ca/p/safety/protection/lanyards/safeabsorb-dual-leg-elast-combo-lanyard-fall-protection-safety-equipment

about a year ago

Second SFO Disaster Avoided Seconds Before Crash

linuxbert Structural issue with Asian Airlines (248 comments)

I suggest you read this post from a former UAL Pilot and Flight instructor for Asiana:

In short, the culture in SE Asia produces pilots who are well trained to operate an aircraft as a piece of Machinery, however are unable to "Fly".

about a year ago

Fingerprint Requirement For a Work-Study Job?

linuxbert Re:biometric time clocks (578 comments)

Some Addtional Comments:

there are 3 ways to Authenticate someone - Something you Own, Something you know, and something you are. Choose 2 for best results.

The something you own didnt work. Adding something you know (like a pin) wouldnt work because there is no benifit to keeping it private - on the contrary - you get paid an extra half day for disclosing it. - persumably your bank account has money in it, so you are motivated to not disclose the pin. Therefore the best option is something you are - Most people would not cut off their thumb for a half day of pay.

With the comment about fireing people - Its a unionized shop. this makes it more dificult, and you actully have to catch the culperts before you can peanlize them.

more than 4 years ago

Fingerprint Requirement For a Work-Study Job?

linuxbert biometric time clocks (578 comments)

I installed these at a client.
The issue was the employees would take an afternoon off to go to an appointment, and get buddy to clock them out at the end of the day - The emplyoee would then get paid for an afternoon they didnt work.

The time clocks have a fingerprint scanner. You place your thumb on the device as you punch out. Now buddy cant swipe out for you, and you cant defraud your employeer.

They also had biometric locks instead of prox cards on the doors. Much more convieient then having to remember a card the few days when i was on site.

more than 4 years ago

Air Canada Ordered To Provide Nut-Free Zone

linuxbert Re:Shrimp free zone? (643 comments)

perhaps ironiclly, the last time i flew Air Canada, they were charging for the once complementry nuts.

its a sad state of affairs when Westjet, the "discount airline" offers better complementry snacks.

more than 4 years ago

What Can I Expect As an IT Intern?

linuxbert $8/hr +staffing company (325 comments)

Your making 8$ and hour, but I wouldn't be surprised if the staffing company was charging 20$ for you.

Like anything, the money is made by the middle man - avoid them at all costs.. (or become one)

about 5 years ago

Seattle Data Center Outage Disrupts E-Commerce

linuxbert Re:Authorize.Net did have a backup (118 comments)

An auto switching power Y-cable with two inputs, and one output? ive never seen or heard of these.. Do you have a manufacturer or part number?
id defiantly like some.

more than 5 years ago

Seattle Data Center Outage Disrupts E-Commerce

linuxbert Re:sloppy engineering (118 comments)

its still not incorrect as they stated that it was in standard time. if they only stated 5pm Pacific time, one would assume the current Daylight Savings time.
Canadian (and American I think, but dont hold me to it) Tide and Current tables are in Standard time, so you need to remember to add the hour when you are in Daylight Savings Time, otherwise your calculations are off, and you can hit low things, and run around on high things.

more than 5 years ago

Cox Communications and "Congestion Management"

linuxbert umm.. Not Throttleing (282 comments)

Umm.. thats not throttling, it applying QOS (Quality of service) Throttling would slow your traffic all the time, where as this applies prioritization to data that needs it. Packets have a qos field that says the priority they should be given..

Im glad there is a telco that will respect QOS - I've wasted a week with a voip problem, only to learn that the telco was shaping traffic and discarding everything above 3mb without paying attention to QOS Flags.. Allstream charges more for this!

more than 5 years ago

Google Map To Real Piracy

linuxbert Reasons Piracy Continues (262 comments)

Piracy exists in Somalia because the government lacks sufficient ability and influence to stop it.
It continues largely because the international community that has the ability to stop it, doesnt have the reason to. Modern warships can sink targets they cant visually see. The Gulf of Aden is large, but its not that large.

Most ships, even if owned by a western company, are flagged in a Convenient state - Panama, Liberia etc. these countries love the revenue form being a flag state but have no means of protecting their flagged ships. Most ships are crewed by non western crews.. many from the Philippines, Bangladesh, etc. again countries with limited abilities to protect their nationals internationally.

The west has many ships in the area, however they are reluctant to act for political reasons, if no nationals are involved, or its not a home flagged ship, its really not the concern of the country. The pirates get their million dollar ransom, which to a pirate is a wind fall, but to a shipping company, used to paying $60000/day fuel bills, really isnt that big a deal. Furthermore the risks to the pirates are relatively small - the French raided a la Poinete, a yacht that was taken by pirates and was crewed by french nationals, and the Indians sunk a Pirate mother ship last week. So for the pirates 2 out of over 100 incidents ended badly. To stop the pirates, the western world needs to actively seek them out, hunt them down and stop them from taking ships, as well as recapturing ships by force. When pirates begin to face the consequences - to this point there have been almost none, then they will cease their actions, because taking a ship no longer results in a quick profit for the prirates, and the risk of death goes up significantly for the actual takers of the ship.

Incidentally, the IMO is now recommending ships hire private security to protect them in troubled waters. Blackwater international has also purchased ships. The 18th century tales of piracy make a difference between a Privateer and a pirate a privateer was a mercenary ship working for a nation, to harass enemy shipping - they could take prizes, but paid a percentage to the crown, and wouldn't attack friendly shipping. a pirate had no Letter of Marque, paid no commissions, and attacked who he wanted when he wanted...

everything old is new again.

One final aside, those whom complain about copyright infringement by referring to it as piracy do a great disservice to the victims of piracy, imagine having your office attacked by men armed with machine guns and RPG's and your only defense is to run, and spray the attackers with a fire hose. from the floor above..

about 6 years ago

Canada Election Result Bad News For DMCA Opponents

linuxbert Re:Vote Skew (311 comments)

MMP failed in Ontario because it was poorly explained to voters, The and the referendum question was unclear. Also it was not full MMP, but a hybrid where the province would add additional MP's on top of the ridings based on the percentage of popular vote. These MP's would be declared on a list prior to the election, however they could also run in a riding, so a party could protect ministers who were defeated in their riding, but end up sitting as an MMP member. MMP members also would not be accountable to any riding. This is a worse system the the current first past the post system.

The current parliamentary system equally helps and hurts the conservatives and the liberals at different times. During liberal majorities the Reform and PC parties would often split votes to the benefit of the liberal candidate. No system is perfect, but historically the Parliamentary system has been probably been balanced between both major parties.

Also, it should be pointed out - and that the post clearly misses, that the Conservatives have a minority government. this means they do have the most seats of any party, but all other parties still have more seats then them - this means they need the help of another party to pass legislation. If their plans are that bad, it is the responsibility of the opposition to cause the government to fall. If they choose not to, you cant solely blame the Government for its passage.

more than 6 years ago


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it didnt go off, and its not a dud

linuxbert linuxbert writes  |  more than 11 years ago

an update on my last entry. i am stil alive, and nothing blew up. i really quite unexpectedly met someone. its going great. it seems you allways find what you want when you stop looking for it. i havent been this happy in a while..



linuxbert linuxbert writes  |  more than 11 years ago

choices, choices, so many choices. all apealling, most of them likely to blow up in my face. i really guess i have to pick one, and pick the peices out of me if it goes off.

In other news i had two great days with my friend marybeth. we say a movie (free with gift certs :) and skied the next day.

Today i installed fog lights in my car. it went well, but we had issues finding a hole to run the wire through, and one of the connectors was miss wired.




linuxbert linuxbert writes  |  more than 11 years ago

micro management sucks. The best way to manage is to let people do their thing and to let them do it their way, as long as everything gets done.

im not happy. i used to look forward to going, but now i nearly dread each day, wishing it wouldnt come. i have been repurposed into something i dont like. i have no benifits, no hope for advancement, my only chance is escape.


linuxbert linuxbert writes  |  more than 11 years ago

this lj thing is somewhat addictive.
i have decided to do something productive with the hour or so a day I spend in the car going to and from work. Im going to get a set of cd's, and learn to speak french. i dont really care if i can write in french, if i need to i guess ill just sound it out like i do in english.. perhaps ill add the french dictionary to my mac.. anyway, converstional french will be usefull to have.

i dont know what it is, lately ive been on this big self improvment thing..

Congrats Steve on the baby boy.. its quite scary when your first friend (whos your ageish), has a (semi) planed kid.
imm starting to feel old..



random bits

linuxbert linuxbert writes  |  more than 11 years ago

hmmm blogs facinate me. You think you know someone, and then you read their blog. They seem much more eloquint in text then they do in life. i would imagine i sound less inteligent in text, given my lack of capitalization and horendus spelling.

I'm interested in this girl.. ive known her for years, allways had a thing for her. Shes a cutie, and has a great personality, today i casually approched her. next step Coffee.

Ive decided im going to try a take better care of myself. Eating junk food when stressed is a big reason my stomach bugs me. history holds when i kick one habit, another takes its place... I wonder what it will be this time. i also have this urge to get into shape, to loose a bit of this flab i have. i wonder how that will go.



1st post

linuxbert linuxbert writes  |  more than 11 years ago

After much pondering i figured it set up a blog. ill use slashdot because im to lazy to set up an account somewhere else, and this is here (kinda like ie in windows)

anyway, stay tuned for much ranting and raveing

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