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Sun Opens OpenSolaris.Org

linuxislandsucks 10 years too late? (357 comments)

If you notice its the same fro open sourcing frotnier fro Dave Winer..

Only the core devleopers of the OS and no outsiders..

and tha tis not enough to reoslve the shrinking market share..

It snot low price alone that People are choosing Red Hat or other Linux vendors but the degree of openeness and cooperative goals world wide amoung very different companies like Sun(Gnome), IBM(Red Hat/Suse), HP, and etc..

and when you have Solaris hardware at $16,000 compared to the same hardware from tigerdirect at $6,000 I think maybe there is a large problem at SUN

about 10 years ago


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humanMotion-- where are the webpages

linuxislandsucks linuxislandsucks writes  |  more than 12 years ago

The intro to the humanMotion opensource project is up at my weblog..still need to get the sf.net hosted web pages up this next weekend though..


linuxislandsucks linuxislandsucks writes  |  more than 12 years ago

For those companies that may be lurking on slashdot.org; I am one low cost Java programmer in need of java projects.

My areas of expertise is J2EE, ant, J2ME, PersonalJava, JavaCard, JavaTV, JMF, and etc. Right now my side project is coding a J2EE/PersonalJava app for itv.

My weblog/website is:


I keep costs low by using open source tools whenever I can and sharing information accross many different professional lines so as to decrease the amount of time needed to solve a particular problem.

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